Winter Bass Fishing – Tips and Techniques when it’s Cold

Winter Bass Fishing can be tough especially in Florida when the water gets cold. Here is a video full of tips and techniques that will help you catch a few this winter.
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BassGeek says:

That’s the truth man. I’m with ya I go looking for that bait. Thanks for the VIDEO BOMB at the Expo. Yell at me sometime. I’ll send my info.

That Murder Inc. says:

You look like AJ Styles. Especially with that Georgia hat lol

Brandon Grueser says:

Are Lily pads a lot like water hyacinth? I have tons of Lily pads in the lakes I fish. Also how do you approach pads?

Todd Dunaway says:

Really Gene? Water temperatures around here in Nashville have ranged from 38 to 43 degrees. If the water temps around here were in the 50’s, I would go everyday.

TopWaterAssassin78 says:

The way you described the lake, it sounds like it’s a strip mine lake. When the water temp is that low, I’ve had a lot if good luck with a jerk bait.

Blake Neal Fishing says:

I enjoy the old style fishing vid like this

Fishing Channel says:

well done, nice tips and you got some bass doing that

Jake Davis says:

Love this video! Very similar to the places i fish the most.

Jose Alfaro says:

Awesome video and thanks for the tips!

Justin Danley says:

We like orange and blue

Andrew Stephenson says:

We punch in winter here in Illinois too, but if the ice is more than half an inch thick that 1.5 oz punch weight just won’t make it.

Fishin2The Max says:

Love the tease jump behind and your reaction! Great video!

mangospineapples says:

Awesome flukemaster. I love how you actually explain how to fish . These other youtubers for ex. Jon b peric etc are trash and the exception of one rod one reel

J.L Hoffy says:

Slow day of fishing better than the best day at work.

josh stewart says:

Caught a bunch on Sunday in lake Thomas. Friday and Saturday was some of the toughest fishing I’ve ever experienced. Great video!

That Murder Inc. says:

Where does one get a 5 gallon zip lock bag?

Robert Phillips says:

Love these kinds of videos Gene. Your thought process… me learning. Thanks!

Tim Lowery says:

Thats one big bag of worms! On a lil kayak

Chris Turner says:

Chunk a shad rap bro


I use a hefty tackle box too. Come up north and get into some steelhead. Best winter fishing.

Frank Aylward Jr says:

I learned bass fishing from watching all of your videos and wanted you to know that you’ve helped me to stick with a healthy

Darrin Klinko says:

What’s that knot called that you put on the Texas rig? Thanks!

Adam Martin says:

Went out yesterday for the first time of 2018 only took jigs and fished mind numbingly slow with no luck. Those days really kill confidence. I’ll be waiting for the warmer weather now, even though I’m itching to rip a lip.

Steel City Bassin says:

You’re the man Flukemaster! I wanted to ask, how do you get your great audio? What type of mic setup do you use? Thanks!

I.P. Fishing says:

FlukeMaster if you haven’t already do a tips and tricks for bank fishermen

Dave Elkins says:

Great seeing you at the East TN fishing show

Larry McMakin says:

Good to see you fishing. I learned several things from you in the 1st half of the video. Thanks for the info.

Go Navy says:

What’s good about the 2 tap vs the normal red eye shad???

Shelby Wenger says:

Hey Mr Jean. I love your videos. I just subscribed. I live near Pensacola FL and just yesterday I caught one that was 4lbs and 5 oz. But how do you set the hook this time of year. I got a ton of bites but missed almost every one. During the summer I get most of the bites. What’s the difference? Also if you’re ever this way I’d love to fish with you. All I ever fish is rivers

maxlhemp says:

I’ve been searching for a blackout rod and at least now I know I won’t be getting one. Any suggestions for one like it?

Russell Tyson says:

As always, thanks for the knowledge! I am anxious to get out for my first fishing adventures! Now, if I could just find the time…
I have 2 full MTBs to work.

Kevin H. says:

Hey Gene, you going to be at KY Lake in May for the Bassmaster Elite Tourney? We scheduled a trip down that way the same weekend and was wondering if you were planning any meet and greets.

Bustin' Bass says:

Dang. Very sad to hear about the Blackouts, I love mine and was getting ready to buy another

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