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Zebco Authentic 33 Spincast Combo

The new Zebco 33 Spincast Combo takes all the impressive features of the Authentic 33 Reel and matches it with the perfect rod. Its 2 piece blank makes it easy to travel with, and the length and action arm you for a variety of situations. Features like new gear train, bite alert, MicroFine drag, and more make the Zebco Authentic 33 Spincast Combo the perfect upgrade for anglers that swear by their trusty 33.


New gear train creates a smoother feel with improved durability
MicroFine Drag provides more precision and accuracy on casts
Bite-Alert notifies you when fish take the bait
Line Snub-off frees up line flow and improves castability
Ball bearing drive system with quickset anti-reverse clutch
Built-in hook holder hides hook point and is accessible from either side of the reel
Redesigned thumb button adds greater durability
Lightweight graphite frame provides durable and consistent performance
Industrial-grade brushed stainless steel covers
Brushed Die-cast metal handle
PVC rubber handles help you keep your grip
Brand: Zebco
Ocean City Maryland fishing


Tosh Time says:

So cool to see you coaching your son. Man I thought by the way the pole was bending that the sting ray was going to snap the pole long before you got it so close to you. Very intense vid! Like #39!

Fishing with Mike Chavez says:

I’ve seen big ray’s snap rods before…That little 33 did a great job….

Team Cramer Fishing says:

You were grinning like a kid on Christmas morning! 🙂

De Los Santos says:

Buen video

Kyle The Bass Attacker says:

Nice video sucks you lost the sting ray having it so close but that zebco works pretty nice

John Thomas says:

I use a Zebco 33 triggerspin with a 6’6″ugly stix I trout fish I love this reel,I use 6lb test line I can cast 1/16 to 1/8 oz lures as far as I want to, been using this combo for 15yrs love this reel, I recomend it to anybody that enjoys fishing

DMV_Fisher says:

Good review elstan. My dad still uses 33s and 404s. He refuses to switch to a spinning reel or baitcaster. Maybe this is something I can get him with the bite alarm built is nice.

Southern Fisherman says:

Cool vid there Elstan

wayne mitchell says:

That scene is what i call the E Perez research & testing lab for Zebco rods and Suffix line , that fight was bad ass Esay, you prove to all those clowns who spend big bucks on high dollar gear, that its not needed to catch big fish, stay at it Me-ho, good job Bro !

anthy aguirre says:

Awesome great video

NuSkool Fishing says:

I wish i had a dollar for every fish a zebco 33 has caught lol. Love sufix, i hate it broke…Nice review/video

lou cifer says:

I’m shocked that rod didn’t break you had it bent over like a ugly stick

Kyle Zimmerman says:

Great video suck to lose them that close to shore

Country Girl Fishing says:


bulmaro Perez catfish 2018 says:

Cool video bro

Ryno Dynomyte says:

Cool! A ray! You almost had him! Good video though!

Cardmakingwith Laiba says:

Great video!! thumbs up

XaViEr3520 says:

Great video!!! Keep up the great content and good luck on getting 1k followers very soon

Dude!!! a big no no in dropping the rod straight down towards the water. By your walk at the end you probably knew you gambled in doing that. 🙁 I remember a previous video you telling your daughter not to drop the rod towards the water 🙁 now you can show your daughter and in a future video telling people exactly why they shouldn’t do it. It’s okay great video either way! Love how your whole family is involved in fishing!

fan4life34 says:

Thee 33 max or platinum are very good zebco reels, but the OMEGA PRO 3 spincast reel ($80) is the alpha dog!! Can handle any big fish that a baitcaster can handle! Use 15lb seaguar flouracarbon and you will never go wrong, I swear by it!!

Yet Another Cabin Video says:

Yeah, you were right. That line really popped.

Crappie Catching Chris says:

Zebco 33 are good combos ive have been using them gor over 20 years starting fishing with them caught a 50lb crap on a 33 before great video smashed the like button too bro

The Texas Road Runner says:

Oh man !! I’m sitting at my desk and cheering you on… and then….. Well, you’ll get another one. I’m sure of that.

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