Best spinning reel for surf fishing

Penn Battle 2:

In this video, I’m comparing a few spinning reels that I use for surf fishing on the Oregon coast. The reels are from Shimano, Penn, and Pflueger.

I recommend the Penn Battle 2 4000 for surf fishing here on the Oregon coast. It’s about $100, and has the best value. I spool it with 20# braid and now becomes my go-to spinning reel for surf fishing.


Peter Chatman says:

Don’t be fooled, unless your devoted to “spinning” lures LOW GEAR RATIO is “POWER” which is good for large fish or big surf or high rocks!!!

warren duke says:

Great review. Thank you.

Thetruth99 says:

Penn reels are by far the most durable I’ve ever purchased. I lost a washer and a cap for my battle and it’s still smooth and can handle chinook

Orlos The Druid says:

Best long term value…Penn Z series spinning reels, HANDS DOWN, the best. Why? Simple, easy to clean and service, availability of parts, parts are made of Stainless steel and brass with carbon fiber washers.

In our family, we have a few that are pushing 30+ years old, used on the Gulf Coast for Redfish.

vsonic86 says:

what and why are you love T-handle knob so much?

Johnny Boy says:

Where is the shimano stradic fk?

Getting Bent With Bo says:

1st Comment!!! Super stoked for you and your channel PK, you deserve every single follower you have!

Emptypockets51 says:

Thank you Sir.

Hank Chinaski says:

Penn Spinfisher is a great bang for your buck real. picked up the 6500 for $86.00.

alby910 says:

Hi whats the difference between surf and saltwater reels Do SW have better drag and seals?

Chad Worley says:

Hey pk. How do u clean your reels after surf fishing. After I fished I rinsed them in fresh water. One seized up and the other didn’t. Any suggestions. Thanks

Dan Learned says:

PK.. can’t begin to tell you how helpful your videos have been for surf fishing here in So. Calif.  The rigging, lures and techniques are appreciated.About reels… I’ve had my best luck with the Penn Battle 2, 5000 series on an 8′ Penn rod combo spooled with 20 lb. Kastking Super braid.  So far very dependable, solid performance. Looking to upgrade and add casting distance I just mated a Kastking 4000 Sharky iii to a 10′ MH rod with a very light, fast tip and the newest Kastking 20 lb Super 9 braid.  This rod is rated for 2-6 oz weight but using only a 1/2 oz swimbait this combo easily cast close to 80 yards!!!   So, this could be a very versatile setup???I was wondering with your years of experience if you might try some of the new Kastking products, something a bit more affordable for us folks that struggle to justify pricier rigs??? The new ‘Sharky iii’ w/11 sealed salt water resistant bearings is also available in a bait caster version, both selling around $50.00. It would be interesting to see how these compare to the more expensive Penn, Daiwa and Shimano reels.  Your honest opinion might be instrumental get more people on the water to share our passion for surf fishing.

jumpjive3 jump3 says:

Hopefully I’ll see you at the tournament!

LTB pro darius says:

What brand of braid do you recommend?

Henry Duzan1 says:

Go hogs beat Oregon

KhmerHarry says:

Bong we use that shimano Ultegra for surf fish here in Florida for Pompano and whiting perfect size to cast pair up with 11 of 12ft surf rod with dropper loop with 4oz using clams or shrimps as bait

Mark Abolofia says:

The key to any of these low end reels is that they just don’t hold up in the salt. Do your best to keep them out of the water, rinse them after use, and they’ll treat you well over time. The good thing about the low end reels like the Sienna is that after a few seasons when they finally break down the $30 cost doesn’t break the bank.

sharon Yosef says:

Hi,have shimano stradic ci+4000xb.make the same noise as you do u fix this noise?is it from roller line bearing?

James Hurt says:

How do you maintain your reels? Are these reels specifically for saltwater environments?

Holden GTS86 says:

Only one is needed. Shimano ultegra ci4 14000xtb. 20kg of drag with plenty of line. 3 spools. $320aud.

Sweswio says:

I agree man penn battle 2 is just an awesome reel that doesn’t break the bank and is very versatile, you’re very wise and awesome video man

Louis Tran says:

As you already go with both stradic FK and CI4+, can you do me a favour by letting me know which one is better? The weight diferent is about only 50gr, so I would lean over the FK for the aluminum body. What do you think?

Nour Ali says:

Very nice reels I need one

Chris loafercreek says:

Thanks PK!

i_fish says:

That’s a lot of reels! If anyone wants to get a chance at a free reel, I have 3 reels for Giveaway on my channel – check it out. I also have a ton of reel reviews!
PK, I hope I get a chance to fish with you one day!

curtis huffstutler says:

I love my penn battle 2 6000 and 4000.

google user says:

You really need a sealed reel for the surf, since you get pounded by waves and sand gets on everything. The Penn Spinfisher is ideal for that. For a bigger reel, the Penn Slammer is also sealed.

Dan Learned says:

BTW…Kastking just announced a soon to be released line of Salmon/Steelhead rods selling for 1/2 or less than high dollar brand name rods.  Thought you might be interested??

130starfish says:

the problem is the ten foot rod ! Cabela’s stopped producing the trail

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