How to Re-spool a Spincast Reel

Casey Davidson demonstrates how to properly re-spool a spincast reel, and gives many tips along the way.



joshb729 says:

Bought my daughter a Shakespear Ladyfish Spincast and the thing got tangled so bad the second time out that it’s practically useless and impossible to repair. The line is tangled all around the top part and you can’t get to it. What a waste of money.

John Bailey says:

Thank you for using a line large enough to see.

John Bailey says:

Good video. Straight to the  point.

zouaghi messaoud says:

Thank you, very helpfull and easy  i really need that

mojo jojo says:

another tip would be to never use braid in a spin cast reel. Stick with mono or fluorocarbon

Uretsky1 says:

See Bobby Talbert’s comment below. Anybody know “what direction or orientation the line spool should be in as the line is being spooled off of it”?

foreverbekahful says:

I REALLY appreciate finding an instructional video done by a pro that doesn’t say “um” every other word. Your video was easy to understand, the instructions were solid and the instructor was easy to listen to. Thank you very Much!!

jose roberto de tilio says:

thanks love you video um abração do bijú Jaú São Paulo SP

Micah Dickens says:

Shakespearefishingus have you ever tried braid on a trigger reel if so does it work

Will P says:

can u use a 8 pound line on a four pound line reel

Bobby Talbert says:

You leave out one of the most important things and that is what direction or orientation the line spool should be in as the line is being spooled off of it..

Monsterbaby says:

Thanks, you explained it very well.

Mason says:

Waaaay to complicated. I got my penis caught in the line about halfway in.

MyTheboss21 says:

Mine don’t spin to open Idk how to open mine it’s a synergy steel 75 yards 10lb

Uretsky1 says:

Never mind my question below, I found the answer: Lay the filler spool on the floor so the line comes off the spool the same way it goes on your reel.

Ashley Lister says:


Ben Minus says:

thanks, love you videos

Harold Cale says:

thank you for the info and like to know what if I put a 20lb test on what should be used at 10lb test. ? think it will be okay.. ?

CYaN1c1oWN says:

Very helpful and easy to understand… Thanks!

icuabc 123 says:

Where does the spool lay , clockwise or counter clockwise. Ass bite.

Queen Day says:

I have a 15 lb synergy will 30 lb work on here

Kiara Crisostomo says:

i guess im deaf

foxworthyk says:

I have a synergy 1402 Ti that the pins come out when reversing the handle and retreating when reeling in. I have tried reversing the handle but still doesn’t work properly. Is there way to have the pins come out on retrieve and pins (2)?

Bret .Frankman says:

Not a good tutorial. Didnt understand how to tie it. Way too fast

TeleWacker says:

I am 67 and have been fishing all my life. I haven’t fished much in 25 years but I am having lots of trouble re-spooling my spincast reels today. The line keeps twisting and tangling. Help

Livereater00 says:

he over-complicated his knot… 1) 3 square knots to initially secure the line to the reel. 2) reel the line in snuggly until it’s full. done.

Mike Bailey says:

use the arbor knot to tie onto reel. damn he didn’t even show how to spool w/o line twists.

Joee Perez says:

Thanks I got it

Joshua DiBari says:

Thanks awsome video

jaedbl67 says:

You have to wind the line from the new spool with the spool in the correct position or you will get a lot of twist; very important.

William Macias says:

Thank u really useful !!

Amir Shahril says:

Hello team Shakespeare,
i want to ask a question. I have an old spinning reel it is Banax SX4000. Whenever im putting a new line to it, the line become twist and the machine didnt have any problem as i know. May i know what are the real problem about the reel? pls help me

Damean Burkey says:

Thank you it was informative!

lol nope says:

I purchased a two and a half foot pole as a joke a year or two ago, attempted to use it, and was utterly dissapointed when the reel was not only the crappiest I’ve ever used, but made of the cheapest nastiest plastic. I put that pole away, until now. I’d recently dug up my old supplies, figured out that this thing still existed, and thought, “You know, this might be fun to try and restore.” I ended up going back to my old stash, finding a slightly less cheap Shakespeare child’s reel, because that’s the only thing that would fit, and cleaned both rod and reel up. I started to watch this tutorial, because I mostly work with spinning reels, and not spincasters, did everything correctly, except that when I started to reel, the line would not wind around the center piece to be re-spooled. i tried doing what this very helpful guy said at least three times, and still had the same problem. I need to know why this is happening, but it’s not urgent because this was a basket case anyway. If anyone with answers knows, can you comment some tips on how to fix it below?

niceuser1234 says:

Nice and clear

NG B says:

Ugh … I’m getting nothing but a tangled mess!!  I did not know that I might need to pay attention to the way the line came off the spool (ground floor rookie here), so I don’t know how to place the new spool of line!  I think the old line came off counter clock wise.  I THINK!  I’ve watched this video about 6 times and if it is said how to place the new spool, I’m not finding it.  I’ll flip the new spool and see if there’s any improvement.

teresa easley says:

Thank you it was easy and informative!

CaymenWhy says:


Ballad of Janine says:

Somebody got it right. Thanks!

Bobby Talbert says:

Your video was incomplete. You should have shown the posistion of the line spool as the line was coming off the spool.

Steve szmuc says:

It worked! Thank you!

Fightingfish keeper says:

it doesn’t work on mine.

XboxMLGProGamer says:

I can’t take off the cover

DildoSwaggins says:

get a baitcaster and fish braid, easiest thing ive ever done

jddl82 says:

Perfect, thank you! I’d thrown two spin cast reels/ poles out after getting frustrated that they wouldn’t cast right anymore, probably just needed to be re-spooled…

Robert Rodd says:

That second knot he tied was a Granny knot, not an Overhand Knot. Either will work, but what he forgot to mention is that unlike the first Overhand Knot, the second one loops around the standing line.

Joe Brann says:

make a spincast that braided line can be used on.

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