Ty-Rite Fly Fishing Tool Fly and Hook Holder Review

This review looks at the Ty-Rite fly holder (aka fish hook holder) and discusses the advantages of using the tool to tie on flies, prevent damage to the hackle and the transfer of scent to the fly. The review applies to both the Ty-Rite Jr as well as the Ty-Rite Sr since both operate the same as a hook holder and fly fishing tool.
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William Clark says:

I do use one, and agree with a lot of what you said. The first time you drop a fly while tying it on, you’ll see the value of the ty-rite

Bill Flint says:

Any suggestions for how to straighten out coils at the end of fly leader line that already tied to my fly line?

Terrance Jones says:

Nice tool will add it to my tackle box

Wesley Hackney says:

Not to be disrespectful but do you really think or are is there any data to prove holding the fly thus transferring human scent really deters trout. However I do like the way you can more easily hold a small fly and tie a knot for us older guys with arthritis. Nice presentation

Jim Underhill says:

Nice tool. Steve, do you fly fish in salt water? Would love to see you pick up a trout or redfish on a fly.

Fred Fable says:

Since I got short vision threading the hook became uneasy…so I tried hook tiers (many of them) until I found the one, the perfect for me. You can tie lines (fly line to leader) hooks (nail knot) lures (sliding knot).
The one I mention is a good old fashion American Invention and is the top one by far in my list.
I gave some to my friends when they get short vision, actually I have two of them (just in case I loose one)
Go straight to 4:00 is the easiest and more practical knot tier I ever found (if you found it just tell me).

By the way…this brand has the same issue than the Ty-Rite , an illegal cheap version came up made in china.

Mark Troilo says:

Just a note to all who shop on Amazon & EBay, There is a knock off selling on both sites which is made in Pakistan. The quality is far inferior with many negative reviews. The Original Ty-Rites (since 1955) are Red (Sr) & Orange (Jr) with “Made In The USA” on the pocket clip & in large RED lettering on the bottom of the face card. We are working with the US Patent office to address this problem. If you have any have any doubt’s please just order from our web page or call me directly at 231-881-4360 Thanks again Steve!!

Mark Troilo
CEO The Original TY-Rite LLC

Larry Talbot says:

Why do they always make such useful tools so dang small? With my big old man/gorilla hands, its like trying to perform brain surgery in the back of a pickup truck driving down a country road!

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