BEST PENN SPINNING REEL Review (Summer 2018) – Plus Conflict II Giveaway

Best Penn Spinning Reel

Saltwater (Summer 2018)
For the money, jetty fishing, surf fishing, kayak fishing, boat fishing or other scenarios.

We are giving away a Penn Conflict II Reel!!! Watch to find out how!

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Sweswio says:

I honestly like the battle 2 and the fierce the best, you can use them for any fishing application in the surf or inshore, or the smaller models bass

Chris A. says:

Good Job! Your video saved me from doing a ton of research! Thank You!

chanchanalant says:

Awesome review thank you very much !

Leafy Watson says:

Bossman me&wifey says you know a lot about what you are talking about also we love the Shimano Stella thanks

Craig Hill says:

It’s great to see a vid of som3one telling the truth about a reel instead of baffling us with tech mumbo jumbo keep up the great work from us from down under

Bruce Baker says:

Good overview; own Fierce II and Conflict (original), use both models for surf fishing eastern NC.

Gizmo EE says:


A DGDVRN says:

Like the honest review great job buddy definitely hitting sub button

Saltwater Angler says:

the slammer 3 is the way to go I love that reel, looking forward to the new spinfisher to come out in the fall

H. M. says:

Excellent presentation and info on all those reels. I subbed a couple of days ago after you showed were you fish and where youll hit fish at.

Raymond Miller says:

Nice video great information keep it up sand tight lines.

Nak Kang says:

3 spinfisher !! cant wait to get my hands on the new GEN spinfisher 6 here i come !!

google user says:

Thanks for doing this summary of Penn reels. I’ve had the same confusion in the past over Penn’s reel lineup. I bought a Penn Clash 2500 but returned it because the CNC gears made a whirling sound, and my Battle II was smoother and quieter. The new Penn Spinfisher VI coming out this fall has a 2500 size, perfect for inshore, surf, and kayak fishing, and it’s going to be sealed at IPX5 rating.

Robert Wilder says:

Like the video content. Glad there wasn’t all the specifics on the models. Been looking for a spinning reel for catfishing. Considered the Pursuit 2 but your video will help with my decision.

terry downes says:

Good review I have two slammer 3 for its the best money i ever spend in reels

Noah Diaz says:

Nice set up bro

ecksdog says:

Good video. I think maybe Penn makes too many spin models.

van the main man says:

I liked the review I like how you gave lots of details for each real and what they’re used for in different situations. Man I wish I could have one like that catch some fish that you catch.

John Contreras says:

Awesome video great info I have 4 of those reels and I honestly love them all but as said they all have there purpose and serve them well!! But my favorite is my Slammer 5500 but I do use it for surf fishing and jetty fishing.

Saad Jan says:

Very nice detailed video about all reels.. Very informative. Thanks

Craig Hill says:

I just bout a spinfisher v 10500 and what is your opinion on the last king 80lb braid? Just that I spent all ME money on the reel so can’t afford the good braid being a pensioner I had to save for 12mths for the 10500

David Stough says:

Nice review. I’m new to saltwater fishing so this was helpful!

Mufa D says:

pretty much what I need to know about the Penn reels. yes, I do aiming a Slammer III, and yes, you discourage me. So Spinfisher V will be. The Conflict and the Clash are out of consideration. you ruined it for me

Cali Plays says:

Get a better hat.

Saulo Ventura says:

Yeah you talk too much.. Nah jk. Good review, I’m new to all of this it was really helpful.

As for the give away, why me… I’m still building up my arsenal, so it’d be sweet addition to it. Plus we’re still recovering a bit from a hurricane and not having to buy it would be REALLY helpful

Saddy Jaramillo says:

Thanks for your insight. Keep up the good work. San Diego

Ocean Angler says:

Good to hear a non-biased overview on all those reels. Thanks

Sparky Ishii says:

Good view of the different penn series.
I am leaving a comment to hopefully win the the reel. Just to be honest

cainekissel says:

Good video, I’d like to see more kayak videos. I bought the slammer 3 because my fierce and battle reels have started seizing up.

oTreB says:

It’s a win-win situation here, I was searching the web looking for some good information stumbled across your video got exactly what I was looking for. Good information. I look forward to seeing more now that I’m subscribed.
I appreciate the video! that to me is the first( win )and you’re giving away a real, now that’s a fun Catch lol
So possibly with the holy RNG (random number generator) LOL the second ( Win ) comes into play for the Win win
So I was thinking it would be great to see some videos If you hook up some of these reels on some of the rods they need to be attached too, and some of the the leaders and set up’s that need to be used effectively and where the fish would be to effectively catch them, like looking for striper halibut anything pretty much. Even perch I mean watching fishing is just awesome actually fishing is awesome too even though most of the time you’re not catching much.
I appreciate the video good luck with this channel.

Grimm Scot says:

Great vid! Very informative! Rip sum Lips!

Michael Condon says:

Great info man! I’ve used the Spinfisher for years and never had an issue. As long as you spray them off at the end of the day, they last forever.

NFiltr8Red says:

i have a Torque s7 and a Torque2 5500, i jetty fish and need to drag 20-30lb Ling Cods out of the Rocks. i owned every reel in your video and i looked at the Stella before i bought my Torques. I wouldn’t trust dropping it in the jetty without breaking a bail or the real itself. You are right that the Spinfisher is the best all around reel. but i LOVE my Torques! great video

jorge rasgado says:

great vidio , i would like to see vidios of beach fishing , keep fishing hope i win god bless

papio masta says:

fyi…pursuit 2 has HT 100 carbon drag now! Best bang for your buck! Guy caught a tiger shark w pursuit 2 8000…it handles

Allan Pedro says:

Lmao no no no Stella is not the holy grail of fishing reels

David Lorenzo says:

The only thing that I don’t like about the Penn Fierce are the screws. First they are make of very soft steel. You could easely bend the head of the screw with a minimun amount of torque. The other thing is that you have to unscrew four tiny screws to acces to the drag washers. If you didn’t put grease on them the first time you use the reel they gone to stuck to the spool. Thats why I use Fin-Nor Lethal instead of Penn Fierce, they use stronger and longer screws. And they don’t use four screws to acces to the drag system.

bamnumber1 says:

Thanks for the informative breakdown. I could really use that Conflict for freshwater and the occasional trip to the coast.

Robert Saxell says:

for over 50 years my green 704 has never let me down. With normal maintenance, it still works like new.

jorge rasgado says:

have the penn battle 2,,,,, 8000 how big of a catch , can i go with breaking components wieght of fish

vsonic86 says:

I own penn ssv, I abuse it, and it still running smooth. Love the reel! I’m surprise you bought a lot of reel. I’m thinking about Penn Slammer 3.

Ron Krzaczyk says:

z series and slammer 3s

savagepachkids says:

This is cool I did submerge the fierce 2 and I wash by spraying it and it locked up I put some of the oil penn makes and it seem to be working again so hopefully it continues to perform well love the vid looking to buy a new reel the spin fisher seems to be the one

Glynn Maddox says:

Useful review. Thank you!

Allen Gallion says:

Pretty good review.. For the money the Penn Slammer 3 and Shimano Saragosa are the best saltwater reels IMHO.

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