Fishing for Trout with a $15 Zebco 202 Combo!!! – RATW Ver. 2

Can you go fishing for trout with a $15 Zebco 202? Yes! Today I am fishing with the Reel Around The World Combo version 2. This is an inexpensive spincast combo from a store like Walmart, and that is part of the challenge. First I try for trout at a public pond in Nashville TN. There are a lot of people fishing there on a Wednesday morning. After fishing there for a while and not catching anything I decide to try for trout about 30 miles away. After nearly falling into the water I discover some power eggs on the ground. Eventually I end up using them and manage to catch two nice stocked rainbow trout! Now that I have christened this combo by fishing for, and catching a trout, its time to send it off to another youtube channel. It will be sent to Chaos Paddlers to see what he can catch with it.
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Mid Atlantic Fisherman says:

Some people are pigs and ruin fishing holes for other people. It makes no sense for all that trash. The state has closed several fishing locations in Delaware because of that.

huttonista dav says:

I caught a Zebco 202 recently.
What started out as a wad of line, ended up being a Zebco 202 combo..
Covered in mud and muck, it looked hopeless.
Cleaned and lubed, it works like a champ.
Nice vod

rob mecklenburg says:

The bait you used is real close to a fly called an egg sucking leech. If I’m fishing stocked trout they go in the frying pan.

Heat Filter says:

First time seeing your videos. You have a striking resemblance and way of talking to Eric The Car Guy… I have a Zebco 202 in gold that I found on the bank of my local lake. Good review.

Placebo Joe says:

Would love to see you try light tackle sometime. Seems you mostly horse in everything you catch. Would appreciate it if you’d try when you can, thanks for the entertainment.

Froggington Post says:

Hahahaha I had your intro on the apple TV on last night’s movie’s volume settings. UNACCEPTABAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAALE!!!

J.T. Cooper says:

Rainbow trout fishing is what I know best. Lived in New Mexico for 10 years. Zebco 33’s all the way. Still got my omega 33 from 1977.

Jerome Gagnon says:

that zebco 202 is my reel of choice when i go in ruff woods to find creeks and bends in small stream. its cheap, get the job done and when you’re in branches, the line is safe INSIDE the reel. they are like bic lighters, use em and trow em away.

Buckeye Basser says:

I know everyone keeps mentioning Uncle Steve, I loved his videos. To answer the questions, he has another channel hes been uploading on and seems to be doing well! They aren’t fishing videos but still nice to see him. Its SteveAB4EL

Josh Green Adventures says:

That intro made me laugh haha. Great catches under that bridge brotha and thanks for supporting me on my other channel, Half Black Gamer, I appreciate it. Thumbs up my dude!!!!

Jguarino Fishing and outdoors says:

Ever caught a rainbow trout on a senko?

Andres Garcia says:

Those reels r pretty goood ,push button kind r fun to use

Handberrydea says:

Nice bows


So slimy that’s what she said hahaha been holding off on watching videos just cuz it makes me depressed I’m not out fishing 🙁

Eddie Watson says:

The zebco 202 was my very first rod and reel combo that brings back so many good memories thank you please keep the great videos coming

Ian V says:

This is me.


Nice video, nice fish, i SUB, you can sub back

Virginia Bassin' says:

Best intro of any video you’ve ever done. Hands down. LOL!

Octavio Fuentes says:

the intro was lit hahhaha good one

AWH says:

back in 1974 my dad got me a 202 setup, i caught my first bass on it 2 days later when he and my grandfather to me to the lake. it was a 3 lb large mouth on the 202 setup with a yellow and black rooster tail . still have the lure but sadly the reel and rod got wore out and broken over the years. ya never forget the first fish you ever catch

Syed Razzaq Ahmed Shah says:

Would like to see some catch and cook videos.

Athao Thao says:

nice fishing combo ratw

Last Cast Fishing # says:

Dude !!! That reel is great for those Goliath grouper

Marc Pipistrello says:

The Zebco 202 combo was my first setup. After it went sideways I went to the Zebco 33, which was a bit more rugged in those days. Such memories.

drifttrash37 says:

Realistic uncle Steve!!!

Joe Madden says:

The 202 isn’t a very good reel(I’ve always used Zebco reels).Mine lasted about a year but it was $19.99 CDN for the combo. I did catch quite a few fish on it(small,large,crappies,pumpkinseed, perch, rock bass etc). I replaced it with a $10 Zebco JWseries. 2 years later, still catching fish with it:) $20 combos do work.

Ivans Fishing Videos says:

Nice turn out!

Al Gomez says:

Hello boys and girls of all ages, uncle, sounds like another fisherman who uses affordable reels hehehehhahah

Aaron Nelson says:

Weekend warriors kill me and trash F&*&%#$ sick! What really sucks come chrome season following humans runs!! Loved the Intro cheers brother fish Onnn!

gary m says:

LOL be careful of the tree awww I’m in the tree Classic been there many times hope many more get the rod Great Video Cheers!!! :))

brickey mark says:

i was wondering what size text line the 202 has?

The Bass Factory says:

Love this, I just subscribed. I just did a video on teaching kids to fish the other day and I bought the same setup for my son. Good videos keep them coming.

BassGeek says:

The reel concept is pretty cool. I would say you should do a catch and cook with those but I don’t know if I would eat anything out of that river. hahaha

Oscar S says:

Cool video

XLITE Ninja says:

I can tell u like uncle steve i still do

Fishing with Jesus says:

You spoke it into to reality bobber in the tree. Glad you didn’t fall into the water. The second one was nice.

Rodney's Fishing Adventure says:

congrats on the 12k subs!

Freedom Fighter Brandon Harris says:

What hooks are you using in this vid, its hooking them in their lips instead of being swallowed!!

Fishin N Stuff says:

When I was a kid I remember 202s were made pretty decent, thats what we used . I also remember in the mid 70s seeing some ppl using zebco 33s and my older brother saying they must be rich lol . That’s before they were called 33 classic they were just 33s back then , how things have changed huh

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