How Good Is A $40 Fishing Reel?? (Put to the test)

In this video I put a $40 reel to the test and see just how good it is! If you want to see more videos like this make sure to hit that like button! New? Subscribe and help me reach 300K Subscribers!!

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Jenna Zaunbrecher says:

How did you learn to cast overhead

Al Perry says:

Saw this on amazon earlier today, thanks for the testing..

Jay Stroble says:

brandon stop letting your fish touch the ground when ypu bank fish, youre taking off the fishes protective slim coat

Eric Martin says:

what is the rod you use called

Andrew Cameron987 says:

Could you put a bait caster reel on a spinning rod

Ethan Kelly says:

Affordable… Zebco 202 (5$) has been kicking bass

Love2Wander says:

Just getting into fishing this helps thank you for sharing new to your channel

Whitney Means says:

just get a kastking speed demon good quality reel and at 65$ you can’t go wrong

Mason Green says:

Brandon. A trick to use when tuning baitcasters. Don’t even tighten the spook tension. Just keep that all they way loose and solely use brakes. It greatly improves you casting distance.

Christian Flores says:

The cheap chinese oem baitcasters offer more bang for your buck compared to budget options from bigger companies. Thats because shimano daiwa and lews like to reserve more features for their higher priced reels, as a result their budget reels are lacking. These chinese companies come along then offer, shielded bearings, brass gears, doyo braking, bearing supported main gears and etc. Id say that honestly the manufacturer sets the quality not the country of origin, good job piscifun

Sam Glass says:

dude i am 11 and this will help me so much thanks!

Zubair Rushin says:

Thanks for the tips J, would you recommend this reel for saltwater fishing as well? I’m back I’m Cape Town South Africa

Chris Scott says:

I have three of them….and I tournament fish with them

the cast master says:

I literally bought that reel like a minute before I watched this video not knowing it would be on this vid

Brant McLaughlin says:

He doesn’t compare it to a 400 dollar reel

vicky moncrief says:

Da beginning though XD i love fishing keep up the good work 😀

vicky moncrief says:

Also I’m 9 and use super expensive ones cause I go fishing a lot :/ good vids though

PR says:

I fished for my whole life in the uk. In the uk we never really use baitcaster and I never saw one until 2016 on YouTube. After that I was looking for a baitcaster setup. I would look everywhere and I never found one for an affordable price. Until the beginning of 2018 where i found one for £8 ($10) which I thought was too good to be true but when it came it looked amazing with a hydro dipped red carbon fiber and it had all the extras like tension settings and magnetic breaks. Which I was surprised about and I didn’t catch anything on it until may when I went to the beach and caught two sea bass On it which where around 2-3lbs.

EastTexasFishing says:

I’ve been wanting the lewsTP1 with a lews Mach crush

Grant Anderson says:

Just buy an abu black max

Edgardo Salas says:

what camera do you use for your videos

Shawn Wilson says:

Have you ever used pfluiger reels I love mine very well made.

johnreallime says:

The reason it’s blue it’s probably because it has True Blue Pond Dye for Lakes, Ponds and Lagoons True Blue Lake & Pond Dye is a proprietary blend of environmentally friendly, nontoxic, water-soluble dyes formulated to reduce sunlight…

William Jack says:

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Peter Griffin says:

It is literally impossible to catch a fish in Finland.

john doe says:

the bass are the same size… youre just growing so the bass got smaller as your grew. lol

Golf Foxtrot Yankee says:

it’s the lunker’s TV wannabe !

addicted_ bowhunter says:

Really appreciate this video. Considering I’m a spinning real guy. But I want to get a bait caster and try one out,and not have to pay the big price tag or get some super old one at a garage sale. Thanks!!

Max Wilson says:

Has anyone, other than me, ever wondered why when someone reviews a reel, they spin the handle about 500 times. It must have something to do with the Fidget Spinner phenomenon or something. Surely by the time the handle spinning is over we can draw the conclusion that the reel is not locked up. What else?

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