Reviewing Fishing Tools and Cutters

This video is a review of some of the different fishing pliers and cutting tools I’ve tried, and which ones have worked best for me.
Here are the amazon associate links for the two I recommend:
Boom brand pliers:
Rompson brand pliers:


Marshall Hurt says:

Awesome video, nice info!

Midwest Bass Hunter says:

I borrowed those white ones when we were fishing together, work good!

ISU Fishin says:

Great vid man.

Ralph Barton says:

Great review. Nice video. I have those same scissors

Dee Piper says:

Great video of some good, quality tools for fishing. I carry a pair of needle nose like the ones you first had there. I got them at Wal Mart too. I am looking for something now that is maybe a little longer and thinner for when you have to go in through the gills of the fish like you are talking about. I gut hook small bluegill from time to time and even those needle nose seem to be too large to get the job done. I bought a set of forceps at Wal Mart but I don’t know if I like them or not. The finger grip parts on them are small. Haven’t used them yet on a fish but it seems like they would be hard to handle and control. Great to see you on here again.

The Fishin' Dad says:

Great review man, good to see you back on here! Haven’t had a whole lot of chances to fish lately but I have been able to use that bait runner and it’s a game changer. I think I’m going to pick up at least one more for next summer!

JakeTheSnake says:

Great review. I like to multi tool cutters from bass pro. I also subbed mind returning the favor.

Casual Carolina Fishing says:

Yep, the tools to chose from are many. It’s good to be able to find as few as possible that can do all you need so as to not be overly burdened out there when you’re trying to fish. Great reviews.

Sin City Outdoors says:

Nice review. Im always looking for these tools on my boat lol

Fishing with Mike Chavez says:

Hey Corey how are you? Good plier review my friend…I’ve looked at those rompson’s on Amazon before. I too saw them on South Florida’s channel they look like good pliers.


Another Fantastic Review Nicely Done ✅

Fishin Billy says:

Good video. I personally carry a Gerber. I like the fact that I can have several tools at my disposal all in one small tool. I used to bank fish alot so carrying minimal gear was crucial. My Gerber has scissors, screwdrivers, knives, etc. If I need to fix my reel? Done. If I need to cut my line? Done. It’s all about what we are most comfortable with tho. Enjoyed the video. Well done!

Thomas Starkey says:

I subscribed to your channel a week ago after seeing your reviews on the gx2, and the sharky ll 1500. Wasn’t sure if you still uploaded videos or not, but glad to see you still do.

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