Baitcaster vs Spinning reel -How to pick your fishing reel!

Baitcaster vs spinning reel explained. Pros and cons. How to pick the right fishing reel for you. Multipler reel, conventional reel, bait caster, bait casting, baitcaster, baitcasting reel.

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biofall38 says:

i hope i did not make a mistake i just bought a bait caster on eBay and well looks like im in for a hell of a learning curve

Mrfloppyfish498 says:

I’m right handed in in everything but in fishing I all ways use left hand baitcaster so but it’s so hard to find a cheaper left handed reel so I use kastking reels because they all ways have left handed models

fr3aky0u says:

depends what I’m throwing/fishing for. do they make micro baitcaster?

Cory R says:

Can’t stand the tiny handles on baitcasters, spinning is so much simpler and versatile for me.

cedieboy cedie says:

i like spinning reel because of the drag sounds that it makes

maverick smith says:

could i have your baita caster reel whith line

Jack Schofield says:

Good info. But I gotta mention that distance control can be done on spinning reels. I do it on the beach all the time

Dillan Post says:

Not all baitcasters are expensive, I have and abu Garcia black max 3 and it’s great and it was 60 dollars.

Brainmalfuction says:

I see so many people using spinners on top with the eyelets up .

Betronyx Ferco says:

Awesome video!, I’m just starting fishing, and was wondering what kind of Fishing Rod to buy as a beginner, and I’ve found your video very Helpful, thanks! I’ll keep following your channel! Best Regards!

Pat M says:

did i miss the name of that open face with the clutch? (“bite and run”)

Jim Hufford says:

Thank you. I’m 56 and trying to learn how to use a baitcaster after growing up on spinning reels. I really don’t need any of the advantages of the baitcasters for the way I fish. The baitcasters are going into storage.

Andrius Liudzius says:

thanks man great video. thumbs up

MTNDREW15 says:

i understand what he is saying, but… you can still never go wrong with a spin reel! that is all i fish with. another thing is, u can control how far you line goes with a spin reel. u just have to not sling your pole back so far and dont put so much power into your cast.

FaZe Trek says:

very helpful video thank you

Kaleb Dykes says:

what is the best rod for lake fishing is it the zebco 33 micro or the zebco 202

Jamison says:

I love the sportiness and control the baitcaster reels give. It’s much more fun and it just feels good using them.

Awesome U.S. Citizen says:

I have a 40$ reel not350 and it is very reliable and smooth.

wyatt graff says:

Spinning reel for life!!!!

Sturgeon & Catfish UK says:

Just bought a baitcaster for big pit carp fishing in the uk. I absolutely love it, it is light and compact compared to a big pit spinning reel, and holds the same amount of line.

Brian Baker says:

closed faced spiner left out

The Eagle Vids says:

Lol 10:00 bait caster bait caster

Kristian St Germain says:

Very well described video – many thanks. Been fishing for years and still didn’t understand it until this one.

bass whisper says:

I’m a righty

Value says:

Grew up right handed with bait caster and grew up left handed spinning reals

Conny Dagfjäll says:

Do u need more weight on the baits When u use a baitcaster Than the spinning reel? I am wonderig What i Should buy. My spinning reel broke so

Savage2512 says:

I got an Abu Garcia black max rod and bait caster combo for only $50

shane hall says:

For people that want to learn how to use baitcasters or just to see if it’s for them they sell combo sets really cheap
I bought my first baitcast for $60 with the rod and I loved it

nik pik says:

7.23 since you can change sides in a spinning reel that means that you can hold the rod left hand and right.

Fisher Outdoors says:

This guy is excellent, watched 1 minute and subscribed

Li Chris says:

nice informative video Luke 🙂

bass whisper says:

Will you send me a bass pole bc I like to fish but I don’t have the money to get one last one broke

Branden Starling says:

Hey Luke would love to Hear your thoughts on that catfish commando you were holding. I use them for catfishing

Connor Reed says:

I can run an control a spinning reel just as good as people run an control a baitcaster

William Confer says:

Wow What a great video.. You do an 10 Plus job on your videos

Vykk Draygo says:

I don’t understand why people want to reel with their dominant hand. Makes so much more sense to cast and work the rod with the dominant hand. Way more finesse and control. I accidentally bought a righthand retrieve baitcaster. It’s so awkward. Should have returned it, but I wanted that model, and they only had righthand retrieve in stock (probably wouldn’t have gotten it if I realised that at the store, instead of after I got home). Oh well.

Carlo Ferraro says:

I bought a 1 lb spinning reel for 25 dollars

Matthew Salzmann says:

can i get one of your baitcastres


XxVeNoMxX says:

do you bowfish at all?

Sam Miller says:

I reeeeeeaaaaalllllllly want to see a reel review video similar to the rod review videos you’ve posted. I’m eyeballing the rippin’ lips rod but I’m not sure what reel to get with that and I trust your reviews!

Keep on fishing amd keep on videoing!

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