Best Tool For Cutting Braided Fishing Line? – **GIVEAWAY CLOSED**

Best Tool For Cutting Braided Fishing Line? Today I’m reviewing three different products made by Bass Pro Shops, Rapala, & Quarrow. Which one reign’s supreme? Make sure you watch the whole video, there’s a little something something for you guys.

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Kyle The Bass Attacker says:

nice review I got a pair like the bass pro shop ones off Amazon just a cheaper brand for $5 and it works perfect also has the split ring pliers which is a bonus


I have a cheap pair that I bought at Wal-Mart they work but looking for a better pair. looks like those all work pretty good

Kade Christensen says:

I like the bass pro the best but the other brands are good too.I like the bass pro too because if your on the water u can change the hooks pretty fast..Great video and nice work keep it up John.

Country Girl Fishing says:

Cool Video !!! The Bass Pro ones look like they have the most use and the cleanest cut !!

North Carolina Bassin says:

I have a pair of spider wire braid scissors and they work great, they are only 5$

Nick Peters says:

they all look pretty good to me

jawsmod says:            For $2 you cant beat the Fiskars Kids scissors

Richard Ilog says:

I like the rapala ones! hope I win. thanks for great content.

~Tein says:

Best braid cutter? Boomerang Snip. Saves me the hassle of searching through my backpack when its small and connected/retractable on my bag. its got a little light too if nightfalls.

Marc Laudeman says:

You should try boomerang cutter.

Adventures and Bass Fishing With TK Heaven says:

I agree man Bass Pro Shops, I am curious how that split ring end works!! Man I have the hardest time with split rings, I think I’ll pick a pair up. Thanks for showing this video. John, please don’t enter me in this giveaway if I win by chance. Maybe if you have some time you could show how the split ring tool works? Thank you buddy.

Southern Fisherman says:

I agree with you for the price and the multi use but they all looked like they worked for what they are made for Braided Line

kayakeros says:

Thanks for a great review and comparison sir…. I like rapalas. All rapala stuff I own is pretty well crafted

Hopsky's Lounge Outdoors says:

i like the bass pro ones

Bubba Bass says:

i have a pair of rapala sissors but sfter about a month they now jus frey the guessing they get lose..wouldnr mind giving the yellow pair a try

Lance Howard says:

Not sure how I am just now watching this, lol thought I had caught up on all of yours. Nice to know, on my mono and fluoro I find just using my retractable nail clippers work better than anything and really close, just can’t with the braids.

Faith M. says:

The rapala ones work great until a week of use. I havent used the other two.

I saw a video somewhere on youtube-land about using siccors for kids, the dollar and change ones, those outlasted my rapala.

Now i got me the aluminium pliers from walmart by ozark trails. Just tighten the little itty bitty hex screws on the snipper thing and bam! Solid cut every time. It’s handy to have pliers AND braid snippers in one.

Plus, when you close down the pliers, theres little holes. I use those holes to hold my hook while i pull my main line to tighten my knots, let govand snip the tag. Its pretty cool only $4 if im not mistaken….

I thibk i just did a review on a product not tested here…. Oh well 🙂

Gary older than dirt says:

BPS for sure

Yorkshire Outdoors says:

I would go the same too! The blue one looks the best too!

TheHDANGEL says:

I own a pair similar to the rapala ones, but wish I woudlve seen the bps split ring cutter combo. (thanks for video and chance)

Fishing Freak says:


Team Cramer Fishing says:

I have a split ring pliers version similar to what you had here, and a Rapala scissors. I keep the pliers tool at home usually, but I agree that it’s the best braid cutter (especially on the cheaper braids). What I’m eventually going to look for is a tool with the cutters, but without the splitring, and instead a slender needle-nose point, because the splitring isn’t all that great for removing hooks and I’m usually at home if I’m dealing with changing treble hooks and stuff. If I had a needlenose with good cutters, I could get rid of both my scissors and and needlenose (since the cutters on my current needlenose are worthless). (If I win the giveaway, you can select again for someone else.)

R6 Outdoors says:

Hey man i just subscribed to your channel, sick video! Please check out my channel as well and subscribe back please. Fish on bro!

Frisk300 says:

You should try a line cutterz ring. MR-FLIP put me on and it works great!

The Texas Road Runner says:

From just watching the video, I concur.  That Bass Pro Shop seemed to d the best and it is multi-purposed.  I have trying to use that one from Academy that works like toe nail clippers.  It sux.

Len Dog says:

The bass pro ones! But they all are good!

Jose Suarez says:

Definitely dig the Rapala ones ! Tight lines, from a local angler in Tallahassee.

UnicornGaming says:

The bass pro cutters are awesome

Sea Dragon Angler says:

having the split ring pliers puts the bass pro one over the top……. thanks for sharing

Unique Fishing Lures says:

Like the review thanks.
Check out my review on You Tube about Ceramic scissors on for cutting braid line.
These are the best scissors however, ceramic scissors can break if you don’t look after them properly for example if you drop them on concrete floor and say tread on them. Ceramic knives and scissors do tend to shatter or crack /chip off but they are way better than steel for cutting braid just need to be taken care of properly.
Using the scissors at home in the den – no problem at all mine are over 5 years old.

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