Fishing Reels: Spinning VS Baitcasting

Theres lots of fishing reels on the market, in this video we cover the pros and cons and go over some basics of both the spinning and casting reel!
Bait Caster VS Spinning Reel


Fredy Drawz says:

I grew up who spinning rels

Southern Ontario Fishing says:

I use three different size spinning reels for everything. A buddy of mine only uses baitcasters

Dewey Cash says:

I checked out your channel and subbed. I have a channel also, please​ check me out and sub back. Thanks

snaves4 says:

I live in Minnesota (most fish in summer) only use spinning rods. I use from an ice fishing rod to a 10- foot rod. I have no problem landing 28 inch plus northerns or 16 inch bass or 1 liter bottle size crappies with them. Might not be trophies but good size fish. Mostly use a shimano 7- foot rod with a quatum reel with 20- lb spiderwire. Does occasionally get a tangle though. Always wanted to try baitcasters but have no plans on changing. Practice makes perfect!

Brandon Ruleau says:

never had a problem with a spinning reel with braid with mono line is different though

Carlos Feliciano says:

thanks for the info

Oscar Velasquez says:

I would recommend braid on everything when you first learn to fish. When I first started it seemed I was getting caught on anything and everything. I lost most of my lures and I almost just gave up on fishing. Then I discovered braid and would get back all the lures that would get stuck. slowly I went to other lines and hardly get stuck anymore. It pays to have braid at first.

James Brennan says:

there’s no “overall” preference for me. I use both setups. used a spinning reel for many years, even for stripers in the oceans and never had a problem with it not being “heavy duty”. I gauge which rod/reel To use on lakes based on my choice of lure, and where I am casting. Baitcaster is by far better for a nice side pitch under some tree branches, and heavier weighted lures, and my 4 yr old spinning set up is great for bombing out lightweight baits like small topwaters and plastic worms… to each their own, as long as you know what you’re doing, anything can kick ass.

Abigail Sockeye says:

seems gay

TheWildernessGuide says:

He starts off mislabeling the baitcast reel as “closed face.” Closed face means the type of spinning reel has a cover over the spool.

Coolride17 says:

Baitcasters are fantastic, when you get the hang of them. I’m at a point I know where to set my clutch, just by the wind in my face. Casting into the wind is going to be your toughest challenge. This argument is like a bicycle, and a tricycle. They both work, but it takes more to stay up on two wheels until you get used to it. The it’s more compact, lighter, and faster. LIke what you said about thumbing it too. After your good at it, you should be able to drop your lure right where you want it within about 6inches.

Five Neddos says:

Spinning reel much better because if you caught a big fish it doesn’t snap easily

J.L Hoffy says:

I prefer baitcasters but use both. Baitcasting reels are better for more advanced fishing techniques and presentation.

ineedmondayoff says:

I own and like both but the only reel downside to the bait caster is you have to adjust the drag every time you switch baits and or lures. Makes it kind of a pain.

Blaine Williams says:

Spinning reel

Bill Sutherland says:

I grew up with a Zebco 404, but now use spinning, casting and a fly rod when chasing bass on the surface.

Captain Jacque says:

An open spinning reel is ez 2 use, its a good start 4 d beginners n baitcasting is quite complicated especially 2 prevent ‘bird nest’ but technically speaking, it is tougher..!

Captain Slappywacks says:

I was raised on spinners and don’t really rememeber not using them. Tried bait casters a few times and the backlash made me shy away. I see tons of people using them and I’m thinking about giving it another shot but as of now I have different spin caster setups from ultralights for crappie and blue gill, to bass rods, and catfish rods. Most of mine have mono on them and I never have an issue with line twist and I’ve also caught catfish in the 20 pound range on them no problem. Seen much bigger cats caught on them too. That line twist is probably from not spooling the line onto the reel in the right direction when you set it up. Otherwise you shouldn’t have a problem

Patrick Connors says:

Thanks, great info.

Rowaniscool 123 says:

Bait casters are for rich people that have way to many lures like if you agree

Raymond Fernandes says:

spinning reel bro….the sound of that drag is awesome. ..

Olivers Raits says:

Boy in my country we use spinning reels for everything and when you say its for small fish i have caught a 17lb pike on it

Carlos Feliciano says:

thanks for the info

rodderboy2000 says:

i like both, toh spinning reels are more fun, tbh

outdoor adventures says:

bait cast is the best

Bass King says:

Practice makes perfect ! I love to fish at night with a spin cast rod for walleyes & during the day use my bait cast rod for bass pike etc…

melon country outdoors hunting fishing and trapping says:


zack stoner says:

I want to try the bait caster, there so expensive though. You can get a fair spinning reel and rod for $45. Any recommendations?

Dhhfhfdh Hdhdhdhd says:

baitcaster and spinning are tied with me.

Reel Nasty says:

Great video! I’m thinking about buying that same rod real combo thanks for the video. I just liked and subscribed to your channel. Keep up the good work and good luck fishing this season. If you get a chance check out my channel and subscribe I’m going to have weekly uploads on kayak fishing, fresh, salt water, and bait product reviews.

CJM-36104 says:

Bait caster


You can control your cast on spinning. You feather the line, thumb the spool wall, pinch the line

Bobby Cunningham says:

Next time you need to drop shot don’t use a spinning setup they are not for bass fishing

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