Whiting Fishing Tips ft THE COD!!

A Great Beginner’s guide on How to Catch Sea Fish with the target species being the Whiting… A great eating fish to catch and cook. Graeme shares his secrets, but gets the surprise of his life when something else snaffles one of his Whiting !!…If you want to learn a couple of the most successful sea fishing rigs then this is the film to watch…

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Gerald Swain says:

Hi Graeme,will you batter the cod whole and deep fry, or bread crumb it!!.

Fishing In The UK says:


Goldfinger says:

New subscriber from Northumberland here!!!! Brilliant informative  – and entertaining videos!  Been away from  boat (charter) fishing for years but hope to return very, very soon.

Shane Wickham says:

Beautiful cod Graeme

Hassan Ingram says:

Hi guys, any tips for getting past the pouting? here in France beach fishing at night seems to be crazy with pouting and they are eating everything and targeting other species such as bass or rays is proving really hard. Any tips on rigs or baits to avoid them would be fantastic!

Davy Walker says:

Really appreciate you sharing your great wealth of knowledge with us all

yellowseven48 says:

Hi guys love the show can I ask if you have done a video on cleaning and maintenance on saltwater reels ?
Last time I went out off the local pier I just put my rods and reels to one side and didn’t pick them up again till last week,
Obviously they were gummed up but got better after a while .
I looked in your how to list but couldn’t see anything I think it would be a good idea for a video ?

jayswin2 says:

Forgive my ignorance but, when catching sharks for scientific purposes, why would you want to ‘gaff’ them? Surely once something is ‘gaffed’ it dies?

Mirror Carp Matt123 says:

Great vid


graeme, do you never use circle hooks? the americans use them and get good results, heard people using them for pike too

Jon-luc Ysart says:

Took a few tips off you guys on videos on how to catch bass, fishing in the Bristol channel last week and caught my first bass (in novemeber mind) 7lb on the dot. Thanking you both, Jon-luc. (Dad was a star trek fan) haha.

Gene TAYLOR says:

Great video. Going to be getting some Trout fishing in this weekend. Rods and Tackle ready, just need the license.

Bob Hope says:

Love the sea fishing videos, thanks Totally Awesome!

Sie menotsyaing says:

Looks fun. I wish I was fishing with you Graham how your lad doing hope well. Happy fishing mate

David Harvey says:

Many thanks guys. Nothing better than one these sessions on the High Seas Drifter.

EliteEconomyGamez says:

Do u have any beach fishing Videos coming?

geoffrey collins says:

another good vid…

Brett De La Riviere says:

Hi do you do stickers

E Williams says:

This is better – stay away from manmade fisheries.

Philip Douglas says:

Great vid! You need the new go pro 6 tho. I will have to donate 😉


Great video enjoy watching and learning more. Many Thanks

Rob Mccarron says:

Keep up the good work love watching your videos but I am not a fan off killing fish like to put them back all fish what do u like better sea fishing all coarse fishing

The Angry Beard says:

Would it be any good to put a small whiting as bait out on a second rod, if your catching loads from a harbour and know it’s also a good spot for cod and bass?

TEE BEE says:

thumb up this if you to skint to buy a boat

Connor Cardinal says:

Hi Graeme I’ve just started taking up fishing and I’m really enjoying it ! Your videos have really helped, thanks

Alfie McGeorge says:

one of the first

Les Edwards says:

Nice cod Graham they’re just starting to be caught up here in the Mersey

ralph ups says:

graeme sir,do excuse me for being nosey. but did you keep that stonking barrel sized cod after it was gaff hooked i hope.?

Michael Boyle says:

Did you put the cod back

Vitaliy Lawson says:

Great vid keep up the good work love the vids

rob clinton says:

great show less expensive boat fishing more beach fishing please

cameron hunter says:

+TAFishing Any issues with cod worms?

Logan132 says:

love the intro song man and also great video would love more carp fishing or curse fishing on ponds

Live and cut bait fishing with Jerry And Max says:

Great video! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

smokeybarr says:

Nice Cod! Get it battered.

Dragutin Zivkovic says:

Have you tried using chicken breast fillets? Works a treat on Aussie whiting. Cheap too.

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