I May Have Found One of the Best Spinning Fishing Reels for the Money!

I may have found one of the best spinning fishing reels for the money; the Piscifun Honor 40 is one solid reel at an incredibly affordable price.

If you have heard enough and just want to purchase it, click here: http://amzn.to/2twFttJ (My affiliate link)

If you want to learn more, please keep reading, James with Piscifun reached out via email and asked if I might be interested in trying one of their newly released fishing reels. I said sure, why not. He sent me the reel within a few days and I was able to spool it utilizing the Piscifun line spooler which I thought was a great tool. First impressions of the Honor 40 was pretty good, it definitely felt like a reel that was constructed with care. It was heavy and that as of now is my only concern, weighing in at a little over 11 ounces, I don’t recommend it for artificial use but it would make for a great live bait reel, especially considering it boasts a hefty drag of 22lbs. It closely resembles a Penn Battle, sturdy and hopefully durable. I have only been able to use the reel for a couple weeks so time will tell how it holds up in the harsh salt elements.
Here are some of the notable features and important specifications:

High strength graphite body
10+1 stainless steel ball bearings and one roller bearing
One way clutch system
Sealed carbon fiber drag
Precisely machined stainless steel gear shaft
Gear ratio: 5.1:1
Max drag 22.1lbs
Weight 11.32oz
Mono capacity 12/240 yards Braid: 14lbs of 280 yards

With only a $60.00 price tag, I’m very pleased with what the reel offers and recommend that you consider it when going to purchase a new reel. Have you used the honor reels? If so what are your thoughts? Are they durable? If you enjoyed this video, please like, share and comment. Thank you!

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JY Fishing says:

Thanks for sharing man. I bought one through your video. Man, it is super smooth like butter!

MrOmega855 says:

Excellent video Mr. Taylor… Please keep up the good work and keep the videos coming.

Farmington Archery says:

what is the name of that device you placed the reel on?

Master_Caster says:

I would go with a KastKing reel over pcisifun. In my opinion, the Sharky II can’t be beaten. Great reel greater price.

Michael Brito says:

Have you seen the Sharky IIs? Better/similar specs for even cheaper. I’ve got one and I love it…

paul hammond says:

I don’t see anything that makes it better than the Diawa Opus, though the Opus starts at a 4500 size. I paid $38 for two Opus, and have been really happy with them.

Alvin Wolfe says:

Very nice looking reel

halz7 says:

After watching your video I went ahead and purchased one. What a great quality reel. Very happy with it. Built and functions like reels costing 2 to 3 times as much. Thanks, Hal.

C.P Bagley says:

Wow brother lots of talk on this one I’m definitely a penn guy myself however I’m never apposed to trying something new. I’d really like to see how this holds up in the field. So let’s see some video of that in use. What’s it like fighting a fish, what’s it look like after being exposed to the elements? Great video as always!!

William Mawk says:

I would say that you did a nice job advertising this reel. It does look nice but the line on it appears to be very, very high poundage. As far as quality goes, take the reel to Alaska and catch about 200 large fresh chinook salmon and lets see how it holds up. If it is still like new at the end of the trip then we will claim that it is a very nice reel.

Elijah French says:

Hmmmmm. I like that “RILL” 🙂

Conner Grant says:

just another generic OEM reel great for beginners but just can’t compare to top companies

heath schwab says:

man love the red. but I can’t buy no more reels for me. I can only buy for big ‘n’ little fishers. but nice looking reel. god bless

David Milligan says:

Did you mean the 4000 ?

roan VomiTTo says:

Ok thx Whats ur advice for saltwater?

Gulp_Man102 says:

Nice video but the BG is the best reel ever. I know guys that have sold there 500$ shimano’s for them. They say it’s better!

Erik says:

Great video. Is this used just for saltwater?

Bentley Baker Outdoors says:

i have a video on this same reel! i love it its amazing and i only spent 45 dollars!

Piscifun says:

There is a FREE LINE promotion now, select Size variation, then you will see the details.

Makenzie Moore says:

Penn fierce is another good buy.

Fishing with Veterans Smitty says:

Would that be good for drop shots?

Vince Lanz says:

Another amazing one, the Okuma Ceymar.

Alan Brooks says:

Thanks for the video. I’m looking around for a new surf reel right now. So far my favorite is the updated Daiwa BG series. I like the 4500 which would compare closely with the Piscifun 5000 and the Piscifun is considerably less expensive.
What are your thoughts on the Daiwa BG vs the Piscifun?

D-Smooth Fishing TV says:

For $59 you can buy a Penn Fierce II, Saltwater ball bearings and it’s a work horse, I have seen reels on eBay for $20 with 12 ball bearings and those a cheap bearings and won’t last one year on Saltwater inshore fishing.

Jose Lucena says:

Hey Josh I like your product review you def did your homework keep up the videos and the reel does look good for the price.

Polyzenidas says:

is that the florida straits behind your house?

jslcharger says:

Looks a lot like the shimano stradic ci4+ reels.

sealtite87 says:

My buddy has a Piscifun baitcaster, it’s legit

Danny Gonzales says:

i have a question for you all guys what kind of spinning reel best for catfish like under 60$

Gavin Argabright says:

Been looking for a good spinning reel cheap

piaoliang says:

plastic chinese reel. a dime a dozen on ebay.

Michael Corleone says:

Can I use it for salt water fishing?

MB Adventures says:

I have too it is the Shimano Sienna 2500FD go get one and try it

SlamminSamiO says:

Man you need to look into a kastking sharky or orcas those reels put this one to shame. The sharky 2 is only like $40 and it’s waterproof

James Low says:

Have you ever used a kastking baitcaster?

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