Zebco Rod Bass Tournament Challenge Cops Come Crazy lady

Austin and Cory thought we were going to a pond for a normal day of fishing, but I surprised them with a pair of zebco 404 rods and reels and issued a challenge. Biggest 5 fish using the push button combos, and only 2 lures. We actually did quite a bit better than expected hooking a good amount of solid fish. The larger pond has a crazy lady that likes to call the cops before consulting with the people fishing the pond (it is for residents and guests and we have permission) so the cops came out but he told us we were fine as long as we stayed away from her for the day. Thanks for watching!!!

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deborah ann says:

dude I have that same rod but at the fingertip gray you can pull in some decent size bass with those don’t underestimate em


on 02:46 how do you put the warm in the hook? can you do a video showing that.

MrCurtisass says:

tighten your drag please !!!!   great video !!!!

Death elegon says:

Did you use the same line that came with the Zebco or did u put on new line bro? Can someone please answer cause my line always rips when I use the one that came already on the fishing rods

Lukas Whelan says:

Hey dude new sub I love watching fishing videos great fish

anthony says:

ik people say your not supposed to but i throw a ugly stick 5′ 4 rod with an ugly cast reel 10 – 12 pound line and my go to kermy frog and it always works so i dont understand why its not recommended

CommanderLemur says:

What is wrong with Zebco!?

tims farm vids says:

turn up the drag and there wont be any gear grinding

caden kimberlin says:

i dont understand why you guys nuscle your fish in so hard? fight it out and let them get tired

drewhon says:

No respect for guys that release fish by tossing them back like that…

creeperkid 360 says:

I have me one but I getting a bait caster

Ryder Lewis says:

I’ve caught 5 pounders on my zebco 33

thanks says:

you hook up a 10lb lol

I hate group txt !!!!!!!! says:

what’s the problem , three guys out their fishing ,v having fun , they’re not being loud , littering or causing any problems , , , but some ass hole wants to call the cops on them and start some shit , tell you what guys get the ol bats name and if for some reason she gets her ass in a crack and needs some help , say like caught up in the middle of some kinda imprumtu “peace demonstration ” I’d be like to bad so sad .

Brenden Sutton says:

Ive caught a 22 pond blue cat on the same pole as you guys I’ve also caught good gars on my 33 combo

Ricky Fox says:

OH SHIT HERE WE GO catches minnow

The Billing Bros says:

Are Zebco rods good or bad I have one and I don’t know if it’s good or bad

Lukas Whelan says:

And we’re you using a drop shot worm

ShieldOfTheKingdom says:

@bassinbill96 Did the zebco 404 cast as far as your baitcaster ? How do you feel it compared to baitcaster reels ?

jakenafziger says:

why do you prefer using a wide gap hook for wacky rigging?

Ashton Vlogs says:

Every one needs to stop complaining what are you gonna do when someone kills one cry and call the police smh

Bb Rr says:

Does this guy understand how a simple drag system works??? Apparently not.

North Houston Outdoors says:

Caught eem on the zebco

King_Of _Collectibles says:

Fun little challenge. Good job guys.

Michael O says:

If I may make a suggestion? when fishing somewhere that you may or may NOT be allowed to fish…. BE QUIET. The less attention you draw to yourself, the better.

CRF 22 says:

awesome video man! definitely dropping a sub!

Colin Bodine says:

and where is that pond

Gmoney Records says:

The dock demon is actually dope. I put my own custom reel on it

PondMastersTV says:

What mic are you using?

HackerMan says:

zebcos aren’t that bad

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