TROUT Fishing TIPS – Trout Fishing with Spinners

Who else loves Trout fishing with spinners!? In this video I go to a small creek to do some Trout fishing. I used a Trout spinner that one of my subscriber’s made and sent to me. I also talk about Trout fishing tips and techniques. Hopefully these Trout fishing tips and techniques help you catch more Trout! Trout fishing with spinners is my favorite way to catch Trout. It can be challenging, so hopefully these Trout fishing tips help you land more fish!

Shout out to *Steel Salad* for sending me spinners! Thank you!

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Ky Bassin says:

Love using those spinners

The Point Fishing says:

Good stuff

Michael Mordor says:

Looks like you had a great day Fishing, Awesome.

jason h says:

Maybe I missed it.. but where is this at?

Ryno Dynomyte says:

Awesome job buddy! These are the kind of rivers I love to kayak in because the water is calm!

dirt dude says:

Nice treble hook and everything but you’ll hook up better and get a way cleaner release with a sywash hook plus you’re stressing those fish on hot days


Genial video….ouh yeahhh…my subscribo

pesca de rio o says:

Hola, maquina me gustan tus videos, no se si entiendes español,pero aqui te ganas un sub.yo empiezo a grabar ahora y voy a grabar salidas de pesca,si quieres pasar por mi canal se agradeze,ala un saludo

Gary LaForge says:

I do the same cast with a spinner, it works great. I been killing trout this year with the black and gold panther martin.

Tim Hall says:

Yuck nasty ass trout worst tasting fish ever.

s- e outdoors 123 says:

how is 90 degree weather perfect for trout? hope you realize trout die in warm temps from being stressed to much (being caught) so please explain how its great idea?

Michael Ramsey says:

Love the artwork LOL. Should have used some more vibrant colors when drawing the fish. Maybe put a rainbow down the side lol

Nathan varner says:

Great video

Enthusiastic Fisherman says:

You know it’s gonna be a good video when the beginning of the video says, “FISH ON!” XD

That One says:

Is that the size 10 or 25 okuma? I still haven’t caught anything on a panther Martin. I need to work on that.

Albert Har says:

thanks , your dad is genius , now , I will not get crazy anymore when I loose my lures . Lol!

homeofinventions says:

Fish aw-on, fish aw-on…where did you learn to speak?

Di Su says:

Nice fish!!

Adam Jones says:

Hey man are you in West Virginia?

redcon1gear says:

I like it , I choose to cast more at a 90 degree basicly same action as you just a little different angle

HypIr DrIve says:


Fishing and The great out doors says:

Another great vid. Thanks

kalakoukku says:

Nice Video! 😀

Ismael Trinidad says:

great video, thanks for tips 🙂 keep up

Gordon Ramsey says:

Whats up bro

Precision Angling says:

Good info!!

RGNightHawwk says:

First! Cheers

Jason Staley says:

Why are there always those trolls in every video if you dont like the video don’t watch it.

Bradley Phillips says:

Hey fish hawk would you ever try fly fishing

tumble chronic says:

I like that you do videos on trout fishing, a lot of people do bass fishing on youtube

sean watson says:

You need to try the Berkley honey worm. It’s amazing! Before I heard of them I would see them on the ground pick them up and I would catch a limit in an hour. Before picking the honey worms up, I used corn and power bait and couldn’t get a single bite. Try them out and do a vid on it if you like them.

TheLaxplayer00 says:

Nice video! Do you have any suggestions on spinning rods to use for trout?

Fish Hawk says:

What is your favorite Trout fishing tips and techniques?

Eric Morrison says:

Do you have to stand on your head on the bank like that too …l.o.l.

Anime4 Mii says:

I use size 4 hook for stock trout in lake
ultra life bobber ultra BB split shot
10lb braid

When I use spenner bait I slow and dont reel really fast just natural movement so that it spin accurate and not losing out of balance.
brand is always mepps for me and black panter

No need to hookset too cause is a treble triple blade

TIp me this mate: WHile the fish is jumping) HOW TO not lose the fish while it jump?
back in 2016 I wans’t much getting spinner eatting but I did get one bite pretty big trout but when it jump high out of the water, it broke off the hook? So what to do? I dont remmeber the line lb but Im guessing it was 10lb or 4lb

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