BEST 6: Spinning Reels 2018

Top 6 Spinning Reels 2018
1 . Penn Spinfisher V –
2 . KastKing Kodiak Saltwater –
3 . Pflueger President –
4 . Abu Garcia Revo SX –
5 . Daiwa BG –
6 . Okuma Ceymar –

Heading out on a fishing expedition? Then check out this selection of spinning reels that will help you haul in your catch. We’ve included affordable models for budget-minded anglers as well as the latest in graphite and carbon fiber technology for the best performance and durability possible. Stop talking about “the one that got away” and start bringing them home.

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Василь Сірак says:


Emmanuel valenzuela says:

stella? sustain? twin power? morethan? saltiga? slammer3?

AG Coarseman says:


Even the small children know that the best spinning reel is Daiwa Exist closely followed by Shimano Stella.

The reels in this “list” are a gimmick compared to the above two

joeblerone says:

Yeah worst review ever.

Salty 77 says:

Diawa BG and Spinfisher are in a different class than those other cheap reels

Alejandro Perez says:

No mames como comparas a ceymar con los de alta gama basura

Jonas Nyqvist says:

Crappy list. I have 3 broken down Penn Spinfisher’s from just one charter season on my boat and would not recommend them. The top end Shimano’s and Dawai’s should be on a serious Best 6 list in my opinion.

MMEZA Meza says:

Dumbass…2:36 that’s a casting reel, not a spinning reel….if you can’t tell the difference, you shouldn’t be giving a list of the top spinning reels. Plus, where is Shimano…

Tizzy says:

for the correct lists, go to

MR GUPPY 101 says:


ミルチャンネル says:


Antonio Vitillo says:

What is the rods with the Kodiak reel

Dave Baines says:

This may be the most incompetent review ever posted on YouTube.

The Big Bad SHARK says:

Bullshit! This is either a sponsored advertisement by Kastking, Penn etc or the guy doesn’t really know what he’s talking about hence the very noticeable missing of various shimano reels, in particular the Stella!

Gary Elderman says:

Not a single Shimano on the list????

Mista love says:

No ways the Penn compares even close to the Shimanu Stella. That’s a $1,000 reel compared to the $100 Penn reel.

brandals ardams says:

shimano stella still best 🙂

Grzegorz Węsierski says:


Tom Cruise says:

You are clueless


And… Shimano?

Giuliano Brugnoli says:

No shimano..

Jaiden Hernandez says:

The penn slammer and shimano Saragossa are way better than those reels

Ryley Gibson says:

Where’s the lews?

The Fly says:


Alejandro Perez says:

Bg is sheet

GrandFishing says:

Tech guru autism has reached levels I have never seen before. Please don’t say best fishing reels of 2018 when it is only budget reels.
1.shimano Stella 2018
2. Diawa exist
3.Shimano exsence
4. Diawa ballistic lt or Shimano ci4+
5. Diawa Tatula lt

1. Diawa saltiga/ dogfight
2. Shimano Stella SW
3. Shimano Twin power SW
4. Shimano Saragossa
5. Diawa Saltist

Edit: budget reels
1. Diawa Fuego LT
2. Shimano nasci
3. Diawa Bg
4.shimano ultegra(not a big upgrade from Nasci considering 50 dollars more)
5. Diawa Tatula lt(only freshwater use)
6. Tsunami shield(good salt water reel but wouldn’t recommend for freshwater)
7. Abu Garcia Revo x
8. Penn Spinfisher VI

Personally I wouldn’t recommend any reels under or around 100 bucks if you fish day in and day out. I find this price range with reels after about a year they start to get geary if you don’t maintain the reel.

Shimano and Diawa are the only companies who make good reels in the low to mid range. I personally like spinning reels around the 200 dollar range like the Tatula lt and the stradic ci4+. Lite and strong.

Mark Fauzi says:

Shimano Stradic!

QuiseDawg 19 says:

Absolutely not the best list imo

Florida Fishing Channel says:

Where shimaono

Random Tube says:

I know that baitcasting reels are better in every way. But for some reason I like and prefer spinning reels more.

Simon Austerlitz says:

No the Shimano stella f1 is the best

George Lyon says:

This kids never went fishing in his life probably! Everyone knows you need at least on penn, shimano, and maybe a van staal but that’s the only optional one.

Rozlan Abd Majid says:


FR Fina says:

No Stella?
No Saltiga?


if you don’t spend a lot of money on a spinning reel, go with the shimano saragossa 10000 $310,00

Doc Q says:

Where is my Stradic,!!!!

Zaf Kuran says:

6 of the worst! Learn your reels and gear before making a video

ghostdevill says:

You got to be kidding me? Kastking & Okuma? What aboud Shimano or Finn Nor? Who made this top 6? Has no clou what quality is all aboud!

Michel Bergot says:

Y savent pas parler la France 🙂

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