TROUT MAGNET Creek Fishing – HOW TO Setup, Rig & Fish + TIPS

Could the TROUT MAGNET be the BEST creek fishing lure of all time!? In this video I take one of my favorite lures creek fishing. I show you guys the setup, how to rig it and how to fish it. I also go over some tips to help you catch more fish with the Trout Magnet. The Trout Magnet is an amazing multi-species lure. It will catch just about anything that swims. Trout, smallmouth bass, largemouth bass, bluegill, crappie, rock bass, creek chub, fallfish, catfish and the list goes on. Trout Magnet creek fishing was an absolute blast! Make sure you guys check out the Trout Magnet. If you pick some up, I’m positive you won’t be disappointed!

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TheBedrockBuilder 28 says:

I love how you reply to everything

Squatting Squirrel says:

is it so hard to bend over and release the fish ? you should work on your release game.

Ordigamer says:

That’s some healthy good-looking fish there! Would you think that the trout magnet is still effective in still, calmer waters? Interesting video!

Viscount says:

Between this and your other Trout Magnet videos, I am convinced. Just bought a trout magnet kit. Comes with a ton of lures and bobbers and stuff. I’m excited. Hopefully they sponsor you, you convinced me to buy them.

Shawn Scott says:

Small mouth so pretty , he could just kiss him lol
FishHawk you’re comical

Greg M. says:

Nice work! I love that creek. She holds some good fish

Cesar Adolfo says:

Trout Magnets are like mana from heaven man, and it never fails to catch when fishing on rivers. The Crappie Magnet is also very good.
I just wish they would make different weight jig heads to sell because I love the action the jig heads from their company have with Gulp Meanows.

Chase Sharp says:

The second fish you was a fall fish not a creek chub

Urban Wolf 64 says:

Great information and sweet presentation. Thanks for your time my man.

Thomas Flickinger says:

Hey I got caught in the fishing that I forgot to give congrats on 13,000 subscribers. CONGRATS TO YOU. THANK YOU FOR THE GREAT VIDS.

SH1N1G4M1 _ says:

Another awesome video, keep up the great work!

Gary LaForge says:

I use the trout magnet a lot, great way to fish. Awesome video dude,

Ryan Kerby says:


Mottel Stock says:

Do you, at all, have an interest for deep sea fishing?

Mason Keller says:

Great video! It’s cool to see someone enjoy catching everything they can. By the way those creek chubs are actually fall fish.

Grant DuBridge says:

Maybe it should be named the Bass magnet.

Thomas Flickinger says:

Fish Hawk, PSST a little secret. Trout Magnet and Crappie Magnet color,(BISON). Donot tell anyone. Just our secret, OK. Go get them.

Punch Fukker says:

Eh, had to pause it; Trout Magnets aren’t really a split tail like how actual split tail grubs are, their more like slit tail. Also, try the black Trout Magnets on an all black 1/16-32oz medium-to-short hair jig, it’s great at imitating aquatic bugs and is a multi-species slayer, the Susquehanna/creek smallies here eat it up. Sometimes I’ll boil the tails to soften them and then mold them perpendicular to the the main body pressing them split open on a flat surface as they cool, this gives the tails more action while swimming the lure.

Chilly Billy says:

One of the best panfish lures available. Dirt cheap too!

Nathan Winiarski says:

Loved this informational video and I would like to see more of these in the future. Congrats on reaching 13,000!

Oliver Menet says:

The “creek chubs” you are catching are also known as Fallfish

TheMissionariesPosition says:

Can you do a video about color lure/bait for which times of the day and best ways the fish them? I don’t know much about it but would like to learn.

Random Viewer says:

One thing i dont like about these videos: when they end! Your videos are amazing

Rich Felon says:

Keep up the great videos, LOVEem!!! All your vids are just enjoyable to watch.

Zandar Franklin says:

That was very enjoyable to watch. Nice vid. I’m in central PA and I actually gave up on the trout fishing, it got so bad. Canoe Lake up here holds trout, but darned if I can find them from the bank. Ready for football and cooler weather. 91 degrees today. Enough!! Ok, keep up the good work and I’m looking forward to new trout vids

Thomas Flickinger says:

FishHawk as a kid I used to fish the creeks for whatever would bite. “Catch as you can” type fishing. More fun than you can shake a stick at. We get so species specific that we forget that we can “Sore Lip Them All”. GREAT VID KEEP IT UP. Tight lines to you.

sgtpavlov says:

Nice,I have those with me at all times pretty much. Last weekend I was using them on a baitcaster with a light shallow spool,on 4’6″ UL rod. Wasn’t casting really that far. In order to get them to go anywhere, I needed to get used to casting them with a specific technique. It’s a bit of a challenge,but I did land some sunfish and crappies with it. It’s way easier to throw around things 2 grams and heavier. I was glad I didn’t need to use a spinning setup lol.

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