Fishing Tool Everyone Should Own!!!

The Berkley Line Stripper is one of the coolest fishing tool I’ve ever used, you have to try one!

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zabdi zelaya says:

use a drill and it’s alot faster

Lilly Tapia says:

can you go fishing

Trenton343224 says:

I’ve had one for 2 years

basskickinredneck says:

I just picked up a spooling station from bass pro and a line stripper came with it its very handy

TrailRidingGamer says:

I have the same reel but green, they are very good reels

Jed DeGraff says:

A drill and screw is just as fast and theb ya just toss the screw. Just a suggestion lol

hugo camacho says:

Hey my name is hugo i recently started to fish due to your videos and since then i just cant stop going out to the lake evey week and fishing i was gonna for a huge favor ive always wanted a bait caster but could never afford one you think you can help me out

HLM Plays says:

Would it be possible to get a shoutout for my channel , I do hunting fishing anything outdoors and ok struggling to get subscribers. Would it be possible

WackyWabbit127 says:

when i use that it gave me so many bird nest so i threw it away

Midwest Outdoorsmen says:

Ya they work really well. Nice vid!

MidWestFreaks says:

nice vids man, and a boat tour! thats going to be awesome keep up the great work! and can you possibly check out my channel? thanks!

Tom Laicher says:

I use a drill and a screw

Drippy J says:

You should do a in depth cleaning of the lews speed spool

Matt Armistead says:

do you worry about backlashes with that?

Jordan Rorke says:

Sweet video keep it up.

hugo camacho says:

Awesome dream truck by the way

Kyle The Bass Attacker says:

Thanks for sharing im totally going to invest into one of these

Fishin Indiana says:

Before you got the bass boat did you do tournaments in your John boat?

Glenn Wilson says:

I use PowerPro for up to a year in saltwater conditions and I’ve never had any problems.

Big E Tuck Outdoors says:

Flair u look like a baby compared to right now.

Pure Catch Outdoors says:

never knew such a thing existed. I’m getting one. Lol

Chris Mata says:


FishSCTV says:

Great vid!

Billy Evans says:

Not worth it … tie it 2 a tree

Melissa Orozco says:

Oh cool, your from Omaha. That’s really cool cause I’m actually from Nebraska too and I love watching your YouTube videos and I’m from Grand Island. Keep up the good work

Jose Luis Soto says:

Hey man, you just reeled out 100+ yds out of your line… in your tournaments do you reel out so much that the whole line gets weakened? or the line just goes weak over time regardless of if it has been pulled?

The boss says:

U can use a drill that will be even faster

Lunker Chaser says:

Line coming off baitcasters is so satisfying

Jon Penvose says:

Cool product! I use a power drill and a #2 pencil.

Joseph Welch says:

i grab an empty soda bottle. drill a hole is the cap, stick a nut and a bolt in there, slap that in the chuck of a drill tape on your line and let it rip. I just did 8 rods everything from tiny little spincasters up to my surf reels in about 45 min. bonus with this is you have all of you waste line contained on the bottle. throw the bottle away and save they cap because you can reuse it. or not it takes about 3 min to make.

Junior Fisherman says:

You can make the same tool out of a drill, a pen and a old line spool. It will strip the line and put it onto the old spool. That away you don’t have piles of line laying around. Always remember to cut up any fishing line so animals and birds don’t get tangled in it.

Grumpy Old Fart says:

if your at home just tie it to a remote control car or get a kid to run with it across the yard or parking lot in a safe place or if you have a wife that has empty bobbins get a screw and a drill and tie it to the bobbin and let it rip !!!

cool dude 1118 says:

I use a cordless drill and a pencil and I can take 300 yards of line off a offshore rod in 30 seconds

Randy Tarr says:

Berkley Hot Line Cutter is nice also. 

Cuivre says:

You don’t need to change braid out that often.

leejproductions27 says:

A true spoiled rich boy solution to a problem. How can you say it is worth the money ? If you don’t know what it costs ?

warped831 says:

haha i grab my drill and stick a straw over the drill bit, tie the line on and boom lol.

Ray Murda says:

Drill with pencil ✏. Gimmicks

BassinAllYearlong says:

love your vids keep it up dude.

aabassin tv says:

Has it ever backlashed if you keep your baitcaster tuned with hardley no braking system

Jennifer Laverty says:

awesome time savor

Jacob Hilliard says:

I have one with a hook sharpener attached, would you recommend using that or a hand sharpener.

Martino Cecconi says:

you can just use a drill

Robert Grasso says:

Wow that is awesome I’m getting one of those.

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