Best Fishing Reel Type – Spinning Vs Baitcasting Vs Spincaster Reels- Best Reel with Pros and Cons

Three main fishing reel types are the spinning reel (open-face), spin-caster reel (closed face), and bait-casting reel. All three reel types have their pros and cons, but for me, the spinning reel is the best all around reel for the money, durability, and casting distance.
Hope this video helps in you reel selection.

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jimmycher45 says:

I like open faced reels. I got really good with aim, avoiding snags. etc. I tried baitcasters, but I never really had a use for them, especially for river fishing. I don’t see them as necessary.

Justin Kleeberger says:

would a brand new Open faced reel work better than an old one? I want a spinning reel but i’m not sure if I could use it, i’v only practiced on old ones

MysticKnight38 says:

you can finger break with a spinning reel to

Diez Liezer says:


Payton F says:

baitcasters can cast way way farther than a spinning reel.

Thibeinn says:

Two more cons for spincast reels. One, if you get a tangle, you have to remove the outer cap (they unscrew), then remove a tiny nut to get the inner cap off to get at the tangle. If you happen to drop that tiny nut in the water, or in the grass and can’t find it, the spincast reel instantly becomes useless. Two, some of the internal parts are made of metals which easily corrode/rust thus those parts don’t last long.

Roxy Dowding says:

Hello i am just getting into fishing, i want to fish for bass as well as trout. I was wondering what reel and rod you would go with. I am looking at the Mitchell pro 300 or the pflueger president. Would you have any other recommendations? thank you for all your videos they are helping a lot

Ty Guy says:

Thank you for that video. It really helps. I just got a Ugly stick, and it has a Baitcaster on it, and every time I throw it out, it just makes a birds nest. But now I know that I need to tighten the gears on it. Thank you!

Aidan The Lover Boy O'Dwyer says:

1. Bro. Please do teach us on the difference between baitcasting and conventional and direct drive?

2. SaltWater and Spinning?

3. Fly and CENTERpin?

4. SpinCast and UnderSpin?

Tricky Fisher says:

niche and very workable for fishing

James Ritchie says:

If a decent closed face reel only lasts a year, you simply are not taking care of it.   By “decent”, I mean one with metal gears, and metal parts everywhere possible.  It should last thirty or forty years..  Here’s a hint.  After you use it, CLEAN it.  Inside and out.  If you do, it’ll last as long, or longer, than any reel on the market.  I know old men who have been using the same closed face reel since they were kids.  In fact, I’m one of those old men.  Nor should it rust.  Again, if it rusts, you aren’t cleaning and OILING it.  You should clean and oil every type of reel after use.   Casting distance has far more to do with the rod than with the reel.  But it’s also true that casting distance is something amateurs worry about.  The average casting distance for a pro fisherman, freshwater, is from fifteen to twenty FEET.   As for bird nests, the open face has far more bird nests than either of the other reels, assuming all three are in good shape and loaded correctly.

TheDiamondDopeKing says:


Jorge Almeyda says:

Hi, I just started fishing and before I watched any youtube video I got a rod with a spinning real. I live in PA and I fish in a lake near my house for bass and tiger muskellunge. However, sometimes I go to NJ to visit my brother and we do salt water fishing (flounder). I see that most of the “lake videos” on youtube shows people using baitcasting which makes me thing I probably didnt buy the right equipment. I would like to know how important is the reel you use when it comes to catching fish. thanks.

Freddy The Fisherman says:

i like all reels but some can be expensive so thats why i buy combos and get a rod+reel for the price of a single reel sometimes i find fishing poles at the HARTVILLE flea market like i found spincaster reel+rod for 5$ (a really old one) sometimes you can even find them in garage sales yard sales etc for young age i would recommend spincaster but sometimes i use em (im 13) but most of the time i use spinning i do well with them i love going online flea markets sales etc to find that kinda stuff…so yeah

and btw if ya gonna buy fishing line go to amazon they have awesome stuff

ad78 says:

spincast for kids, spinning for lazy anglers, baitcast all the way! technical, adjust every lure you throw, versatile.

Tyler Duncan says:

The open faced real is a lot better than any other real

Abdullah Ahmed says:

I got a zebco spincast combo for my 7th birthday in 2007 and I still have it and use it to catch channel cats and bullheads

Blake L says:

Great vid. Spincasts are the best because they can’t backlash.

Grand Wonder says:

Question (Anybody can answer): Does the closed-face reel use the same rod as the open spinning reel? Or do they use different rods for each one? Thanks

Dale Higgins says:

They each have their purpose. I’m a Zebco 33 user, have been my entire life. I love the versatility of the 33 spincast reel. I can throw all different sizes of baits with this one reel and with the speed of a bait caster. Keep it cleaned and oiled with new line and it will cast as far as I need it to. The spinning reel is slower because of the steps you have to take between casts but is good in certain situations. But for an all around reel like wjen hiking a ways to a good fishing spot, I take my Zebco 33, it works with most any rod. You have to clean out and oil the 33 often and that greatly extends the life. I still have my first 33 from 40 years ago still working. SECRET: Zebco will send me parts for free when I need them, I just email and ask!

KittyKuntTeam says:

im using bait caster…. its good

Spencer Ulesich says:

Um…. Bait casters cast farther.

its ya boi 1234 says:

I enjoy using a closed face more than any of the others

Thomas Harbauer says:

Spincast (aka zebco): good for teaching kids how to fish and catch their first panfish. Spinning: Best for taking another step up from zebco, great for light line applications such as crappie, walleye, panfish, and they work great for throwing baits and for finesse fishing, as well as bass, though they are not as good as baitcasters for bass. Baitcasters: The toughest to use without getting a bird nest. Great for power fishing heavy lures for big bass and Muskie and pike. Variations of baitcasters are even used for saltwater.

Saul Segura says:

Nice vid, personally I prefer the spinning reel because where I live I fish for smaller fish like crappie and use lighter bait

Asher Greenfield says:

You can stop a spinning reel mid flight if you think you’re gonna overshoot, flip the bail or finger drag on the line. Also, what’s up with all these people reeling with their right hand…a right handed person should reel with their left hand. Fishing gear works best when you’re working with what you know, some people grew up clicking a button on a baitcaster…but I haven’t touched one since my first Mickey Mouse rod. I prefer spin all the way. When people say they are more accurate with one or the other, it’s just practice.

catyear75 says:

Great video, highly informative ! Thanks for sharing your knowledge !

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