Daiwa – Casting Closed Face Reels

Spincast tackle, also know as closed face reels, are very user friendly. They’re great for all ages, especially children with their trouble free casting after just a little practice. Shannon Watson from Daiwa Australia gives a brief ‘how-to’ to get you going.


James Ritchie says:

That is not the correct way to cast a closed face reel.   Regardless of reel type, wrist action is what makes good, long distance casts.  With a closed face reel you must have the handles pointing upward, and the release button pointing to your left when you cast.  This allows your wrist to bend twice as far, and transfers power to the spine and tip of the rod.  Many complain about not being able to cast very far with closed face reels, but the problem is not with the reel, it’s with the user not knowing how to hold it when casting.  You can cast twice as far this way.  Sometimes even three times as far, with the right rod.

Tom Wells says:

That set-up is left handed for me – when I cast with my right hand and thumb its clumsy to switch hands like that – if you put the crank on the left you maintain right handed control of the rod and reel at all times – but that’s just me.

BigFred gaming show says:

yes i got one zebco 303 had it for 3weeks and its doing the same thing lol

brakie44820 says:

I been using spin cast for years..I also use open face spin cast but,prefer the feel and casting range of the Daiwa SC120A.

I use 10 pound test since it gives me several extra yards per cast..

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