Wall Fishing Tools & How To Use Them When Dealing With Fire Stops and Insulation

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Kevin Dolin says:

Check out the EZ cut by labor-saving devices


Qosmo Dirst says:

Great video demonstration. You can tell Cory really has done this 1000’s of times, and did a really good job of explaining.

jcnash02 says:

I do these about the same, except I use tape to connect the wire and the fish rod or whatever I’m using to get the wire down the wall.

Mitchell Verbruggen says:

Belgium beer <3 #stella


I have been doing this for many years and never have i gotten a beer out of a wall.
I think i need more training on this methodology!!!!!!

Tom Z says:

Do you have to worry about the hole you put into the fire stop?

Ahmad abo.mustafa says:


Joshua Greiner says:

He is so proud of his trade, I love it.

Michael Quinlan says:

At the beginning of the video you show the back side of the wall, and there are four stud bays, with the one on the far right being constructed with metal studs. Was this supposed to be used to demonstrate something else?

joebleed says:

13:40 you sum beach, i’m sick and it hurts my chest to laugh or cough…. this cost me some pain. but was simply funny. 🙂

Joe Guzman says:

What if you have to drill through several fire blocks and the wall is like 10ft high. How would this be accomplished? Can you keep adding length to that flex bit drill? How will the flex bit stay in line as you are drilling down deeper?

donmartinez1986 says:

Nice Video! Thanks a lot! You guys are awesome! Though I am doing almost the same like you for a living I could learn a lot. Thanks!

Emile Des Rosiers says:

Imagine if Cory is your dad and give you a slap behind the head when you mess up… your eyes will propably fall off ! LOL

jokinboken says:

A nice bonus at the end!

CantankerousDave says:

Thanks, this is full of really useful information.

John Germain says:

Really learned a lot about tools in this video. Thanks … similar to your previous tools video which had Kool Tools

Nerd2U says:

Get yourself the labor saving devices ez-cut template tool for doing old work boxes you will love it

dtrickie says:

Check out the Qbit

Steven G says:

Great Video, nice tip with marking with the holes on the bracket. I will definitely be using that over my plastic template which I can never find

tantrum006 says:

An ink pen?

lance eilers says:

Cool stuff , takes me back – good times , my mod tools were mousie , mousie , and the green monster , string with a chain on the other end , and a plastic perspects rod to get down those walls and dwang’s / studs , 15 years ago , sometimes you just have to be innovative ….  Good vid guys , we normally use to get a couple of crates of beers towards the end of the week , job took 1 and a half years good memories 🙂 …

Leland Clayton says:

I’m not touching this with a 6ft glow rod……

Todd T says:

That magnapole is interesting, I need to install an outlet in my kids room on an adjacent wall and was trying to figure out a way to do it, I know I have to make a few openings and drill through beams , but that took will help get the wire through

Chad Bremer says:

How much do these tools cost? Rentable maybe? I plan to run some cables through the walls in my home for cameras and more ethernet jacks. These would make life easier!

Joshua Burgess says:

Have you ever hit anything? Our fear is that we’re going to drill down through the top and directly into a 220v electrical line or cut a water line when using a drywall saw to make the opening.

Cc Mm says:

Many jobs start w/ some social lubrication, but not always on the job site.

Got Wire says:

Love the video so this stuff every day I love it it’s kinda fun Haha

Chris King says:

Thanks Tom and Cory, I have often wondered about how this was done. I am very happy that you made this video.


Hmmm Guinness my favourite drink and very good vid and thank you for the bloopers video at the end keep up the good work guys

Philip Saunders says:

Loved the video and look forward to more like this.

Ozar says:

This really is an excellent video. Thanks a lot for sharing it with us.

David Hettinger says:

Great content, as a dyi guy some of these options where new to make, thanks for all the hard work!

Brian Healey says:

Like the video But alot in my country use a fbh to knock many holes in the walls? Oh well the plasterer can fix it 🙂 Might show them this video

David Ratkay says:

Ah Guinness, a man of culture I see.

Mike ComputerGeek says:

What brand of punch tool do you recommend? I’m setting up my first home server 12U rack right now.

David Grishko says:

Lmao the ending was hilarious

Nils G says:

Hehe, as a guy living in Sweden it is fun to se why you do square holes instead of round as the rest of the world (almost). easy to use a “hole saw”, and adjust so it is level after. though i saw that Willie Howe used a oscillating square saw for dry walls, looked rely nice.

John DiMarco says:

I always start to cut the mud ring out from the bottom center to the ends first in case you you marked it in the middle of a stud Conduit so you can adjust the ring left or right if needed. Keeps me from patching holes in the wall most of the time.

Upeela says:

Thank you Tom for your sincere work and content.

Stu M says:

I ran into a situation where a wall had a fire stop but it was made out of metal. Same thin kind the metal studs were made of. I was able to drill through it with a long drill bit, but was concerned about the sharp edge cutting into the ethernet cable. Since this is inside a wall, I don’t see any reason the cable should ever move. What might you have done differently? Would you have done anything to protect the cable somehow?

Robert Schrader says:

Great video guys! Hope to see more similar.

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