Review How to Use Fly Fishing Forceps or Pliers

This video reviews the three primary uses of fishing forceps by showing what forceps are used for in fly fishing. I show how to use different parts of a fishing forceps to crimp split shot with the power jaw, clean the eye of a hook and to release a fish.

Orvis Forceps with Power Jaw:

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Jeff Jackson says:

I think it was you in a different video showing how to tie line to a hook using your forceps. This was a good video.

Jon L says:

Hey man awesome video and channel I subbed. I like your content could you check out my channel ?

WHG_Outdoors says:

Sweet video dude! i like your content a lot. I post similar videos. i subscribed to you, if you would help a fellow fisherman out by subscribing back that would be awesome! check my channel 🙂

Ron Mehringer says:

Seems simple enough but I didn’t realize the pin was used to clear the eyes of hooks. Thanks.

2nd Chance George / The Novice Survivalist says:

look at you. ha i have thise and did not know abot the extras….wow. and a fish to show off….lol. another great vid. as always 2CG

Southern Reels Fishing says:

Nice tips!

Italian Troutaholic says:

pinching barbs and using it to make a clinch knot

Italian Troutaholic says:

I believe scientific anglers make them with a scissor and clamp type with a split shot and Hook eye cleaner . runs like 20.00 on Ebay, they are good for cutting your line , squeezing your shot , removing hooks and cleaning hook eyes . I believe even debarbing your hooks too.

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