How to Cast a Spinning Reel/Rod – For Beginners

In this video demonstration, I show you how to cast a spinning reel/rod. This is great for beginners or anyone who wants to perfect their cast, utilizing spinning tackle. Before learning how to cast, I recommend learning the fundamental terminology of the reel, such as the bail, drag dial, crank and gear ratio.

The bail is what allows you to release line from the reel; it also oscillates evenly to add the line back to the reel.
The drag dial allows you to adjust drag tension.
The crank or handle is what you will turn to retrieve your line.
The reel gear ratio is what determines how fast the line is retrieved, higher gear ratios are faster.

Next you want to open the bail and place your index or trigger finger on the line like I showed in the demonstration. You then want to have 6-8 inches of line hanging from your rod tip to your lure. If it is much longer, your casting accuracy will suffer drastically. Point your rod at the intended target and pull the rod back or load the rod and cast in the direction of your target while releasing the line from your finger. If the lure shoot in the air, you released too soon, if it fly’s down by your feet you held on to long. Don’t worry, practice a little and you will get the hang of it in no time. If you enjoyed this video, please like, share and subscribe. Thank you!

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Mata Kail says:

even the basics i have to hear from you josh. very informative !

Crystal Arnold says:

Two fingers in front and two in back is usually how I hold mine too. Great video for beginners!

Felix Scootz says:

Nice vid thanks for the help!!!

Rick Bleda says:

Wow thanks for the tip about closing the bail manually. I always used the handle and started retrieving my bait

Chris Canning says:

Awesome Video, Josh! Great for people that are just getting into fishing!

MrLatwian says:

Could you help me out, I’m a beginner, and a neighbour gave me 2 fishing rods with spinning reel’s, I cast the bait over my right shoulder, but the line tangles up in the reel and I need to cut the line…

Duke 9184 says:

do a rod n reel arsenal

MrTully41 says:

Great casting tips

Nimrod says:

Great video thanks mate

Xeyz says:

dude thanks a lot i needed this video

Marlene Hall says:

Hi I like to know how to real a fish in. I don’t if you have a vedio out it but so can u tell where I can it. Thanks

rodellah says:

Thank you! This is just what I was looking for…really appreciate how clear you are.

Furious Lion says:

Thx I know every other kind cast aside the rolling that will help lot with try get under tight places

Johnny Que says:

great tips! thanks for sharing 🙂

Drink Me says:

What if you don’t want to reel it in with your left hand?

the NA clan says:

Hi I am 12 years old and just got a fishing rode 2 weeks ago it was us full to know how to do it keep it up☺

makeminefreedom says:

I just purchased a spinning reel. This is the video I was looking for. Your instructions are very clear. I am left handed and have to adapt but that is not a problem. I found that holding the reel between my two middle fingers works best for me as well. Thank you for making this video. I really appreciate it.

Patricia Smith says:

what is the brand reel you have

Today's Situation - Rich Walker says:

another awesome vid

Alty says:

I put two huge worms on my hook and try to cast and the shit goes like 5 feet and all my line falls off the spool…. wtf

Adventures with my bros says:

like it man

Matthew Willis says:

great video!

C.P Bagley says:

Joshua this exactly why I watch your channel. I like the educational stuff even if it’s something I already know it’s great to have something confirmed. Thank you.

Berthold Edmund says:

Thank you, this is very informative to first timers.

Felix Scootz says:

Are you based in the U.K.?

Adrian chaconne says:

This video was very helpful. Thanks man !

Alex Register says:

great tips

Big O! says:

Very informative. I need to learn that roll cast to get under the mangroves. Keep em coming!!

Johnny Kim says:

looking for a 2nd spinning reel setup. already have a 7ft medium. What spinning reel setup should I get next? medium heavy? medium light?

Cream says:

Lmao you ran out of ideas so you make this crap video?

Edward Zamora says:

ive just recently got into fishing and I’ve been having so much trouble casting and it never dawned on me to watch these videos 3 fishing trips to big bear and 1in salt water, all casting disasters couldnt get it out at all kind of started buming me out. but i will definitely be practising this more often… thanks alot for this.

Rena Larson says:

I like this video

Ed SheeranVEVO says:

thumbs up

Robert MTB says:

A right handed person fishes a spinning reel with the rod in the right hand and the reel in the left?

actionjacksoncole86 says:

Thank you man, helped a lot!

Luca and Orlando fishing says:

Stuff this i broke my rod because of this

Stephanie Taylor says:

I like to have two fingers in front and two fingers behind the reel, it feels the most comfortable for me. Another great how to video, keep them coming!

Dino Harrison says:

Definite thumbs up Josh. Hopefully you can help get more people into fishing.
They will LOVE it. Out with nature!

Rowan Sparks says:

This was so helpful, thank you.

Jose Lucena says:

Hey Josh keep up the vids by the way what’s a good combo for top water lures

Mr.Skinks says:

When should we release our index finger?

Mike Henderson says:

Thanks, it’s always good to review the basics.

Blanca Hernandez says:

i liked your video!!! I’m 11 years old and i live in California and i always overhand cast my spinning reel

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