Bank fishing gear – 11 awesome tools for shore fishing

Awesome bank fishing gear!! 11 items for bank fishing. If you like bank fishing or shore fishing here are some awesome items. Some really expensive fishing gear and some really awesome gear.

Here is a full review of of my Rod Quiver

Here is a Kelly Kettle video

My Cygnet Rod Pod Review

My Trakker Wheel Barrow review

Bite Alarm Review

For more information about fishing gear and carp and catfishing check out


angela sheppard says:

How do I tell the difference between the female and male catfish? Also are the eggs of the catfish paletable? would rather throw back females though.

Marshall Hurt says:

Cool fishing gear you got there!

Fishin Is Amazing says:

Hey Luke! Im really starting to get into carp fishing, but i don’t have any special rods and reels for it, I have a 9ft medium action penn prevail, is that a good rod or is it to beefy and the fight wont be fun? I have caught them on 6,6″ medium action rods but I’m afraid the 9′ will kill the fight. Thanks a bunch, keep being awesome!

mike88titan says:

bud the have to see what i did with a fold up plastic saw horse . there are vids on my channel ( cost 3 bucks at lawn sale )

Jerry Hack says:

New subscriber here, LOVE your channel!!! FISH ON!!!!

Backlash TV says:

i cant find the keep net on amazon

Isaiah Taylor says:

I need help I’m going night fishing at a pay lake what type of bait would you recommend using I have all types of bait like creek chubs goldfish shad minnows and bluegill and one studfish would these work ok?

Goos3command3r says:

what was that massive yellow rod in the intro? looks fun

Joshua Beanblossom says:

are those regal diawa reels good? and what size regal reel should I get for a 6 1/2 to a 7 ft medium heavy rod?

larry sellers says:

I need that rod quiver now that i have a rod setup for every bait

pete sampson says:

A clever person would be able to make a “bait boat” for less than $100.00 plus a radio. I have been using a super cheap, $75.00, radio for my planes and it does everything a $500.00 radio will do.

pocket monkey says:

Wow thus guy has all of the sweet hookups.

Brad B says:

So on the bait boat does it just feed the fish or can you catch fish on that boat by having line connected to the boat with bait

Jake Norris says:

4:53 Tommy found a Turkey Feather!

Dillon Allen says:

Would you provide a link to your square keep net? I’m coming up empty on Amazon and my 9yo’s getting frustrated with my lack of success! 🙂

Thanks for all the content you’re putting out… great fishing and great dadding. Keep it up! In all my years in DC, never thought to go fish the basin or Haines point before after work at the Navy Yard.

Silent Takeover says:

go to racoon state park it’s in Pittsburgh pa

Wayne propst says:

Catfish and Carp. Thats a nice river you fish from ! Where is it?!

XMX says:

poor nathan.

Fishing Nate says:

4:18 Lmao

The Real Wayne's World says:

Another great video as usual. I have a quick question. What are the advantages of using a long 10ft to 12ft rod compared to an average rod like 9ft. I’ve noticed lots of people use them. Thanks and keep the great videos coming..

heath schwab says:

wow now all that I need. I’m disabled can’t carry much at a time. so the wheel barrel would be great. the rod carrier I made one its ok but I like the one you got just can’t afford them things. the rod alarm for bite that set up been trying to save for years. just to pricey. but the chair I’m over 300 can’t use nothen that says light weight. lol. but love your video maybe one day I’ll be blessed and can save money to get some cool things. the alarm I need load one little hard of hearing. rod bands that I do need I hang my rods from the sealing of my van or when my truck had shell on back and yes need a way to keep the weights from beating the rod. bait runner I finally got one love that reel my go to every time I go fishing. everyone needs that. thanks again. god bless sir. can’t weight to see more.

Redrocket 507 says:

Imma have to save up but imma get all these items. Not sure about the rod pod though. How does it keep your rods from getting dragged away?

Eric Miles says:

Pretty sure nobody is going to pay $1200-$2000 dollars to drop your bait into the water. That is one of the jobs of the rod

angela sheppard says:

nice equipment ideas

Triston Peter says:

where do you get the dynamite plum boilies?

Gav Brad says:

That’s Cherry Lakes (cottage swim) in the cotswolds, . fished there a few years ago 🙂 very weedy though.

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