Pflueger President Micro Spinning Reel

Quick overview of the Pflueger President Micro Spinning Reel.


TaintedScarecrow says:

Higher the LB “Test”, the larger the diameter of the line and the stronger it will be.

therussianredneck7 says:

7 ball bearings the 8th is a needle bearing

TaintedScarecrow says:

Thanks. Family/work has kept me busy.

regression says:

Are you from the Baltimore area? Your voice sounds like you would be.

TaintedScarecrow says:

No xp with the Trion but I wouldn’t hesitate to buy it. I honestly got the President just to be different from my buddy. I have a co-worker that uses his Trion to catch 300+ trout a year, no lie.

FishingAlberta says:

I’m thingking of getting the President reel for my spinning rod and was wondering what kind of reels did you use from Shimano? You said you were a Shimano guy so I needed help. My top 3 choices are the Abu Garcia Orra S Spinning Reel, Shimano Sedona, or Pfluger President

TaintedScarecrow says:

Just didn’t have it tightened down the whole way. It’s solid.

Sebastian L. says:

First one this time:) Good to hear (see) from you again.

FishingAlberta says:

Which do you prefer? The Pfluger Trion GX or the President?

TheLazySpoiledKitty says:

I really need to get some new fishing gear together, and go fishing with my dad and uncle. Thanks for the awsome video man!

FishingAlberta says:

Oh, i see, Okay, I’ll see if I can find a trion. Thanks!

Connor Edits says:

Where did you get this reel?

LMG says:

take care of it (don’t run it over with the car) and it will last forever , tell your buddy that i land 10-15lb carp with a 14′ hera rod- 2″elastic- 6lb line- float – 3lb leader-nr14 gamakatsu hook -2pc of corn 🙂 no reel , but i have a 14′ landing net …will do a vid of this soon

knives save lives says:

i’ve got a pflueger trion 5-6 fly reel for trout, and the pflueger 7-8 fly reel for steelhead. both are phenominal reels and i’ve caught loads of fish on the 5-6, but no steelhead yet on the 7-8. that reel looks like it would work good on my 2’6″ ugly stick.

TaintedScarecrow says:

Sounds like a sight to behold. Definitely will be looking forward to it. Take care.

FishingAlberta says:

Okay Thanks and which do you think is better? The sedona, president or orra s spinning?

TaintedScarecrow says:

I have Sedona and Sahara, both of which I like a lot and have given as gifts. I’ve used Quantum several times and have only had luck with their higher end stuff, mainly baitcasters. All the Quantum spinning I had (lower end) were terrible followed closely by Mitchell’s Precision Series. Honestly, I don’t think you can go wrong with any of the Shimano’s listed above or the President. My buddy has a Pflueger Trion GX which is a great reel also.

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