Trout Fishing in Icy Cold Rivers – After Thaw Winter Fishing Tips

Great day of trout fishing on this late winter fishing day. The ice has thawed so we’ve hung up our ice fishing rods and hit the icy cold rivers, bottom bouncing for trout. We get into some really nice rainbow trout and even a steelhead trout and share some great trout catching fishing tips.

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As always until next time, good luck and good fishin’!


CNY Angler says:


brakie44820 says:

None of my business but,it looks like you got your fishing pard cutoff from a lot of fishable water..When me and my pards are bank fishing we allow each other a lot of room by staying 15-20′ from each other. We are competitive fishermen and nobody wants to be the low count and end up having to buy the beer when we get home.

Flaneur says:

Hi, great video! I’m planning on fishing the Niagara river, what kinda setup beside the roebags can i use there for trout?

Dee says:

Where abouts are you guys fishing. you never tell us lol are. Are you on usa side or canadian side of niagara river i see a stair case i dont know where there is one on the canadian side

Live and cut bait fishing with Jerry And Max says:


Paul Bowkunowicz says:

Do you guys ever throw any back……

CNY Angler says:

I’m going steelhead fishing on the salmon river in Pulaski NY this afternoon, any advice?

SteveSaysBye says:

Would you say the rain worked to your advantage in this location?

Pedro Jimenez says:

Beautiful fish u guys. Q. When will be a good time to fish for lakers from shore here in chicago lake front? Hope u have answer .

stztv protube says:

I can only imagine what I’m Tonio can do with real bags if he had his boat he be the shoreless angler let’s go start a fund me page for Antonio love this vid

Fishing With Bottles says:

I clicked on the video expecting Antonio to already be fishing haha.

stztv protube says:

Honestly one of the best fishing channels on YouTube

Fred Sana says:

Another great video.

kvandy5989 says:

Good video.

Steel Head says:

I like the style you guys are using to catch these steelhead. But I’m afraid to try cause it looks like I would encounter a lot of snags. I mainly centerpin/float fish for them.

RippingLips3 says:

Great video you should try steelhead fishing in Wisconsin i heard they get huge up there

Paul Baltz says:

You guys are the best. I came across your channel 4 or so years ago looking for catfish tips and I’m hooked, no pun intended. I live in northern New York by lake Ontario. I always hope I might run into you someday out and about, I know you head to the fingerlakes. Keep up that great work. Good fishing

Patrick Ang says:

would you fish port dalhousie right now for steelhead?

Den Dem says:

Nice catches, where do you fish? nearby Niagara?

Ibrahim Patel says:

Great catches guys. But don’t you mean 3 steelhead since they are all lake run

Connor Hamilton says:

Great video!
Hope fishing is just as good or better next time your out!

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