5 MUST HAVE Surf Fishing Tools

Spring time pompano fishing is creeping up on us. The weather and fishing currently isn’t great so I stayed inside and made a quick video of 5 must have tools for surf fishing. Hope it helps!

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richard marsh says:

As always a good video. I’m in St. Clair Co. Alabama and enjoy the videos even more because you are fishing the same beaches and bays I frequent several times a year. I’ve picked up quite a few tips and a can’t wait for my next trip down!

jason ryan says:

What’s the fishing outlook for this weekend down there on the Gulf, BBB?

DumbestFisherman TV says:

not great conditions? we have 25 mph winds and 9-12 foot waves.. LMAO.. so big of waves, it took out a big chunk of the longest pacific-facing pier in the US, look it up, there are some crazy clips and instagram photos, etc of the extent of the damage…

Bart Newell says:

Man oh man, I drove down fro Opelika this weekend without checking the weather. Bad call. Everyone I ran in to said it was the single worst week of fishing they’ve ever experienced. I had the same luck. Bummer. At least it’s only a three and a half hour drive.

Christopher Sawczyk says:

Pliers, sunglasses day, red headlamp night, hat, surfbelt when wearing waders, knife

Rod, lures, surfbag


James Hollon says:

great advice and video.

Cmanof the woods centralUS says:

Thanks for the suggestions some of the most simple thing can be some of the most important things to have along. Good fishing to you.

wahoo strike says:

Mike iconelli makes great polarized glasses $15

Yak Motley says:

Sweet tips! Im watching it rain too lol!

L S says:

Good video! Shhhhh Fishbites are my secret bait
Bama please post a video of your favorite rod n reels to take surffishing.

Bill S says:

Good advice Bum-Man!
Especially the towel and hook grabbers.
I had one day when all I was catching was wrays and all I had was a pair of plyers and one particular one was trying his best to kill me, even though on his back. A crowd gathered of course, and I was at the point of just cutting the line, which would probably turned the crowd into a MOB and a metal detecting gent came along and used his scoop bucket on a stick thing to restrain the tail while I performed oral surgery, and all was happy. There might have even been some cheers.
I’m not into blowing you money on every gimmick out there but some tools and hacks are a must!

JW Wiles says:

Which fish did you say in a past video that had venom or something on its spines or fins?

Revolution Road says:

You need all that stuff EVERY TIME you go fishing! Lol

Victor Cruz says:

Ive only got a few birds cought in my lines and had to use my shirt thanks for the tip Bama, here in Texas the wind is blowing at 30.

William Elliott says:

Serrated scissors work best for braid. They work great on larger diameter monofilament because it doesn’t try to spit it out when you try to cut it.

Aaron Radcliff says:

Awesome cold day video!. Where you purchase your floats from or make?!

Bill S says:

50º? Try 12 brother!

JLC JLC says:

Okay. So. Here’s a question. So you’re on the beach with all that fresh water, maybe coffee, or God forbid beer. There’s people strolling by and slowly your bladder fills to the pain point. You don’t want to just pick up everything and leave, you can’t leave your stuff there and you don’t want to get arrested. Any creative strategies to deal with this? Lol

Pat McDermott says:

Never thought about the towel – thanks!

Joe Dollar says:

good job as always beach bro ! good items to have any time fishing any wher ! Ill see ya out ther !

Eric Laguio says:

Getting Excited for Pompano.

Fish Gum says:

Totally agree on the annoying fabric matrix and scissors are a great way to get the FISHBITES fabric off.

Jack Haynes says:

I don’t play golf anymore so I had all these golf towels laying around. They have a grommet that makes it perfect to put a loop on and hang on anything you take to the beach. Very handy.

Fisherman Reel time says:

I’m surprised you don’t have more subs!

panagiotis sinouris fishing says:


dharlow5810 says:

Good advice that not everyone thinks about. Thanks

Tony Bishop says:

All good points, well taken!

Allen Chancery says:

Great to know thanks bum

J Baker says:

Thanks for the tips man, see you in April!!

Fishin The 910 says:

Haha its gonna be about 38-41 with a 15+ mph wind when I hit the water tomorrow. I guess maybe that plays a bigger effect on the surf but the reality is its never too cold to fish!!!

Nickey McCreless says:

Hope your family and friends in Wetumpka weren’t too badly damaged by the tornado! They’re in our thoughts!

Eric Waid says:

Good info.

Wesley Stanley says:

Great tips!

Smokey Wilson Fishing says:

Another good video hope to be down that way come summer

Michael Burr says:

I never understand why people thumb down …. your videos are fun and a great info …

Tyler Douglas says:

Liked the vid I have always struggled getting cut off I’m going to try braid

Matt Irwin says:

Great tips. Might I also suggest bringing water tight box for keeping keys, cell phone, wallet etc out of the sand and rain

Travis Jones says:

you would be surprised on those miserable days with weather are good days to fish. especially sheepshead, and flounder

910 Fishing says:

Where are you making the videos

Jim Crosby says:

Had it all right up until the towel. Thanks for that suggestion. Any ideas on where to get a low cost beach cart? I went el cheapo last year and bought a blue collapsible wagon from academy with narrow wheels. Just about killed this old man trying to pull it around on the beach.

Pompano Brownie says:

Great Channel! Great Tips! I love to fish for Pompano from the Beach!
Here’s a link to the Electric fishing cart I created if you are interested. https://youtu.be/yAE1NU1thMI

Karl Hassler says:

Matt, seems like my expensive sunglasses last longer because they are made much better that cheaper pairs. Also… warranty!

Cool Dude Daddy says:

Who cares about the weather. But good points

Charlie and Kimberly Haire says:

Hey man. Just wanted to tell you that of all the fishing channels that I view, yours is probably my favorite. I live in Kentucky and fish the majority of the rivers and lakes in this area. I’ve been to the coast several times and have been out on charters; but, I’ve always been interested in surf fishing. I’m pretty confident after watching your videos and all the information you provide that I could come down there and not leave empty handed. So, I said all that to say Thanks. I enjoy all your videos and your down to earth approach and attitude even if you don’t like catfish ;). Keep it up man!

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