Zebco Omega and Pflueger Cetina spin cast fishing reel review

This is a non biased review of the Pflueger Cetina and Zebco Omega Z02 light spin casting fishing reel showing the gears on the inside


steve noe says:

did you try the zebco 11?

Paul Murphy says:

how good is the johnson century

Michael Macdonald says:

what is the best zebco combo.i don’t care about price

Lesforemore Moreforeles says:

I’m in luv with the zebco delta

Cameron Phillips says:

Don’t be hating. Things aren’t made in the U.S. Anymore because it’s cheaper to produce it in china. Therefore allowing YOU the consumer, to purchase this product cheaper than you would if it was produced in the U.S. If the product is cheaply made it is the company’s fault for taking shortcuts to make more money, NOT the country it was produced in fault.

Fishing Guy says:

Absolutely the one of the best product reviews. I Do a lot of crappie fishing with long rods would you recommend the omega for those rods?

gixerman01 says:

Your crazy! My Abu will bait the hook reel them in and clean them! LOL guess we will have to stack them up when the boats ready!

bigwalt2990 says:

How long will it take for that rubber on the button to wear out?.. Who knows..

Brass is soft, there’s really no better option?

Manuel Figueroa says:

Mr. White 🙂

Mike Smith says:

Zebco Omega reels will have drag problems soon. Had three of them all three drags screwed up. Ask dealer. Said I know. Junk.

Thad Myers says:

Great video!! I was looking for a new Spincast reel I was looking at the Pfluger until I saw this video an Zebco Omega Z02 will be my next purchase. Thanks

Ozark Willie says:

I was looking at the Pflueger..not anymore. Thanks for review!!

Cornbob Rimlove says:

I agree….the Omega ZO3 is the best I’ve seen by FAR! Can’t go wrong buying one.

cs1992 says:

Thanks. Excellent review.

CeL LoKi says:

Who the fuck that is serious into fishing uses spin castes

Coolride17 says:

I just bought an ABU Garcia spin caster, and I didn’t like the fact the braided line doesn’t cast for shit out of it. With mono filament, I can cast across state with it.

bajabilly2004 says:

just bought one and it is awesome!! going to be getting another.. I have read that using braided line is not a good idea with these reels though..

Rob Martin says:

Go with the Diawa Gold cast 80. I have Zebco O2 pro, Omagas and Diawa gold casts, like the feel and the speed of the gold cast… All three reels mentioned are fantastic reels, not even sure why Gander Mountain dose not sell gold cast the silver cast reels

John Purser says:

Thanks.  I’m replacing a “spider man” rod and wanted something that would last and work well.  I had passed over the zebcos because, well, they’re zebcos!  After your review I’m going to give them a shot.

Leo Gallant says:

Nice review!

Captainpegs07 says:

Good review of spincasters! Abu Garcia 1276SLI  has brass gears

Dana Abfall says:

I’ve had the Z03 for about 2 years and the thing is a beast. Clean it and grease it and it’ll probably last forever. Love the things.

David Aguiar says:

Nice video.  I’ve always favored open face spinning but find myself with a forest of under used casting rods that go unused because I get aggravated with bait casting reels.  I always liked the simplicity and casting performance of spincaster but never found anything reliable or well built.  Now I’m torn between the zebco Omega and the new Zebco Omega 3 pro.

flysubcompact says:

Thanks for this review. Recently started fishing again and my old favorite were the Johnson’s and Daiwa (made in Japan) spincast reels. Everything I’ve tried in the last year is junk. Not tried the high end Zebco. I will, now, after your review. Did you ever give braid a try?

Neptunus Rex says:

How did you get the back off the Zebco?

Gator1699 says:

l have a Zepco 22 reel.The thing l like about it you can hit that button if you go of course after a cast.Mine has a hard rubber button.l got it on Amazon with an old school box but its still made in China.SOB.

Gabriel Sais says:

Hey bud my grandpa had his zebco 33 for a long time he still has it and that was his first pole he has been fishing for over 60 years

James Ritchie says:

Anyone who thinks any Zebco is a cheap tin can knows pretty much nothing about fishing reels.  Cheap, yes, but every Zebco is still excellent.  I caught a thirty-five pound carp with a zebco 202, which is the cheapest reel Zebco makes, and I’ve never had any Zebco break.  The 404 four is wonderful, and the 606 is more reel than most will ever need.  Including you, for freshwater fising.  .  Zebco reels are great for kids, but they’re also great for experienced adults.   I assume you know that the buton should NOT be pointed upward when casting a closed face reel.  If it is, your wrist can’t bend properly, and you get less than half the distance you should.  So many adults use open face reels, and have for thirty years, that how to cast a closed face has almost been forgotten.  But if you’re right-handed, the handle should be up when casting, and the button should be to your left.  This allows your wrist to bend twice as far, and transmits far more powers through the spine and to the tip of the rod.   If more people knew how to use closed face reels, and if fewer people had the “More Power Is Better” syndrome, closed face reels would be far more popular than open face reels.  The Omega is excellent, as well, but really not much better than the 606, and no better at all than the 808/  It’s just more expensive, made for those who think more expensive means more quality.  The truth is, the Omega, as wonderful as it is, isn’t even the best reel Zebco makes.

Paul Murphy says:

i had no idea i will buy the zebco for the future

ddm62571 says:

The Omega is nice one but I found the newer 33platium to be the best spincast reel. It will out cast and retrieve any other Omega series reel.

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