The perfect fishing knot? Not tying one.

Never tie a fishing knot again.

In 30 seconds this fishing line welder does it for you, creating a virtually indestructible bond where your knot would be.

After you’ve run your line through the hook, loop and load your lines into the welder and press “GO.” That’s it. In less than a minute it welds a smooth polymer sleeve over both.

Tauten’s surgical precision isn’t just a coincidence. One of the company’s founders had experience manufacturing welding devices for medical procedures. That got him thinking about other knot-tying activities. Fishing immediately came to mind.

Whether you’re a pro or just easing your way into a new hobby, you’ll spend less time calculating what knot to tie and more time fishing.


Jadiel 254 says:

No thanks.

Andrea Mikoda says:

Can’t you just melt the line to itself and do the same thing?

Vitaly Fleming says:

Ummmm go to CVS and buy a one dollar lighter.

fishpwner1 says:

Doesn’t take me 30 secs to tie any knot no thanks

Dmitry Zimin says:

it’s too big knot, sorry

Rick Rocker "Everything" Channel says:

Great product? As a former guide and an avid fisherman who is going to pay $200.00 for a gizmo that “locks” a lure on to your line? Any quality, experienced fisherman knows that conditions change rapidly requiring one to change lures and strategy often, even when undertaking an activity such as ice fishing. In addition what it the cost per use? One has to buy “kits” to keep this product functional so that would be valid information in attempting to market such a device. Maybe this is something that would be an asset for bait fishermen, but even that is questionable. All things considered, I don’t know any pro or novice that would really see any value in such a device.

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