*WARNING* This Video Contains TIPS to $AVE BIG on Fishing Tackle! (Tackle Tuesday)

I have always been a huge proponent of DIY projects for fishing tackle. Do-It molds is a company I work with that specializes in tackle craft and has a lead casting mold for various fishing applications. Whether it be egg, bank, pyramid, split shot sinkers, vertical jigs, buck-tails, flair-hawks, and many more, this tackle craft company carries everything you need to make your own homemade fishing lures and weights. They also carry lead melters an everything you could need to cast lead. If you are into lure making, jig making, or any tackle craft project check them out below.

Do-It Molds website: http://bit.ly/DOITMOLDS
Good source of lead: http://squ.re/2pSADBM

Previous DIY Lead videos:
#1) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LRliO9a8y6s
#2) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6ZLjju1i8O8

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tokin loud says:

can you make a video on that vertical jig mold just knowing how much those cost im highly interested in buying one myself thanks

ammartm1 says:

U should have 2 YouTube channels one for fishing only and other one for business

michael vega says:

Do you paint your led after?

Alucard Hellsing says:

This demonitising videos is now getting on my nerves.

Thomas ten Bruggencate says:

Say need one more time..

Richard Stone says:

Not very cheap to make your own weights first of all each one of those molds cost 30 to 45 bucks then lead is about a dollar a pound and very hard to get idk what he talking about then if you want painted jigs that’s another 50 to 60 bucks

Gauge77738 says:

“this is not clickbait” Begins title with *WARNING*

Bradley Georges says:

Make the flutter Jigs

rbljackson says:

great plan for tackle Tuesdays…not just the lure….but HOW TO MAKE them!! start with the sinkers and then move into the lures. I saw that because it provides a walk before run mentality. Gotta melt lead either way. I really look forward to the bucktail series. As a fly tier, this is a natural extension to that. And yes..there is a special pride when your catching fish on stuff you made vs buying it.

Reel News OCMD says:

You don’t worry about it effecting your health?

Adventures with Frodo says:

If lead is so expensive then why do you pay 8$ for a plastic lure?
Getting lead ??? I grew up making weights with my dad. But not sure about modern lead prices.
But this is an ad.

Pedro Pagan says:

Bucktail jigs

Sunny side Fishing says:

You should go with black tip h like if you agree

joseph aguon says:

Yes Victor great that you have access to companies that sell products to increase your productivity in fishing especially when you lose equipment and your right fishing is not cheap more and more companies are making and selling these equipment to new anglers and sometimes new anglers just buy because they anglers like yourself with all these different equipment but overall in the end you would save money especially with lead….

Scott Hervieux Photography, Art, and More says:

Now that you have these, you can start a side business and make lures and sell them at fishing shows.

matthew says:

we are interested.

Sunny side Fishing says:

Nice video

ryanpetras 1225 says:

Make a video about how to make bucktails

RupeTV says:

Make some buck tail jigs!

Lorenzo Bernini says:

Be smart, good advises
I do the same, a few times a year I make things I use for the next 12 months.
Almost everything.
You dont need all that fancy stuff the industry wants you to buy, make it simple and easy.
The industry does it for a reason, money…

I fish cheap, and my goal is to fish as cheap as possible.
There are so many stuff people have in their tackle boxes that you actually dont need.
I love it when others lose expensive new lures. And I love to tell them that what Im using only cost about 10 % of what he just lost… haha well he smiles but is not happa at all about it.
And the second best is, I catch much more then him.
Buy you molds make your jiggheads, make your own sabiki rigs, bottom rigs etc
For fishing to be fun it must be cheap.
I spend money on panties and stuff for my mistress instead of throwing money into the sea, or lake or river etc haha.

Daniel L says:

Love it !

Lee Dozier says:

vertical jig

Will Kins says:

Buck tails

Nicholas D'Andrea says:

Buck tail jigs

Larry Lee says:

New to your channel. Going to Marathon last week of March. Towing my 17 whaler. What’s the best action to target that week?

Jake Noel says:

That’s awesome I’ve been making my own red drum and shark rigs for when I go fishing in the Outer Banks of NC, which i can make for about a buck a piece, beats getting them for 3 or 4 bucks a piece at the tackle shop, definitely a good way to save money!

Jesús René Medina Sánchez says:

man you have to make a video about the sea witch!!!!!!!!

Average Joe says:

I learned to tie bucktails in the seventh grade when I didn’t have money. I’m now a freshmen in college and fish them for everything. definitely saves a ton of money and is a cool way to make some side money as well

BigAL says:

Just by the logo of the box that says “Do it” with the jig head shiiiitttt awwready knoooow

jay vanhouwe says:

Great vid! I used to make my own when I was younger,fresh water salt water.Collected old lead pipes plumbing,dove for some people lost.How do you get all your lead?

Bacon Bits says:

Vertical jig please. But want to see them all

Perfect Π Reptiles AMAZING GRACE says:

Lol I forgot it was Wednesday

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