Zebco Big Cat XT Bait Casting Reel – Review – Demonstration – SLINGABILITY

Here is my review on the new Zebco Big Cat XT bait casting reel.
In this video I I install it on a tangling with catfish rod and add 80 lb braided fishing line to it. Once complete, I commence to testing its slingability. After the first cold cast, it didn’t cast far but that was user error. The second cast, however, got my attention at the distance it traveled and after numerous other personal casting contest for slingability, I determined that this was a good reel thus far but I’m still testing on big fish. I will report later this year.
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shaun flanegin says:

I own two as well as the big cat 350 Xt. Love em!

Guy Richman says:

bluefish no seat sea bass no sweat battery park by statin island ferry

bloodhound122 says:

just picked one up so i hope it’s durable.and i don’t mind the clicking sounds beast lol.

Skflinch says:

Steve why, you got me hooked on Bass Catt reels i have five of them and love them. that looks like way to much reel for catfishing.

Steve Myers says:

nice sells pitch went and ordered one today should get next week I used to do some surf fishing ” older Penn bait cast reel ” on a 15′ ugly stix surf rod still have the rod so should be something to see distance and all, for now, I intend to use on the lake I live we have some nice blues and yellow’s but you never know I might get back to the Texas coast and that just might work nicely on a bull red the clicker we’ll see by the way I am a fan of AB 5500c and 6500c to .

Bryan Smith says:

They have deepsea shakspeer reel I guess. Should I get just a plan Abu Garcia baitcaster or the deepsea reel for casting 8oz to 6oz wait and brim.

stan pierce says:

Glorified Tidewater .


Look up when attaching your line to the spool the Ducan Loop, much easier. Uni-knot it still the best for attaching two lines together, especially if your main line gets shortened over time and you have a fish on and come to that union, it won’t break.

Terence Gillespie says:

Fix those nails up, man. YOU’RE HOLLYWOOD NOW.

Roy Beard Jr says:

Nice but I never used a bait casting reel.

Ultimate Builder says:

When I cast this reel I never have back lashes and I never have to put my thumb on the spool, excellent reel.

Tommy Pratt says:

I counted to one thousand and 5 on one of the last cast

bloodhound122 says:

how’s it fishing for ya so far Steve.

Captain 1201 says:

Steve, did you ever decide if you like the Big Cat XT better than the CatMaxx reel?

Reyes Chavez says:

Steve, you must have some shark teeth the way you bite through that line.


they make a smaller big cat xt reel with the thumb button

James Wise says:

havent heard if you really like it was it actually any good

Captainpegs07 says:

What about the spin cast version for small rivers?


What length rod is best for big cats & ehat reel is best ,bait or spinning reel?

Dan outdoors says:

clicker is on leftside.

mach crush says:

To each it’s on….takes all the fun out of fishing with a winch strapped to your rod lol

Robert Frisch says:

I will stick with my Cabela’s Salt Striker spinning reels.

paintmasters paint and fabrication says:


Jason Stratton says:

I’ll keep my Abu c4s as well, man that thing sounded horrible when you slung it at 10:49

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