Does it work? Hook-Eze Fishing Gear Knot Tying Tool

We are testing the Hook-Eze knot tying tool to see just how helpful it would be for us out on the water. Lets see if it ties knots faster. Lets see if help us tie knots with ease. Tying fishing knots can be challenging for beginners to learn especially when their dexterity levels are below average. I think this product is great for those people. People who just haven’t gotten the fingering down when tying knots. It really helps the fisherman visualize and understand how to tie them with their fingers.

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TomyTek Outdoors says:

Thanks for sending me one with my order. I think it’s good for people learning to tie knots or who don’t have dexterity. It works for my smaller hooks. A lot of the hooks I use are large and have wide gaps, so I can’t use it often.

Meleutheria says:

Senko can you make a review of linedancer?

Moe Fishing / One Moe Catch says:
Thought you might like this

Jerry Beach says:

I’d be looking for that gizmo longer than it takes to tie on a hook without it. Might be OK for some, but I’ll stick to using my fingers. Thanks for the video.

Genesis Thao says:

Advertising every time

Wendy Liu says:

That cool now I want one

Iseb says:

You should start from zero, not with the hook set up and your finger inside the ring

Zeke M says:

What braid line do you mostly use?

김주현 says:

its looks bed.


are you and erin still dating cause i watched two different videos and in one you said that you were dating and one said that you werent

Martha Fletcher says:

I think it works if for no other reason than to cover the hooks when I’m done fishing. I have them on all my rods.

SunySyUp says:

Any chance do you know of any simple rig that will release the fishing sinker on a strike? It would be great if the sinker was not on the line when trying to land a fish in rocky bottoms.

Guillermo Vallarta says:

Love watching all your videos! Your dads the man! Lol. Wish you would come fish out here on the west coast with us. Happy Fishing!

Golden says:

Make a video on
Artificial lures vs soft plastics plzz
For saltwater fishing
So that we will get an idea what fish really like the most

Dr Dean Kos says:

im for old school done in under 21 seconds. perhaps best for children so they dont hook fingers

Tony with a Y YNOT says:

Love your vids. Your Dad is a stud as well i recall a day he had his $1,000+ setup and you had the old time reel and he was killing it.

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James Peverill says:

thanks for the vid but i think your dad won on account you would actually have to put the hook in it first to use it

Jesse J says:

Just moved from Galveston, TX to Port Orange, FL and ordered some Super Salty Bait. I hope it comes in soon so I can try it out! Keep up the great work!!!

shiroikin says:

also the plastic casing protects you from the point of the hook.

Do0msday says:

I think this product is a little gimmicky if it was marketed towards all people fishing. It’s the type of thing that could be really good for a beginner or for someone who may need some help holding a hook (aka people with arthritis or anything that can make tying/holding a hook harder). So if someone needs a little help then this is a great addition. If a person can tie a line regularly then it’s a bit of a gimmick. But at the end of the day people should use whatever they feel like regardless of ability because I have better things to do than judge someone for how they decide to tie a knot haha.

michael cardwell says:

I like to see more fishing

Steven Scott says:

It is a shame that you get people like “still pg” commenting on your vid. As the saying goes, “it is better to be thought a fool than to open your mouth and prove it”. Due to the benefit of exposure to “agent Orange” I now find that I need the assistance of something like hook- eze. It doesn’t take away from the fun of fishing but does make it harder to deal with fools. Keep up the videos and I like seeing your dad in them. Enjoy them while you can. Semper Fi.

Alex Borowski says:

Didnt include time it took you to put the thing on the hook and take off. Pops wins 10/10

chase stillie says:


مدمن صيد سمك says:

See the beauty of fish in Egypt

Tee S says:

What’s wrong with the your channel ? You don’t fish anymore?

Crowblack says:

In my opinion, learning to tie by hand is the better option. Looks like fun though.

Michael R. Foreman says:

Knots are fine. However, you left out one very important marketing point Hook Ease makes: Covering the hook in travel. Protects you and anyone or anything from getting a hook jabbed into your finger, clothing etc. etc. Being able to tie knots Is only one aspect and in addition, they come in different sizes too.

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