Fishing for Beginners – How to Cast a Spinning Reel

This is how to cast a spinning reel.


Andrew Levister says:

Thanks for this, I would feel bad but what if he’d whips the sucker full strength and accidentally let go

Egjack Palaeo says:

Push buttons get you in them hard to reach places tho

Regiblox Gamer says:

He said it like throwing a baseball
Me: so should I throw the rod in the sea

Tylor Buster says:

I haven’t fished since I was a kid, I just bought my license earlier this year and a cheap spinner reel. This helped me, I had the gist of it but this solidified my thoughts, thank you.

Apex is short says:

Thank you

Jake Heitzman says:

Thank you

Oscar Tv says:

i really just tryed what u said helped alot thanks very helpful

The Iland says:

Push buttons are just as good as any spinning reel. When my bro was 9 years old he got a 25 lb salmon with a so called “push button for babies “.

Elvin Toroy says:

wow! thanks for the’re the BEST!

Chris Thomas says:

I found this really helpful thank you

burgerboy does some shit says:

thank you so much!

Elliot Mowat says:

Really helpful

kalim khan says:

What this name this rod

Ben D. says:

Thank you! Just got a spinner rod, never used one before so this was really helpful.

Turtle Neck says:

33 used to be the best

Soumila Rajiah says:


jonathan simental says:

Thank you this was very helpful!!

Greg King says:

ok, what am I doing wrong;  sometimes when I cast the line flips all the way up to the rod and catches the metal loop

David Ehlers says:

Flukemaster, when my son was 3 I gave him a 4′ long ice rod (Wright & McGill Power Ice Finesse Fishing Rod) with a cheap ice fishing spinning reel. (after a dock demon broke on his first cast ever) I spooled it with 10lb berkley nanofil (however I am currently changing everything over to sufix nanobraid). That little rod and reel casts better than some of my older rods. He picked it up (casting it) quick. I just broke it down into steps and in no time he was casting very well with it. Works a heck of a lot better than a “kids” combo. He has since moved up to bigger rods (he is currently 6).

Scott Miller says:

What’s the best way to use a light weight lure to get long casts using an open face reel?

RyanPlays says:

what rod is that?

jouxpane says:


Rie Kaede says:

very helpful video… thank you…

Darren Clark says:

Flukemaster after wasting around $100 on spincast reels, I have seen the light. I made the switch to spinning reels for catfish and gar. To me spincast reels can only be good for bream fishing

Gentleman Shooter says:

I like my Zebco 33. Nothin childish about it.

Sjohns25313 says:

i cant cast a spinning reel worth jack. Can sling a baitcaster a mile, but spinning reels have always given me problems. i usually just grab the line above reel and then kind of underhand pitch it.

Daniel Velasquez says:

I’ve lived on Long Island my whole life and I have never been fishing. Thanks for the great video!

Artty 1975 says:

Excellent! Thank you for all this. I’m a beginner and your channel has helped me tons.

william harkins says:

new subscriber,i havent fished since i was a kid and all i ever used is the old fashioned push button reel, and never fished for anything besides catfish. i am hoping to learn allot

Heat_Wave_ 2 says:

Thanks so much

I am not a boy or girl says:

I’m using fishing rods like this I new to fishing

Thx for the tip

Chris Stroot says:

I truly appreciate your videos. I am what i refer to as a 1st Generation sportsman. Nobody taught me how to do all of this when i was a kid like they should have. Looking forward to more. If i might request i would love a video on how to cast with minimal splash.

Towfiq Omar says:

the video was helpful.thanks for the video.

Maverick says:

Thanks for making this video my uncle is teaching me how to be country and he told me to look this up it help a lot

Matt Ray says:

Last hunting trip I went on, we did some pond fishing (catch and release). I got laughed at and called an idiot because I didn’t know how to cast out. Pretty embarrassing.

Thanks for the first steps on getting going so I can handle business next time I’m out there

FluffyNudles says:

Lol I haven’t gone fishing in a while so I forgot how to cast

Rafael Rodriguez says:

Thanks first time to watch one of your videos and th air good and really helped me I subscribed

Alex Bermudez says:

Thank you sir! Extremely helpful and easy to understand. One question, what rod do you recommend for saltwater fishing? I’m a beginner and I’m wondering on what I should buy

Gregory White says:

Awesome video. Very relaxed and concise instructions. My son and I are going fishing tomorrow and we watched this video together! Please keep up the good work!

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