$60 LEWS XFINITY ROD + REEL COMBO from WALMART review and fishing

I was in need of a new medium bass fishing rod. I bought the lews xfinity combo from walmart and put 10LB braid line on it. Seems like a solid pole and reel. This combo seems to be only sold at walmart.

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Gamin fishin And huntin says:

Yo not the second comment again but oh well

BuffFishGuy says:

Solid review! Wish my local Wal-Mart’s carried lews equip…I wanna try, maybe add something more than abu garcia to my arsenal…maybe lol

BritnChris Survival says:

Have that same setup and I absolutely love it!!! It’s been good to me! My wife loves using it because of how sensitive it is!!!

TNDeer Stalker Outdoors says:

Great review and nice way to break that combo in.
I love my Lew’s combo with braid it’s a super smooth set up

MobFsh says:

I have the same set up its awesome specially the reel ..
Good review by the way love the vids bud keep it up

Jag Fishing says:

Good review on the setup bud!


I’m looking for a do all combo, thanks for the review!

Travis Horton says:

Dang man, so your poles got stolen… that sucks dude.

Tyler says:

What weight lure?

S Walker says:

With lower end price range stuff I have had best luck with lews and Abu Garcia. I hate the low end quantum stuff, maybe the high end is better not sure.

Roger Dickinson says:

If you threw some of those small bass up on the bank and leave them for the raccoons the sizes might get better because of less competition.

Chris Johnson says:

You’re gonna love that rod. It’s an amazing setup for aggressive fish like spotted bass, white bass, skipjack and larger panfish. And like you said it’s very sensitive for a medium action.

krazy kat fishing says:

Glad you got that it catches my attention ever time i see it thanks for doing a review on it.nice first fish

1Cast 1Fish says:

Can’t go wrong with Lews …they make some great stuff, even their lower end models are pretty good

Judd Nickell says:

I have that same combo, I love the rod on it

Steve DeStefano says:

I just got this combo. Do you use all braid or do you add a fluoro leader with the braid. I got this mostly for bass fishing.

Kristine L says:

About the same size bass I got tonight out on the lake 🙁

Bobby Pennington Adventures says:

Really nice looking combo Good stuff. Good review.

Jasmine McCoy says:

Do you Think this is good for crappie?

Malcolm Patton Fishing says:

Dude, I left two of mine in Tennessee last month…I feel your pain. I also left a g. loomis at a bridge as a younger kid went back and it was gone. Oh and I left a super nice fly rod suit on the creek bank somehow and it too disappeared. I just realized this has happened to me too many times. Hahaha

SCTrailblazer says:

Great video cool rod I am going to check it out keep up the great work.

kpapa91 says:

I’m really considering buying this combo. Do you still have a positive opinion on it? Any issues?

Hoosierback Outdoors says:

Oh man! Great lookin gear! Awesome review!

601 Outdoors says:

Nice video Definitely gonna stay tuned see what else you got

Mr large mouth bass says:

dont like that bright green color and the 6’6 to short.

Like medium heavy.

Eric Helberg says:

It’s a rod!!!!!!! Not a pole!!!! GOOD LORD

Rippin n Lippin says:

I love my xfinity! How big of a fish have you caught on it so far?

krazy kat fishing says:

That’s just crazy i watched lojo fishing video he put out the same time you did after watching yours an he’s started fishing with his new Lews fishing combo like yours

Jarrod Haneline says:

Do you prefer this for multi species or an ultra light combo

Sub Sailor says:

I have 3 Lew’s combos. Good stuff. That looks like a 200 series reel.

Jeff Gerald says:

I was thinking about picking that up the other day haha guess I will after having two videos today with the same setup. Great video

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