How to Spool Up Your Spinning Reel Tangle Free

Here is how I like to put fishing line onto my spinning reels to get the least amount of line twists as possible. I use braided line and a few different brands of fluoro that are really low memory.

Power Pro Super Slick Braid

LFT Lures FluoroHybrid FH

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daniel gomes says:

1st view

Maddux Walters says:

What rod and reel is that?

Daniel Courtney says:

Thanks for the tip. I fish all open face and have the hardest time with line twist and backlash.

John Scully says:

You wanna give me one of those Curados?!?! +LakeForkGuy 

daniel gomes says:

How does flourocarbon handle spinnign reels

No name says:

Straight forward ,no bull I like it. Now onto to respool my pole I meant fishing pole

sad hvacman says:

Logo up isn’t always right in order to get it counter clockwise off the spool. Which is what you want. Reel is facing the spool and spinning clockwise. Therefore, the line should come off the spool counter clockwise. You are right, but logo up doesn’t always guarantee the right direction, although it is supposed to. Some line mfg’s get it wrong.

crazy cotton says:

That was def needed thanks

mkallen56 says:

hi, i am using monofilament line and i have done it backwards and forwards and upside down and i still get tangles out the wazoo. any suggestions?

Hunter Robbins says:

If your going to use braid for a spinning reel could you or should you use backing?

537VIK says:

can you do a video on how your tying the loop knot

Wandering Druid says:

I am confused, @1:08 you say spool up, @1:32 you say spool down.

LeadMunitions says:

Is that a Stella i see strapped to that rod!! 

Greer Beasley says:

what pound test braid do you use for spinning rods

gripNslip says:

By eliminating the twist in the line on your spool, instead you’re creating twist in the line when it launches off the spool. As you all know there is no “no twist” when it comes to a spinning reel. A spinning reel inherently has twists in its line and you cannot eliminate that twist. All you can do is to prevent it from awaking from its slumber and kicking in by feathering, tensioning, manual-closing the bail, etc. And actually it is better to have twist in the line on your spool than off the spool, ofc given that the line is spooled under proper tension. Daiwa has taken this theory to the extreme and they even recommend users to spool their spinning reels with TwistBuster feature the same way they’d spool their conventional reels to ensure that all the twists are on the spool not off the spool.

Micheline Mimi says:

thx !!! that was very usefull !!!! i had problems with tanggling up lines … ..very good explanation !! =) looking forward to see more of your tricks /..

LeadMunitions says:

I got a closer look…not so much:}

Soulrider2012 says:

Whether you have the spool of line standing up  vertically (or on some sort of peg) or have it laying down flat on a table, horizontally, couldn’t possibly make any difference.  The line is still coming off the spool the same way.  The ONLY thing I can think of that would make a difference and effect or cause line twist as far as the orientation of the spool when loading line would be which SIDE of the spool the line is coming off of.  The line has a natural twist to it or a “memory” from having been on the spool so you want to try and match that to the way it’s going on the reel.  So, the comment about watch for line twist and flipping the spool OVER seems valid but whether you have the spool standing vertical or laying down flat makes no difference.  Either way the line is still coming off the same side of the spool (until you flip it over and cause it to come off the other side).

Rocky Fry says:

Have zero problem with baitcaster, tried spooling spinner today, nearly ran over the reel with my truck.
whenever I’m done spooling and let go of the tension the ENTIRE line jumps off the spool and tangles.

Charles Young says:

Do a baitcaster next

Doughbodyboy says:

i put it through all the eyes and set the spool on the floor. hold the tip of my rod next to almost touching the spool and while i reel it on it spins on the ground on its side. works well!

Jon Thomas says:

I came across your channel not even a month ago and have already watched over 60 videos…fishing freak!

PLEASE do a video on spooling a baitcaster, I would love to hear your input on when to use what line, and how you specifically spool braid.

You’re the man, keep it up! God bless

Ryan Mozisek says:

I see some kind of line spooling station to the left of your computer. How do you go about putting line on bait cast when theres nobody to hold the spool?

Preston Ray says:

What’s on your wall that you have baits hanging on

Sword Lord says:

I spool a spinning reel the same as I do a casting reel. Spool vertical with the line coming off straight at you with good tension. Problem with this method is the trying to keep good tension on the line the whole time you’re spooling. You need that tension as it will fill the spool tight and a bit of stretch keeps the twist out and reduces memory. Loose spooling is the first step towards twist. When you’re fishing…..does the line come in counter clockwise? No….it comes in straight.

limirl says:

My line got seriously tangled up while spooling it started off just fine with no twists. I cannot get them out at this stage should I just cut the line and join the already spooled line to what’s left on the new spool with a blood knot?

SmallTownBigVlogs says:

Plz help every time i put on my flu line and i flip the bail and like 10 feet will come of plz help

Rylee Kadish says:

i always put clear tape on my knot so its much more harder to pull off.

OutdoorAdventures says:

Very helpful thanks

Jay Franklin says:


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