Underwater Spinner Bait with Tips – Bass Fishing Tips and Techniques

These are some old school bass fishing lures that still work really well. There are a few different ways you can work these baits that you may not even know about. These baits will catch some giant bass and they usually work the best for me when they are slow rolled. Make sure to check below so you can see what trailer hooks I was using! Make sure to also leave a THUMBS UP if you guys enjoyed the video!

Trailer Hooks – http://amzn.to/1tvldor

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ewok and kb says:

i miss this intro

Jessica Pagan says:

hey lunker what type of lures do you like best for bass fishing

Cesar Loera says:

I got a question, I have just barely started to get into fishing, the few times I have gone fishing I’ve always used a bobber and live bait, would the bobber work with these baits or do you not use bobbers?

Jamie Bushnell says:

Hey lunkers TV its Jamie from Australia and we have range of different spinnerbait lures, I’m a keen angler and was wondering if I sent you some aussie lures over you could try them out and tell me whats best or even have them in a video that would be awesome,

Christian White says:

+LunkersTV can you make a vid on how to properly trim the skirt or could someone tell me I’m sorta new to spinnerbait, always fished a Texas rig until I heard you can absolutely kill bass with spinnerbait if your good at it..

Gay Faggot retard says:

First time used one caught my pb 6lb smalli

John W says:

Just curious you were fishing with a colorado blade and then said you were going to switch to a colorado blade, just trying to get this spinnerbait thing down. I fish with 11″ rubber worms or smaller, crankbaits. still need work on spinnerbaits, caught a few on them, but not as many as I want to.

Andre Hunt says:

CIB, Airborne and Air Assault. Thank you for your service and a great video!

Omar Diaz says:

kill dose dogs pls I can’t hear anything

Big E Tuck Outdoors says:

Just came across this vid and omg the wall of fame is empty.

Rob Simpson says:

Good tip on the uneven trim of skirt! Nice touch with the pool!!

bigjai says:

My spinnerbait only has one blade i dont know if thats good or not lol

vI Freeman Iv says:

Do you trim your jig skirts?

Sk8er _boi says:

I’ve never trimmed my skirts and I get plenty of fish on my spinnets

Carson Rowe says:

3:49 they never start barking at the fence. ???????

Robby Thompson says:

Good video, but what are your thoughts on trimming the skirt?

Thomas Harbauer says:

The skirt is heavier becuase it is covered in water, so it gobs up on the hook. In the water it pops as usual, at least from my experimentation in the kitchen sink…

SnappyboyGaming1295 says:


Blake Ervin says:

what gear ratios do you use I use 6:4:1

Brent R. says:

Been here since 17k

TheFisher474 says:

I saw that CIB and subscribed immediately

Robert Reeves says:

the skirt is just to give the bait a body.

ringhunter 100 says:

ha ha ha ha dog part made me laugh…

Jeffrey Contreras says:

There’s actually fish in there the Clorox actually dilated the fish and made them clear

FruitMonsta180 says:

Don’t use a trailer hook, I’ve had several buddies gravely wound fish in the gills with the hook set because the trailer hook came around and screwed them in the side. If you aren’t looking to hurt the fish you catch, then don’t use a trailer hook..

1nupe1ace says:

The 3rd blade is an Indiana blade

Michael Lammers says:

wait so should we trim the skirts?

nightmare paintball2 says:

put a fish In your pool and tried to catch it on a spine Bite

Isaac Pelletier says:

What do you guys think about trailer baits? I’m thinking about throwing a keitech on as a trailer. Thoughts?

1 guy and some nerf guns says:

do a video on how you created your logo.

Texas Panhandle Outdoors says:

i ordered the exact same trailer hooks but ordered only one pack and received an entire box with 15 packs and all or the price of one. ill never have to buy trailer hooks again lol

Maurice Brown says:

I know this video is pretty old now, but I have a couple of questions, never used this type of lure before. Do you use a leader to your main line ? Do you use a clip from leader to spinner bait ?? Or tie straight on to wire ?? Thank you ..

justin wilkinson says:

CIB air assault and airborne? hooah you got another brother in your subscribers

Rebecca Cooper says:

I have a pond bye my house in bayminnett alabama on scottish lane

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