Salt Water Shore fishing: Why use a Conventional Fishing Reel vs Spinning reel?

Salt Water shore fishing varies from beach fishing, pier fishing and jetty fishing to fishing brackish marshy shorelines. A conventional reel will sometimes be more effective than a spinning reel, and vice versa. Different terrains sometimes call for specialized gear. Today we are talking about when you should use conventional fishing reels and when you should use the standard spinning reel.

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Brandon Kaercher says:

Why don’t you dye that stripped squid in red coolaid and it looks like a blood worm and the scent and red colored coolaid the fish goes crazy over it.


Why crank against the drag on the spinning reel? You’re just twisting the line.

aquabeachman2000 says:

Where is that place

TreBB !!! says:

Re make the video with an ACTUAL conventional reel. That’s a bait caster bud good video as always though man.

alois hermida says:

7:30 i love that rod alot

K-Lung says:

Great scenery!

Kevin Harding says:

you have no idea how to play fish

Jazz Green says:

You were not fighting that big one! Youwere just foolin. Thats how you lost it.

Nc Hemi says:

Bro you gotta tighten that drag some

Chris says:

Why do you call yourself skipper, if you don’t have a boat? Also never reel a running fish, line twists weakens the line and turns the hook out, making you lose a fish.

SmokeSolo33 says:

Never use your float spool tension knob to slow reel down. It puts extra pressure on the spindle and causes excess wear.
That multiplier reel is a boat reel and not designed for casting. Use a multiplier (conventional) which comes with either mechanical centrifugal breaks or mag breaks and an open cage so you can grip.the spool when casting.

love senpai says:

Who believe that I can cast 130

J G says:

Vapin’ Uncle Bill

Jennifer Bilbrey says:

That’s why it’s called fishing. Not catching. Hard to lose a fish that way. Good luck in the future nice video

Shelley Timms says:

I watch all of your videos and I come from the UK to ask your uncle Bill if he knows a place called suffok

Senko Skipper says:

Y’all are the best. We are trying to answer as many people as we can. But we may not be able to answer everyone! Hope you enjoyed our little adventure.

Reel Fishing says:

6:27 your uncle is funny and sort of remind me of the puppet Walter from Jeff Dunham .. (at lest your uncle is way nicer in attitude )

Ulua Catcha says:

Bro learn how to fight a fish (go down and pull up when the fish isn’t running) you are literally just horsing the fish in.

Michael Osuchowski says:

Uncle Bill’s a vape god

Danny D Morales says:

In Brooklyn we dont care where the sweet spots are. Seems selfish to even start the video off with that comment. It’s not private property then it’s fair game

sami rehman says:

Plz send me whatsapp no

Doug Mooney says:

idiot, when you reel while a fish is taking drag, all you do is twist your line. I can’t believe someone who doesn’t know basic reel function would give fishing advice about anything, your good at teaching novices to be worse than they already are. listening to this fool is like getting jiu jitsu training from Justin Bieber, this has to be the worst utube fishing channel, no experience what so ever, this is pure beginner’s fishing.

Dont Spread says:

Dude never reel through drag

james plummer says:

My name is James Plummer I’m looking at your sauteed squid I want to purchase some please reply

Heasyn Moodley says:

Level wind reels are pretty jutt

William Herbert says:

With salt water fishing ur spose to pull up reel down

Josh Dumpling says:

What rod on the baitcaster

Quattro 4 says:

Manlycasters vs coffee grinders.

FishCumin'Down!!!!! 916 says:

You need to learn some more. I’ve seen most ur vid and you pretty clumsy and need more learning

tramaine godette says:

You need to tighten the drag o. The spinning real and stop trying to crank while the fish is taking line that’s why you lost it

Anna Oliva says:

senko skipper to catch bigger fish you should probably use tighter drag.

Murry123G3 says:

Why’s he talking about conventional vs spinner but he doesn’t even know how to tighten his drag?

Amedeo Lorenzotti says:

dont reel while it pulls drag that why you lost it you pull the hook out of its mouth

dewayne thornton says:

did your dad pass

SmokeSolo33 says:

Bad advice saying to use the free float tensioner to control the spool. It adds pressure to the spindle and cauae wear to the spindle.
Get a reel with a braking system, either centrifugal or magnetic. The use of using the free float use to be the way untill reels were made with more effiecient systems to slow the spool down

Danny D Morales says:

The conventional reels with out a level wind are a true test in casting. Thumb control has to be on point

FishermanTryingToVlog46 says:

You reel like a noob XD

J G says:

I’d never have a youtube fishing channel; too many wankers telling me what to do in the comments

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