2 Fishing reel SIZES to Fish for ANYTHING!

Here are the TOP Two saltwater fishing reels to catch almost any fish on the Gulf Coast of United States. I use these to reels on everything from Redfish to Sharks.

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Ruben Flores says:

Im an ugly stik and penn freak too!!! I have penn battle 2 5000 for small fish and penn pursuit 8000 for bigger fish both on tiger ugly stiks

John Andersen says:

got two penn fierce 7000 what braid do u suggest thanks

Sweswio says:

Penn is killing it and durable as hell, this is badass man I’m from mobile, 3 and 4000 size battle 2’s are my go to inshore reels man

Lachlan O'Neil says:

I got the 4500 spinfisher v because it was almost the same weight as the 3500 but has more line ect, I think I can catch almost any fish with it including small ones.

David Haddock says:

I have a Penn 850 it is amazing

Bret Swanson says:

Ur right Yak! I hit garage sales when I see them and pawn shops too. Just found a penn battle 2 6000 without a scratch on it a a pawn shop for 50 bucks . And it was spooled with some high dollar mono too. Score!

Julio Ramos says:

Hi motley I’m Julio I’m in South Florida in pompano Beach I’m getting my new kayak in 2 week I’m going to get set up and I look forward to get with you up in Pensacola to meet up with you and learning more about kayak fishing Sir went is a good time for you to meet with me or contact me thank you in advance a love those awesome fishing videos

Pablo Guerrero says:

It’s my first time saltwater fishing what should I get to start .

David Leaf says:

just got back into fishing and I got the battle 2 5000 combo 7 ft pole with 12lb mono for 139, the fierce 8000 combo 7ft pole with 30 lb mono for 109, and the squall 60 combo with 100 lbs braid for 249. All have handled the snags and bait fish very well off the jetty at Newport beach. Now can any one recommend between the 2017 trident 15 and the Jackson kraken 15.5 kayak? I live by big bear lake California and will be fishing there during non summer months and out of new port beach California year round. I cant seem to find a comparison between the 2017 trident and kraken, didn’t know if motley has made one?

Phillip Beaver says:

Do you know anything about the op60 reel or the op40 reel?

Ben Ahrens says:

Penn battle 2 combo in the 4,000 series and a Diawa saltus on a 7’ Penn Squadron. For the kayak.

Jonathon Lang says:

Those cheap 2500 Daiwa spinners are the truth for inshore fishing, only 30 bucks

Jim Jeffries says:

Excellent informative video, Jack!

Levi J says:

Is a 3000 light enough for stream fishing and or heavy enough for say Jetty fishing???

Fyrst Waffen says:

Penn Battle II 4000

TheLastFisherMan says:

These videos might be months or years old but I still love watching your videos

Vegas Butler says:

Omg thanks man!!!

smokster0604 says:

Good looking out Yak yes love my 3000 and my 6000……series great job

mosasaur says:

Fishing from the surf I use the Shimano 4500 baitrunner and Penn 750.

Paul Santoro says:

What about conventional reels for offshore, like verticle jigging?

Fredrik says:

I use size 3500 and 6500 okuma reels, i catch everything on them.

Michael Kolbe says:

Thats putting to much stress on a 3000 and over kill on big reel for many smaller fish

Eric Corson says:

The Penn Fierce has an live liner version which I like a 4500 size for live lining for yellowtail. Then I use a 3000 Series reel for making bait and fishing inshore. How to Penn Battle 8000 for sharks rays and sturgeon.

Mottel Stock says:

I use a 6000 for bluefish. Is that too big?

John Fultz says:

I do pretty much the same thing, but have a couple 4000 reels that I use for bait fishing in the surf. They hold a lot more line than the 3000 and the drag is a little stronger. My SS8500 is a live liner though. Just got it so the jury is still out on it.

Life Flight 101 says:

So if I only have money for one and I’ll be mainly fishing Charlotte Harbor and Matlacha area, should I go with a 4000 or 6000?

Eddie Lindsay says:

For saltwater I use a Daiwa Costal 200 Tws and a Shimano Sahara Fi 3000

Randy R says:

I the 4000 battle on all my poles.

Fraser Scott says:

Penn battle 5000 and fin nor offshore 8500 both tough reels paired with ugly stick platinum

Joseph Lemos says:

Love your channel – great vids – please keep it up.

I prefer conventionals myself:
Daiwa Sealine x30SHA for soaking bait – yak or surf.
Daiwa Sealine x50SHA for casting to sharks – yak or surf.
Daiwa Millionaire 250 for lures

Ray Pregeant says:

I notice you link to the one-piece rods in some of your videos. Why would you choose a one-piece rod over a two-piece? Just curious as I’ve never owned a one-piece.

Jair Gomez says:

What would be a good combo for sharks

Reel500 says:

You nailed it bro! I fish at the jetti and small 4000 one for catching fish up to 20lb and bait. The Penn 7500ss for bigger fish, but the 8500 is more adequate.

Noe Rosas says:

You cant go wrong with the penn SS. I’ve bought them at fleamarkets broken and fix them myself. I even have some for parts. They last.

Mario Mario says:

I want to ask you about penn spinfisher 850ss where it been made and all penn spinfisher…… ss and which the first type of penn been made in china
Wait your answer
Thank you very much

Brian Henderson says:

What size Shakespeare do you have the 850 on?

Lionel Lariviere says:

What size is the first reel?

Tai Trinh says:

I got a stella 10000 and it needs a big pole

brandon sherfiled says:

I love my 3000 battle I use my 5500 in 6500 V for the surf.

Willam Bailey says:

What type of rod do you use with the 3000?

Anything Adrenaline says:

What size Penn Battle 2 would you recommend for southern California yellow tail?

Thomas Obrien says:

I just picked up a Penn Fierce II 8000, but not sure which rod to pair it with for surf fishing here in San Diego. Trying to keep the rod under $100 and 12’-15’ ideal since I have shallow beaches. Budget is a little tight, thoughts?

Joe Fish says:

I have a Penn Assault 4500 w/20lb. braid, a Penn Spinfisher 5500SS w/30lb. braid, and a Penn Spinfisher 750SSm w/65lb. braid.

Joseph O'Donnell says:

What rods do you use with those reels

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