Cheap Chinese Fishing Reel Review – Fishmore Spinning Reel – Liveliner or Baitrunner model

Chinese fishing reels, especially spinning reels, are inexpensive and until you use them to do a fishing reel review, you do not know how they will hold up. Cheap fishing gear and tackle s sometimes expensive if you have to replace it constantly when it fails and cheap fishing reels are no exception to that rule.

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Stephen Hibbert says:

interesting might have to check that out do you have the link to where you got that reel?

John Sims says:

Great column in SoKayakfishing mag!

Troutaholic flo says:

so from what I have in my Room
I have 2 Chinese spin reels , Granted I trout fish more than anything , but for what I paid for
for a 10 Ball bearing reel and for 15.00 I like them allot and I fish 1 time a week . seems they get name brand reels and make a Chinese version of 2 or maybe 3 reels in one
Like make a reel with Diana and Penn reels and combine them into a nice reel .
thats from what I have seen .let not forget . allot of Top Name reels are made in China or Taiwan , Diawa for example is a Taiwanese reel .and for line Sufix line is made in China.

The Fishing Hobby says:

Interesting! I bet if you took the reel apart you could figure out a way to adjust the tension of the bait runner feature. This might be a reel for people to consider for catfish too. the finish would probably hold up just fine for freshwater fishing. Thanks for the video!

Adventure Outdoors says:

Bring it in October and we’ll give it a real test.

Capt Daves Sportfishing Charters says:

gawd thats a nasty angle on that spinner to the 1st guide on your telescoping rod. Spinners create too many angles to start off with. Never use them!

Larry Talbot says:

No matter how you look at it, just about everything’s made in China anymore! The only difference is the amount of quality they put into it or the name tag they use. Like cereal, it’s all made in the same place, but the box is fancier and you end up paying 3x as much for that fancy box and name. I can’t help but wonder if that’s how they make reels? Maybe they are “seconds” that didn’t pass inspection and had to be repaired? Myself, I see absolutely no shame in using a Chinese reel as long as it works for what I need it for. If the drag, etc. suits my needs, I’d be happy to fish with it!

Fred Fable says:

We know, salty water is merciless…same “exterior handle corrosion” happened to me with an Okuma Rear drag reel 25 Years ago (at sea, sound like a previous era LOL fishing with Noah’s Arc ).
Those days I forgot to rinse my reels with fresh water at the end of the fishing trip (very important at sea conditions)

Fred Fable says:

I never took mine to salty waters…so, its in perfect shape and condition so far….

Harry Cook says:

Like your vid’s

Perchjerker says:

Not familiar with that website. I suggest you check out Use search bar and type either fishing tackle or kayak accessaries. Good luck

R Arnesr says:

Interesting. It looks like the reel is no longer available from the seller you linked, which seems to happen quite frequently with aliexpress.
I have a small collection of Fishmore reels I had purchased from Ali myself, though a different model the Taurus, TR2000-5000. I’ve been quite happy with the performance, though I only fish freshwater. I like how the handle folds without having to loosen the retaining screw on these. Price fluctuated quite a bit from the same seller, paid anywhere from $17, down to $12 each before the seller stopped selling them. I bought a few extra at the $12 price just to have extra spools/parts. Price is way up now, but no longer available.

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