Abumatic® Classic 170i, 576i, 476i, 276i & Underspin Spincast Product Review by Abu Garcia®

The legendary performance of Abumatic® spincast reels allow for trouble-free casting with an easy-to-use push-button design that eliminates backlash. Designed to appeal to experienced spincast angler as well as beginning anglers, Abumatic reels are built for durability.

Find these reels at http://www.abugarcia.com/products/reels/spincast-reels


Ivan says:

There is NO clear how its work???

darkmossie633 says:

to continue on Garcia abumatics, the Abumatic 276 i bought went straight into the bin, after first trial
After every few casts, the line was cut/shreded
-Why, because the 2 line retrieving pins on the alluminium winding cup, did not retract completely after casting, leaving them to nick then finally sever the line on casting
-made in China rubbish

TNAROHfan says:

The 276i is by far the best beginner reel I have ever seen. I bought one for my little cousin and he was doing so good with it I had to try it out myself. Amazing little reel, smooth as silk, no slipping and really good casing ability for a spincaster. We landed decent sized slabs on this with no problems whatsoever. His Zebco I bought him a couple years ago lasted about a year before it started slipping and is now rough on retrieval. Maintenance doesn’t even help it.

Abu Garcia says:

@kkoski92 You might need to go to a collectors site to find out. It is hard to say. Try real reels Abu Grarcia site, he is an avid collector.

Abu Garcia says:

@Bluebuzzkidd There is a combo available on our website with a matching rod. If you want a regular rod the Vengeance would be a good fit in one of the short lighter actions.

M K says:

I’m starting by little boy out with these! Any recommendations for a matching rod?

darkmossie633 says:

sorry but have to ask you about Abumatic 170i, the first reel you displayed.
The original SYNCHRO-DRAG ABU Abumatic 170 had minimum drag by turning back reel handle half a turn?
Does this reel have this too?
I don’t think so, and calling it matrix synchro-drag is completely MISLEADING
The Abu 505 also had authentic synchro drag system too, but all this latest
Abumatic offers to slacken off drag, using the star-drag reel by reversing it, but no instant MINIMUM DRAG, by turning handle back!???

Jack Tan says:

yeah made in china rubbish

Battle Armour says:

I LOVE Abu Garcia Spincast reels ! I am visually impaired and find them a lot easier to handle then the typical open faced spinning reels.

LS6WS6 says:

Love my 576i!

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