Winter Bass Fishing Tips w/ “Professional” YouTube Anglers…

Winter bass fishing tips and techniques at Bass Pro Shops from our own “professional” YouTube anglers…
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Jeff Johns says:

the reason I’ll go into Bass Pro is I just love the smell of the Bass Pro Shops down here in Palm Bay Florida I live in Melbourne Florida but it takes about maybe 15 minutes to get to our Bass Pro Shops and my favorite be during the winter time would have to be a football jig or a swim jig and a drop shot rig with a fluke or even Slow Rolling a spinnerbait

Back Into Fishing says:

I’m with you on a Bass Pro Shops not being close by. I have at least 6 Dick’s Sporting Goods and 8 Walmart’s closer.

madtownangler says:

Waiting for the trio to get in a boat.

Blaine Brocato says:

Great vid!

Jacob Watters Fishing says:

Is fishing with norm really tall or is kickin their bass really short? And what is their heights if you know

Bass Fisherman225 says:

Fishing with norm does not catch the most biggest fish in YouTube check out mickeyballz channel and you’ll change your mind

tj gang says:

Im 91

Dave M says:

You loose fish just fine on your own LOJO, And I’ve noticed you have a lot of problems setting the hook “You miss a lot of fish” There are some good channels on youtube that cover setting the hook and I think it would do you some good to watch them. ( Just Saying ). By the way I love your channel I am 60 years old and have been fishing since 1970 ish

Vincent B says:

Hi everyone im a kid who’s been bullied and the only I want to do is YouTube to get my mind off the bad things in my life if you could sub to my channel it would make my day have a great Christmas or honukkah also for Christmas I’m only asking for recording things for YouTube have a great day!

Bryan Goetsch says:

Your the Best YouTuber out here bruh love ur videos!!!!

Clutch Jesus says:

Preciate the tips I’m usually a saltwater fisherman yet I started freshwater during the spring appreciate the tips

keaton Widel says:

Hi lojo your awesome so I started my own channel.

Salmon And Trout says:

you should use a golden cricket lure / crawdad lure it hammers trout bluegill bass and crappie. i almost landed a 28 inch rainbow trout with it

king of the bass fishing says:

I was wondering can you do an aunt ormuncle pick ur lures or do a Texas rig vs a Alabama rig?

William Fleming says:

Love the videos keep up the great content.

The HOFS Life says:

Thank you

tj gang says:

My faveret i a set up giges yellow peper

That Mosierboy says:

If it wasn’t for bad luck, we wouldn’t have any luck at all…lol

That Mosierboy says:

Awesome video…I’m leaning on these kinds of videos…thank you fellas!!

Carl Allen says:

I fish to zoom fluke watermelon seed on a Texas rig all year long.

Fishingct says:

Aye lojo!

Backlash King says:

Yea lojo

Payton Busha says:

I watched you and alex at realisticfishing have good luck on the ozark trails walmart brand lipless cranks and decided to give it a try. Worked right off the bat.

Short Round says:

You all are great trio! Lojo, “god?” Hahahahahahahahaha

Khaos Green Fishing says:


Adam Kelly says:

I cought my pb on the 4” lemon pepper lizard around this time last year Texas rigged 1/16oz weight and pegged

Big Red says:

Haven’t even watched the video an already hit like

Ernie Capell says:

Spinnerbait vs chatterbait challenge

Tristen Boyd says:

Best YouTube fisherman out there

Collin Brouillette says:

You guys keep helping me to fish…thanks for the info!!!


You and norm need to fish lay lake. says:

What’s your BEST Winter bass fishing tip/lure???

madtownangler says:

Zoom lemon pepper lizards should just be called “Norm Tails” or something like that.

Speaking of hairy guys like me….

I was once dared by my awesome sister-in-law to go into the Gurnee Mills Bass Pro Shops and streak….

There are pictures of me, just topless, standing next to one of the stuffed bears right before closing. She even laid down on the floor to make me seem tall.

Never heard my brother laugh so much in my life. Even had employees cheering us on.

Always will remember my grandmothers funeral weekend as the weekend i was topless in BPS. We needed the tension breaker.

Tom Collier says:

lojo’s a way better fisherman than I am . ROLL TIDE !

Jameson Lang says:

Love your vids lojo keep up the amazing work and stay on the grind

Steel Cage Journeys says:

Fantastic video thanks for the great tips I will be definitely using them love to have some more tips from the three of you on bank fishing specially for a guy like me who can’t afford a boat

Fish on

Everette B. Fishing says:

Lojo,norm,and kickintheirbasstv yall are the best youtubers out there


There is a bass pro in prattville and Leeds.

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