2018 – $100 reel buying guide, comparison, and review. Penn, Shimano, Daiwa, Tsunami

All $99 reels are NOT created equally! Which is best suited for the type of fishing you do? Let’s find out!

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Penn battle 2 4000 http://amzn.to/2FeXPCV
Daiwa BG 4000 http://amzn.to/2om6xam
Shimano Nasci 5000 http://amzn.to/2CybTEE
Shimano Socorro SW 6000 http://amzn.to/2EW8Wms
Tsunami Shield 5000 http://amzn.to/2ES2UDw
Daiwa Fuego Lt http://amzn.to/2HxmYtd

Elias V’s Channel: https://goo.gl/2Vfpiz
Cooking and fishing’s channel https://goo.gl/NsNfSQ
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My relation to Daiwa is only that I know someone who works for a Distributor. I receive upon my request a form which allows me to order 6 rods or reels per season.
Keep in mind….making youtube videos is not a requirement. ((which is required for those Piscifun pushers))
I’ve signed up 2 other people on the program who have never even mentioned their purchases….they’re just good guys on the forums.
Which is how I met my contact.

I don’t owe daiwa any positive speak or favors. And I’d bet a steez…that Daiwa doesn’t even know who I am.

These are the program rules. as they appear on an older order form
I cannot disclose pricing..not because it doesn’t state it on the form. But I don’t want to get anyone in trouble.
Though I receive roughly 30 to 50% off msrp depending on whether it’s a rod or reel….and what it’s retail price is.
Often times it’s easier cheaper and faster to buy from amazon or ebay.

At the discretion of our Sales Representatives, Daiwa offers special pricing to influential anglers who assist us
in the promotion of our quality products.
The rules are simple:

1. Offer is limited to purchase of six items (rods and/or reels) per season.
2. Items must be for your personal use only and not be resold within one year.
3. Order must be shipped to your home address.
4. Valid through July 31, 2015
5. All orders must be signed by a Daiwa Sales Representative.

Shipping Charges:
Reels only: add $10.00
Rods only: add $20.00
Rods and reels on same order: add $30.00

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Brandon Peeler says:

Is not having a line roller bearing on the fuego a big deal ?

Dennis Best says:

The unsupported Penn pinion and less than full contact patch, pinion to ring gear is my concern.

The Extreme Fishing Show says:

This really made me consider the reels I buy love this vid

Vũ Lê says:

Asked if the Tsunami machines are good

tapuchan200 says:

Awesome info, thanks. Great video.

Matty Ice says:

1. You have way too much spare time on your hands.
2. You love to hear yourself talk.
3. You think your own opinions are important therefore you’re an smug, arrogant, tool.
4. 100% chance you’re a registered democrat Hahahaha

Tacklecentral Fishing Spare Account. says:

When the socorro sw was being pushed in it’s first few months, shimano advertised it with these words. “All other reels will be relagated to the scrap heap” I shit you not…. Serious.

Dalton v says:

Salmon River? Stripers? Ny’er by chance? Pretty awesome review. Thanks!

summerdying111 says:

I been using the tsunami shield 6000 for a year. Fisning with bait and plugs on the surf fighting bass and bluefish every weekend and is still a solid killer reel. I recomend it

couch888 says:

I find it annoying how all companies will skimp out on small details, either oversight or designing it to fail. I’m currently in the market for a saltwater reel with seals and have been watching most of your video’s to gather a lot of information but it hasn’t given me many options.
What are your thoughts on the Penn Spinfisher SSV 4500?

Black C says:

“Professional Googlers”?….. stop it (blushes 😉

Tony Wijaya says:

that was roller coaster thx alot! now i hav good knowledge bout em before buyin

IBeFish'n says:

What do you know about the daiwa procyon?

cmason87 says:

amazing channel and an asset to new fishermen like myself who are trying to get the best bang for the buck.

I’m thinking BG 2500 or fuego LT…decisons decisions it’ll be my primary setup for peacock and large mouth in s. fl. 98% of the time fished freshwater from shore with the very rare inshore stuff.

both reels are @ the $100 price point and I know the fuego’s are new, and elias video has me concerned for durability? seems like corvette (fuego) vs pick up truck (BG) rod is a custom blank from bully bay rods super light MF 7’6 for #6-12# stuff. for your only rod/reel combo would you go BG or fuego?

Jhunt Nfish says:

Out of all the views u know more peaple had to find it good or interesting. crazy man.

LunaRendezvous says:

The only thing I do not like with my Nasci 3000 is the spool wobble. Great review thanks.

vin h says:

Hi for the Daiwa BG i am getting that noise in my bg8000. Which bearing is it exactly? Is it the bearing holding the pinion and drive gear unit in the vertical position or is it the bearing parallel to the handle. Can i simply grease this bearing? Or do i have to buy a replacement from daiwa? Also do you know of any sealed bearing that i can use to replace this one?

koviack says:

only 11k subs lol. criminally underrated

Viking D says:

Think for 2018 the Lew’s mach crush speed spin is going to be hard to beat. Would love to see a review on it.

Joshua Murray says:

I’m looking for a inshore reel for Spanish,trout and reds. Dawia BG or Nasci. I have 2 large BG reels on jigging rods but wanted your opinion.

National Guardsman says:

I am a new subscriber so I do not know If you have done a review before — > Braid lines .. Best and worst review… Thanks Mr. T.A. Really enjoy your show.

Diego Vazquez says:

Great video, very informative and entertaining. Also at 13:15 you lost that bet buddy, that was the first thing that crossed my mind when you placed them side by side lol

not jeremy says:

that is the reason why i dont buy shimano and daiwa made in somewhere asia.

Tala Tala says:

16.8 oz for the 5k tsunami shield is freaking heavy… i bought shimano biomaster 5k and it weights 11 oz…

William Munny says:

Do a Ballistic lt vs a Shimano Stradic ci4+ these two are so popular and yet so hard to choose between.

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