Zebco Omega Pro Z03 Bass fishing

Reel: Zebco Omega Pro Z03,
Rod: BPS Power plus PPG50LC 5′
Line: Cajun Line 8Lb.



Eason Mun says:

Hi , do you still using this spincast reel ? I am planning to get a zebco omega pro z02 … I am new to spincast reel .. I want to use it for ultralight lure fishing

ChuckyT says:

What kind and how long was that rod; if you remember? I just unboxed my Z03PRO. I usually use a spincast reel; but wanted to change it up a little.

Avery Kwirant says:

Also how do you work them?

suddlestein says:

what lewer are u using

Avery Kwirant says:

What do you like better Yum Dinger or Gary Yamamoto

Skyler Nagel says:

there closed face

Sunny Island says:

wish they would make the 202 model with left-handed option.

teaglet says:

do you have any hang ups, after catching a fish?  I am looking for a reel that won’t do that, everyone we have hangs up after catching a fish.

BJ T says:

Go to 4lb test spider wire a mucho better line, I have caught 10lb bass with line.
Got me a new Omega pro love it!

superstrike says:

Hi Avery!
I like both Yum Dinger and Senko.
They both work very well specially in falling action.
If there are both same color available, I always buy Yum
because Yum is a little cheaper.
Thanks for watching!

Mason Garner says:

That hunk of junk reel belongs in the scrapyard, bait cast reels are the best there is

Taylor Schmidt says:

screw u bitch go use ur push button

Samuel Allen says:

I love my Zebco Omega Pro, it helps me put up with fights everywhere I go it haven’t given up on me yet every fish I hook this fisherman catches

Taylor Schmidt says:

those reels are piece of junk wouldnt handle a 5lb bass..get a baitcaster lews is were its at

Bass fishing Bass fishing says:

Bait casters are better zebco are for baby’s and they are dumb

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