Bill Dance ZEBCO Big Cat XT


Rodney Johnston says:

hi Bill Dan I’ve been watching your show forever I have been noticing that you’ve been slowing down I’m thinking the reason why time is catching up with you

kenneth adams says:

GOOD/GREAT to see ya Bill glad you did not go swimming.

Jeff m says:

would the heavy duty spincast reel work with the 10 foot casting rod that was mentioned?

Tim Austin says:

Bill Dance, national treasure!

Heritage Not Hate says:

The 500th subscriber right here!!!

Robert Saxell says:

Zebco are throw away reels they offer no replacement parts

Arch Stanton says:

I still have several older Zebco reels and I have them all cleaned up, lubed and ready to go. I’ve caught more on an old Zebco 33 than anything I have ever owned.

Danny BallsofDoom says:

Use a fucking net dumbass!!

kenneth adams says:

good seein ya Bill

Angela Ritchie says:

are them reels out for sale yet sir

illinois fishing says:

Awesome looking combo

Robert Williams says:

I see he used a different baitcaster what’s up with that?

Billy Trenary says:

It was good to see Mr Bill Dance fishing again. I miss him. From Nashville Tn.

Nathan Randall says:

Can’t beat the 808 boss hog combo I caught a 20 pound carp on it and many other big catfish and the best part is it’s just 30 dollars

Capt Dave's Sport Fishing says:

total bull…….never mentions the reel in his hand! between zebco, quantum, and fin-nor, these 3 lines of reels just DON’T have their marketing straight. That reel in his hand is NOT to be seen on their website. (catfisherman and tackle marketed to them) is a joke. Their website states: Braid Capacity 735/65#……those slow sloppy fish aren’t giant bluefin tuna’s!!! The new NOVA reel by Quantum is always out of stock, you send them a e-mail and they never reply, and as for the new Quantum NOVA being a new reel that seems great. There sure isn’t any YOUTUBE info on it. just some lame video of a guy casting, which won’t even reply to comments on his own Youtube channel…….if he’s a prostaff dude. Fire him! RANT OVER!

Idiot Vs Fish says:

Bill would put his name on a barbie rod if you gave him money for it. You can’t trust an endorsement if someone endorses everything regardless of its merit. It looses its value.

Chip Sammich says:

Damn looks like Dance gave up on catch and release.. Dudes been releasing to the grease Eating them cats lol

Jerad McCall says:

yeah- Bill you the man . looks like your at Nickajack – where’s Phil. to those haters posting Bill is the Chuck Norris of fishing punks – Bill doesn’t catch fish they hook themselves just to meet him-. as for you fools needing multi rods – 10 out at a time. please like u can reel more than one at a time and Bill cover more water and out fish u with one. sad part is I can too and if you watch Jeremy Wade he will tell you the same or go to the catdaddy of them all -Phil King. personal friend of Bill’s – Money doesn’t catch fish.

Okielawman says:

Zebco was cool when they were right here in Tulsa ok….just like a million other companies.  Move it to china, make it cheaper, sell it for more…Would not take a truck load of their crap for free.

Fish Tailz says:

Just curious why he wasnt using one of the reels?? Lol

Kip Oetter says:

What reel is he using in the video? It’s not the big cat xt baitcasting reel?

Derek Brown says:

bill sounds winded hope his health is good God bless you bill you are a huge inspiration to me

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