A LEGEND Reborn- Daiwa BG REEL Review (BEST Saltwater Spinning Reel)

In this Tackle Tuesday I review the Daiwa BG series of spinning reels, which have become legends in the fishing industry. This series of reels was first introduced in 1981 and lives on to this day 35 years later. The BG series is relatively cheap and affordable and one of the best saltwater spinning reels I have ever used inshore and offshore. With a wide range of sizes, from big game to ultralight, this series offers something for everyone, from surf (Beach) fishing, to offshore fishing and even light tackle inshore fishing. Here is a breakdown REEL Review by alan hawk. http://bit.ly/2veyhAk.

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Alex Cordovez says:

What rod would you pair this for pier fishing

Greg Colin says:

Hasn’t the spinfisher been around for a ton of years as well. Do you have any experience with them?

cyberianstorm says:

i can’t find the link for submerge BG vids……sorry

Breeze Life Fishing Gulf Breeze, FL says:

I have this reel… it’s pretty sweet

Beach says:

It’s definitely a great reel for the price, but unfortunately like many daiwa spinning reels, the clicker is trash.

Alex Fu says:

I would like to know what is the difference between the BG and the Saltist? They both have the same performance. The only difference that I can see on paper is ball bearings, but the Saltist is quite a bit more expensive. Based on the 4500 size, the BG goes for $120 while the Saltist goes for $230.

jkostial313 says:

How does this reel compare to the nasci from Shimano?

Adam Cartes says:

What is a good rod to pair this with for offshore please tell me a rod under 100

Pierre Bonnard says:

Really appreciate your thoughtful, objective, data-based review!

tlsmoke23 says:

Now everyone at Juno will be rocking those shirts.

Andrew Sanford says:

I was catching red grouper and red snapper with my 5000 yesterday. Love these reels.

Coza King says:

U should have explained the sizing difference between Daiwa and Shimano, wait did u even know of it? Well here ya go. Daiwa 2000-shimano 2500, Daiwa 2500-Shimano 3000, Daiwa 3000-Shimano 5000, Daiwa 3500-Shimano 6000, Daiwa 4000-Shimano 6000 with more capacity, Daiwa 4500-Shimano 10000, Daiwa 5000 Shimano 14000, Daiwa 5500-Shimano 14000 with more capacity, Daiwa 6500-Shimano 18000, Daiwa 8000 Shimano 20000 with more capacity. So believe it or not, the sizings are very different, and your reel is equivalent to an 18000 Shimano, just thought peeps should know so they don’t order an 8000 thinking it’s a Shimano size 8000! Aha that would be a shock aha. Cheers bro I rekon your next reel should be a spheros 10000. Tight lines…/!

garcia1170 says:

Lmao a Daiwa as the best saltwater reel. Ill take it you never had a Van Staal.

Bruiser 38 says:

If the old one lasted 35 years and that is rare, what makes it infamous? Wait, another one who doesn’t know what infamous means? Famous =positive. Infamous =negative.

keepitreel says:

For the price you cant beat it so all you fan boys can go drop 1k becuase $100 is way better

suqa madiq says:

only fishing channel i dont think is a total fucking googan, if ur ever in SWFL sanibel/marco island area hmu, lets fish.

Cory R says:

My BG 3000 is smooth and all but super noisy. Drives me nuts.

Jeroen Ravensburg says:

What size do you use for salt water fishing? For sailfish

dirtychampagnepapi says:

So recently, I decided to get back into fishing. My goal is to buy a rod/reel combo that can be used for all purpose (freshwater/saltwater, surf fishing, inshore/offshore, charter/private, yellow fin tuna/dolphinfish, etc).

With that being said, I did some extensive research and decided I want to get the Daiwa BG reel. But, I can’t decide if I want a 4000, 4500, or 5000. Any recommendation on which model to get, and also which rod to get as well?

Corey Nolen says:

Could I work for juno snook i haven’t fished them in such a long time

Cutesie Angle says:

i have one it still great

coldfeet says:

what’s a good size for a 9ft rod?

Connor Demart says:

Hay what rod would go best with the 8000


Penn’s are better

Dj Hally says:

I’m goin for the 4500.

Derek Davis says:

The daiwa samurai is one of the best affordable combos for 30 bucks, i got the freshwater versions, best cheap ones I’ve found.


All u did was talk an u still didn’t say shit

Nick edward says:

Which size would be best for saltwater pink and coho salmon?

Max Turner says:

My experience is it’s an excellent reel and excellent value

JDF says:

What pound mono and do you have braid under it?

tpandw says:

Good stuff and info landshark ….next if you could  the rod please (unless I missed that vid) heard a short stiff rod better for sharks.Remember riding my bike on beach…chain rusted into a literal solid piece of rust very fast.

rob512350 says:

Great review! I love my BG. I was just comparing it to my Penn Battle II reel. Both of them perform well, and are in the same price range. I was hung up on which reel to buy next, but I think I’m going to order another BG from Amazon.

Cutesie Angle says:

i have a BG 8000 with a Okuma Azores rod and j braind 80lb works liek a charm and gt and merlin just wish they never see me in the ocean

Qua Phan says:

..got a 4000…and when i put it against my saltigas and expedition it looks almost as pretty…. great thorough review bro!!! Just subscribed

Max Shore says:

How did u clean it after u submerged it completely

Hell55 Drake says:

Don’t buy this reel it’s junk, this guy has to be making a couple of bucks trying to pedal this piece of junk….. you’d be better off going to your local Walmart buying a Shakespeare spinning for $19.99, I’ve caught everything from yellow tail snapper to a 123 lb grouper…

Jason Robbins says:

May have to give it A shot my son dunked my penn battle 2 on the beach and it’s pretty much trash now. I have broke it down greased it had it serviced and still can barley crank it, sadly it’s only about 6 months old.

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