How To Select A Spinning Fishing Reel

How To Select A Spinning Reel

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There are so many spinning reels out there. Different brands, color, materials, and features. But the essential parts are all coming to do spool, rotor, body, and internal materials.


Charsept says:

Daiwa D Spin 500 is one of my favourite reels to use.

PBS #007 says:

great video please recommend a 30-40 lbs for both salt water and fresh water

Bryan Bree says:

Did I miss something ? He never acknowledged the manufacturing name for any of these reels????

Sr_Og says:

vanstall or penn enough said every reel on there cant beat those two

Issa 1 says:

what u recon on the gladiator titan 6500?

Alexx Ramirez says:

i started fishing with a cheap $40 rod and reel Shakespeare combo.. it lasted about 2 years before the reel broke.. by that time i already had 4 more rods and decided to buy a penn spinfisher v 4500 reel for $120.. it was alot compared to the cheap shakespear combo but i totally noticed the difference in quality and materials.
dont get me wrong. i love my new reel but i also caught plenty of fish with the cheap rod including a halibut.. i just wanted a decent reel that would last and perform. penn is a good brand. I think I will buy a Daiwa saltist reel next..

Zerkon says:

mine is anti reverse

Brianyl Mapa says:

ive got the ecooda volt combo because it was on sale at tackleworld and i think its pretty decent actually,i dont know about purchasing it online or how their customer service works but the reel and rod stood up pretty good,its a 2500 model and ive caught breams,flatheads,perch, and a decent trevally with it,its been 8 months with me now and still have no issues,and I fish like 3 times a week or more on saltwater,I do clean it up after every trip though and give a good grease and oil once in a while,I’ve got abu garcia,shimano,penn spinfisher,and its really not that far behind from any of em,so thats why Im giving this reel a fair review,because people tend to judge it based on where its made,its popularity,or the crappy customer service,i do admit its marketing sucks,and i dont think you could order spare parts for it,but its been a good setup for me and this is just my 2 cents,try it out for yourself.

king says:

Can I have that black reel

Roxy Dowding says:

what do you think of the Mitchell pro 300? I will be using this reel for catfish and bass and some trout. Thank you.

tom bidwell says:

pure fishing bought all of the real companies they have just gone downhill. pure fishing bought the name of all of these companies and reduced the quality and standards with cheaper parts

arash dsaasr says:

All made in China!

tom bidwell says:

pure fishing bought all of the real companies they have just gone downhill. pure fishing bought the name of all of these companies and reduced the quality and standards with cheaper parts

djmrnelson says:

that black one looks so sexy.  lol  love it.

No Name says:

never heard of any of those brands

alTreezy! アル トリージー!! says:

LOL those reels are CRAP!! sorry… don’t waste your money, go buy a cheap Shimano if you don’t wanna spend the $

Shae Rigir says:

I live in Alberta Canada, there isn’t a ton of different fish variety in my Province. I used to fish a little when i was younger and not i am just getting back into it. Anyone have recommendations on a rod for Lake fishing Pike and Walleye? I might go west and fish the occasional Trout but Pike and Walleye are the two main fish groups in the lakes near where i live.

Brian Yeung says:

Thanks for the info!

Thystaff Thywill says:

If your gonna go cheap, then get a zebco. I used them for years with no issues. Just grease the gears.

ToniTheBoss says:

What is the most durable reel you can think of?

lmntrix xendre says:

hey eposeidon
I want a medium fishing reel?
according to your video which one would be the best for me and which and which rod will be suitable for your recommended fishing reel

Anime4 Mii says:

I figure it out
The metal ball weighted is meant to cast it out far thanks

Mohamed Bernoussi says:

hello is the shimano sienna 4000fe good for saltwater inshore with just 1+ball bearings and 5.2.1 GR . thanks

thehegt Tr says:

you should show the model of the reel when you talking about it , so me and the people who watching the video go and buy it .

Bill Gilmore says:

What was the black spinner real? Anyone know?!

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