The Perfect Spinning Reel … Almost | Daiwa BG4000 Comprehensive Review

Comprehensive review of the new Daiwa BG saltwater spinning reel. It only takes a few hours of real world use to understand what the rest of the industry is saying; dollar for dollar, the Daiwa BG is the world’s best value saltwater spinning reel. From it’s high tolerance aluminum construction, to it’s sublime ATD carbon drag system, to it’s world-class non-mag sealed Minebea ball bearings, Daiwa set the bar for mid-range saltwater-rated spinning reels. But is it perfect? Almost … watch to find out why it’s as close to perfect as a fishing reel gets.

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Featured fishing gear:

Surf spinning setup –

Rod: Penn Battalion 9′ MH
Reel: Daiwa BG 4000
Main Line: P-Line TCB Braid 30lb Green

Bottom jigging setup (light tackle) –

Rod: Ugly Stik Tiger Lite 7′ MH
Reel: Daiwa BG 4000
Main Line: P-Line TCB Braid 30lb Green

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Daiwa BG4000 DAI-2355

Max Drag: 17.6 lbs
Line Capacity (Braid): 370/20, 280/30, 200/40
Line Capacity (Mono): 300/10, 260/12, 210/14
Weight: 14.3 oz
Bearings: 7 (6 body, 1 line roller)
Gear Ratio: 5.7:1 (4000 size)
MSRP: $109

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Reel credit: Thanks to Ron aka Budo Fishing for the reel loan. Follow Budo Fishing on YouTube and Instagram @budo_fishing

Clips credit: Previous moments from Ish With Fish.

Song credit: ‘George Street Shuffle’ by Kevin MacLeod.



Matthew Gerathy says:

Great review Ish. Thanks. I’m not so sure that the size of the bail arm is a problem (compared to the Penn), given that the Daiwa is stainless steel, which is a far more durable and stiff/strong material than aluminium. Using aluminium to make the bail arm necessitates a thicker wire diameter, as its a very malleable metal.

Aswat Mohd says:

Are all BGs made in China?

Bill D says:

Whats a good surf fishing rod for this reel ?

Richard Peebles says:

Great review!  I’ve never really considered the Daiwa spinning reels before, now they’re on my radar.  Thanks.

Denmark Debolgado says:

newbiew question sir.. is this bg4000 reel good for 10 to 20kl of fish?

Tala Tala says:

14.3 oz for a 4k size? thats insanly heavy… my hands will hurt after a day of casting for sure… the shimanos may be less robust but a shimano 5k will be about 4 oz less then this and its huge thing… not even close to a perfect reel

roboecto says:

8:06 The feature is also on the Daiwa Luvias.

P Lau says:

Hello there! will this match up with my 10ft Penn Battalion or should I get the 5000 series instead? Is there a big difference between them 2 ( 4000 & 5000 ) size wise? By the way nice reviewed and a lot of details! Two thumbs up!! Thanks.

Cain G says:

Motivated me to buy BG8000 $129 & TIGER ELITE ugly 6′ heavy/ moderate $79. Charter April season opener, can’t wait to try!!!

Cam Bryan says:

I wish so badly that they would make a 10500 and a 20000 or 30000. Would love to shark fish with these bad boys

steve noe says:

I have my original Daiwa 7000C on my surf rod and have had it since the 80’s. I works perfectly still. Whether it’s spinning or bait casting or spincast they have the best reels across the board. IMO

Mutated Antibiosis says:

Where is the comparison video of the BG vs. Battle II that you mention at the end? Would love to check it out!

UncleBully2000 says:

I bought the BG 3000 and the BG3500. Love them like I love my trusty Stradic FJ 5000. One mistake I made though. The BG3500 and BG4000 are the same size/strength reel just with different spool sizes. If you plan to use 20lb braid get the BG3500. If you want to use 30lb braid get the BG4000. Not a huge deal but I was annoyed a bit at only using like 240 yards of 30lb Max Quatro Power Pro which comes as 300yd. Not a problem if you can afford the braid you prefer in very large spools like the 1500yd option. Also I searched online for just the BG4000 spool since I’m sure it fits my BG3500 reel, but so far I could not find it. Probably because these reels are still very new. (January 2018) These reels kick ass. So much that I worry the low prices may go up over time and I need to buy more of them now!

skzmrc1 says:

I am using daiwa fuego,but i wanna upgrade to bg 4000.But the drag force is low(8kg) Is that ok for shore jigging?

Tala Tala says:

ive got mine from ebay… the reel is butter smooth but it has some handle play and i hear a clanking sound of the gears inside when i turn the handle,, its like the meain gear is playing.. is that normal?

Jacob Miller says:

can you use this with a light rod?

Flatheadfletch says:

Under 100 bucks. Can’t be to great when the braid on my reel cost almost that much !!!
But at least it’s better than what you purchase from Walmart

David Ortiz says:

Did you say 6:36 that the Daiwa bg has a graphite Roler??

Edward Simpson says:

Are the new BG’s better than the old version?

Mai Va Lee says:

Can the daiwa bg 5000 fits in the medium action rod?

BassMan Strikes says:

The smaller sizes are excellent for freshwater as well. I use a 2500 for bass and pike fishing in wisc.
I also found if you don’t like the big paddle handle you can interchange handles from some other Diawa models. You can even take the handle from the 2000 and it works great on the 2500. The handle from the Ballistic also fits perfectly.

Die Hard Fishing says:

Just curious, was the bail on the BG60 always shaped like that? Maybe it is an old school thing but I have never seen a bail like that. Have you noticed and pros and cons?

Victor Tello says:

En mi opinión si es pesado no funciona. Un Stradic o un Sustain 5000 cuestan el doble de , pero ud pescara mas y mejor, con el dominio del brazo restringido y la precisión de un peso menor. Yo Pesco spinning hasta 6 horas en un día normal y más horas cuando es un día intenso. Para los pescadores como yo, es mejor tener 1 buen carrete ligero bueno y no tener 3 carretes pesados, es solo que no funcionan para mi estilo de pesca. Entiendo que un joven pescador con días de pesca de 45 minutos a 1.30 horas está bien, si puede servirle. Por mi parte, ese tipo de carretes pesados ​​son dinero en el aire …

National Guardsman says:

BG/Fuego 4000 compararison.. I wanna pair the winner with a 9ft rod for surf fishing.. 20lb braid.

Dan Rossi says:

Do u think the 4000 would be too big for an 8ft medium rod? Or should I go for the 3000?

alfie fallejo says:

Love my BG 2. It’s been doing me well.

Victor Tello says:

Many fishermen who think favorably for a very heavy reel is because it serves them.
I see too many fishermen reach the water line and do only 45 minutes of spinning, or do it from boats in a sector for 15 minutes, move to another side and fish another 15 minutes and so spend the day and ok, it serves them.
My case is different, I fish 6 hours straight or more in a normal day, without stopping just to walk a few meters.
For me, it is worth much more to have a single good and light reel than to have 4 reels of different sizes and capacities. If you take the slope you will see that you spend less with a few good reels than filling with heavy $ 100 reels. I know fishermen with 15 reels of $ 60-120, that’s a bad idea. It is much better to have very few and good ones. DO NOT have any hard ones!

Pwnogosaurus says:

There’s a daiwa bg magseal version what do you think bout it ?

Demolishion1994 says:

Does anyone know where to get the bait cage shown at 1:45 ? Thanks in advance

Sweswio says:

It’s a nice reel for the money and has a huge capacity, have you seen the new Daiwa spinning reels?

Dre' M. says:

You think the 3000-3500 will take care of speckled trout, bull reds all the way to decent sized tarpon?

David Soden says:

love to see hear your opinion on Daiwa BG4000 vs. Shimano Nasci 5000 and Spinfisher V 5500 vs. comparable Tsunami Shield 5000? Thanks for this vid tho! cheers Dave

Bob Vagene says:

FYI: daiwa bg is not successor of daiwa black gold
they are two different products, don’t believe me? well, i ask daiwa myself before buying
EDIT: they use the same body for each sizes
8000 & 6500 same body smaller spool on 6500
5000 & 4500 same body smaller spool on 4500 and so on, weight wise pretty much the same. i recommend X000 size if you want to buy it. hope this help

beachdude562 says:

will the new out last the old in your opinion if both were fresh out the box?

tamer`in oltasi says:

I have Daiwa Prorex XR Travel 240 
140 g 
2.40 m 

66 cm 
15-50g  daiwa roda do you think if i buy one can it be competable whit my rod for spining wich size i should go friend said head of the real is big i might have tangeling problem th

iggychloe says:

Just got my BG 2500 and then the clicker broke after just few cast. Is this normal? Lol.

S Campbell says:

Great informative video!  Straight to the point and without loud annoying music!  Thanks again…

More Than Fishing says:

Nice review Ish, I agree smooth reel

MrLAWAIA says:

Does the Bg4500 or just the BGs in general have a little up and down play in the spool? I purchased a brand new one and it had a little (the slightest ) vertical play on the spool. Is that normal or should it be a concern? Thanks.

John Hall says:

Nice review. The line roller on the 4000 (in addition to all the BG SW’s) has nylon and brass bushings. There is no ball bearing in the roller as mentioned in your review.

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