Spinning vs Bait Casting Reels – Which One is For You?

Here is a great video comparing spinning vs bait casting reels, hopefully this video will help determine which one is best for you, however I personally believe they both have there place and I make a point to use both regularly. Here are a few points that I touch on in the video:

Spinning Reels
– Great for beginners
– Great for light baits/down sizing
– You are able to hear the beautiful drag when you hook a mogan
– You can achieve long distance casting with spinning reels using little effort.
– Spinning reels give you the ability to switch handles to right or left handed with a quick unscrewing of the handle.

Spinning reel cons
– The one con that really takes the cake is the occasional line twist.

Bait Casting Reels
– You can use heavier fishing line
– You have more control
– Better Accuracy
– Bait casting rods often times have greater back bone allowing for great leverage
– Bait casters are not recommended for beginners
– You can stop baits on precise targets
– Bait casters are low profile and makes for great comfort ability
– Many of the new bait casters have very high gear ratios allowing for super fast line retrieval
– Big time drags, some of the new reels have 30lbs of drag

Bait Caster Cons
– Back lashes/birds nest
– Mute drag

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Adam Whitney says:

I was raised fishing my whole life with closed faced push button reels after recently getting frustrated with blowing the drag on 3 of them in a month I bought a spinning reel and everybody thought I was crazy until they saw how it casts can’t wait to see their faces when I get my baitcaster

Franken Peter says:

I always feel like a bitch using my spinning reel.

Robert Forester says:

99.99 of spin fisherman (including pros) hook the line with their index finger when casting. The is a better way. Trap the line against the top of the spool. That will give you a smoother release with no wobble. Think bow and arrow releases in stead of a finger glove. Also your finger is near the spool to feather casts when desired. Try it, you will never go back.

Ruben Santillana says:

I know someone who has never got a birds nest. But he never fished a day in his life

Pete Morrell says:

Always make sure not to cast a baitcaster into the wind.

Sweswio says:

Good video, always wanted to see how well each compare to each other

Joseph Burnine says:

Man I love how well you explain everything! Great video and you got yourself a new subscriber!

Jeremiah Small says:

What kind of rod is that on the spinning reel.

Clifton Graves says:

You can cast a spinning reel anywhere once you get the feel for it, and you can cast your baitcaster into the lake and watch it sink, birdsnest and all.

Julian Mazer says:

Regarding clicker drag, i think some really high end baitcasters are now incorporating that into their reels, but its not as much of a standard for all baitcasters yet, btw i like the ease of use of spinning, a good spinning setup goes a long way for me, anyways love this video josh!

Todd Dreher says:

spinning vs. baitcasting good subject. Hi this is Todd Dreher again. controversy is a lot on these two type of reels. But to tell you the truth about the whole thing is depending on what you’re fishing for. baitcasting can handle certain lines better than spending can. are you spinning reels I love my spinning reels but I’ve used it for years and I know how to use them. Now technically spinning reels you’re going to have more brake system on them then a baitcaster. And what does that mean that means it’ll hold more pool before the line goes stretching out what a baitcaster will when you put the brakes on it and got a good average even medium size Penn reels carry an average of 30 pounds of drach which is a good average but when you’re whoreson 100 pounds are bigger in it’s hard to keep that fight going when I drag system needs to be more. when your deep sea fishing for Marlin big marlin big grouper stuff like that either or will work but I would actually say the baitcasters of the deep sea will work better because more line capacity number one and brake system on those would probably be better than those on the spending even though people have pulled them and use them with the spinning. the rod is usually with the eyes upward when you’re fishing with it meaning when you cast you could get them in the title holes and place it in tighter spots easier unless if you’re one heck of a accurate caster. spinning the eyes are down you can get a good good cast if you know how to cast with lots of practice and still put them almost in the place but would bake Heston it’s a little bit easier. when you’re doing a flip and flipping jigs a baitcaster is easier to work with and what it’ll be used for mostly spinning doesn’t work too good on those. they both have their best and worst on their features and it all depends what you going to use them for so altogether to test for both of them you have to equal out the reels comparable e not one big and one small you can’t balance it that way but they both have their pluses and minuses so both of them will basically come into a 50-50 play meaning of equal because of what they can do and what they can handle.

Robert McCandless says:

If your so smart, why did you use a RH reel? You have to switch back and forth hands, rediculas. You should use a LH BC you fight the fish with your strongest arm and you don’t have to keep switching back and forth like a retard. OH my, just like a spinning!

__ Bilak_78__ says:

I prefer my spinning reel, Shakespeare ugly stick with my 17 gram blue fox spoon, I’ve castes the lure between 120-150 yard no joke it’s just butter smooth when casting it’s such a beautiful rod and real.

JarmanVI And minecraf says:

Spinner is the best ever

Abel Cuevas says:

are bait caster’s for use on fresh water mostly… and not for salt??? cause that’s what I see in all videos. … and do you need specific type rod as well?

Michael Konelios says:

I do bottom fishing mostly what reel is good casting or spin

Hampus Spångberg says:

Good vid

steven3td says:

Spinning reels for the win!!!

Fabian van den Bussche says:

do batcasters need a different rod or can i just use my normal spinner?
the reason I’m asking is that the misses will kill me if i buy yet another rod… ghehe

The Big John Show says:

I love your channel thank you for all the tips and tricks please keep up the great work please check out my channel if you have time and subscribe if you can

Donnie Eickmeyer says:

Just bought a bait caster and I had no clue how to use it till I watched some informational videos and I experienced back lash quite a bit ended up getting some bad bird nests so I just cut the line off and re lined it

Tamour Tahir says:

Starting this hobby and this is the only video for better explanation of both types of methods thumbs up

L.M.S Studios says:

What is that fish 4:47??

Fisher ED says:

NIce video i just go in to bait casters this year, I always have a debate with a buddy which is better. If you get a chance sub my channel.

Gary manigault Sr says:

Dude as a saltwater fisherman using spinning reel all my life ! you have really open up my eyes . my only question .is there a specific baitcaster made for saltwater ? and what company, make and model ? thanks for everything you shared ! THE BEST DEMO AND COMMUNICATION SKILLS SO FAR !

Everything ICANDO says:

Where did you get the case for the rod

Norman Milano says:

Tape from the new line to hold it on…..how simple was that. ..lol
Thanks again Cptn

John Greif says:

The technology for bait caster reels has dramatically increased. I learned to cast with penn 209 with 20lb mono as kid. Your thumb did everything. Once tuned I can cast a modern bait caster as for as I can with spinning reel with weights light as 18th oz.

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