Fly Fishing Nippers Showdown: Comparison & Review

In this video, Brian Flechsig compares the ‘nipping’ quality between several high end nippers. Which ones are as smooth as butter and which ones don’t stack up to their price tag?

Bottom line is this- if you are just cutting mono/tippet…….THEY ALL WORK so you don’t NEED to spend this kind of money on nippers. But you can if you want!!

Watch to find out more!

Brian’s Pick For Nippers:
Most Popular Nippers:
Simms Guide Nippers:
Orvis Nippers:
Abel Nippers:
Abel Colored Nippers:
Hatch Nippers:
Loon Nip-n-Sip Nippers:

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J Doza says:

Nice to see a fair review of fishing products and I appreciate your honesty by saying that people don’t need to spend a ton of money to cut line. Three years ago my 7th or 8th pair of nippers at the time failed on me over and over again. By that I mean they wouldn’t cut my line or tippet on the first and sometimes second try. Frustrated I stopped at a “ Family Dollar” thrift store and bought a pair of 64 cent nail clippers thinking that I would buy another pair of nippers later when I had time to read up on what was available. That was 3 years ago and I just returned from a 21 day fishing trip in the rockies (third trip since April) and the 64 cent nail clippers still work just fine. In case I need a needle I carry a large fly on my vest but it’s rare that I need to use it. Thanks for the review, good info.

EZs bro says:

So as long as I’m not cutting backing or 30lb line and just use mine cheap ones for tippet I’ll be ok

LockTest says:

I have Orvis branded abel nippers. They came bundled with the Orvis branded pliers abel made for Orvis a few years back. Work great but I agree the poker is hard to get to sometimes. Another nipper I like is the fishpond ones. The poker on that one is much more accessible.

Hondo Trailside says:

Funny that they/some come with pokers, you would think the high end crowd would have decent flies. Or be able to find the point on another fly.

James Cooper says:

OK, but how do they cut actual butter? I’m guessing not well. $105 clippers? How much other flyfishing stuff can I get for $105? Glad to know there are people that will buy those! wow.

Mad River Outfitters says:

The very scientific nipper butter test, has officially been conducted. Which one do you like best?

Junior J says:

Good video, been looking at a new set of nippers myself only this last week funny enough so always appreciate these type of videos

jodyschec says:

when you make a $10 nipper, let me know

Lance-Taylor Brickley says:

You know, why not just buy a $5 pair of nail clippers? That’s what I’ve used to cut line, even though its small test, 20 is the biggest I’ve done, but I don’t think they would have a problem. Only drawback I can think of is that they don’t have a pin to clear the fly holes with. What do you guys think?

Jimmy V. says:

Awesome video comparison…Always wondered why some nippers are so expensive now I know…Thanks.

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